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Simple yet Super Fun

 Just like all little girls mine love make up, having their nails painted and all other beauty related activities.  This month Interplay sent us over their Style Lab to review.

DSC03062The contents of which includes:


DSC03078My little ones were fit to burst with excitement when they discovered the contents of the package sent.  The Style Lab has three fun beauty activities: nail painting, hair lights and glitter tattoos.

 Sparkle Tattoos

 There are 50 tattoo stencils to choose from and 5 different coloured glitters.  Extremely simple to use all you need to do is peel off the backing to the stencil:DSC03091There are clear and simple to follow instructions for each fun activity.


Place the stencil on the skin and apply a thin layer of the body glue provided and make sure you paint a little over the edge of the stencil.  Sprinkle glitter with the brush over the glue and allow to dry briefly but not completely before peeling off the stencil.  Tip: make sure the glitter lid has been removed before you are ready to apply as it’s a little fiddly especially if you have long nails.  Act fast as the glue dries quickly.  If you are using more than one colour do each from start to finish individually so that the glue does not dry whilst you clean the brush or dry onto the stencil as this will lift the tattoo when you go to remove it.


My girls hair is quite dark so I had to go over each strand a few times for a bolder colour.  My daughter was really pleased with the results and couldn’t wait to show her big sister.  This works even better on lighter hair.

DSC03111DSC03116Nail Varnish

DSC03126 The instructions said to apply a base coat before applying the nail varnish but I couldn’t see any of the nail varnishes marked as a base coat so we used the white one included instead.  Once dried two coats of nail varnish were applied (allow each to fully dry prior to applying the next coat).


If you are applying the heart shaped sprinkles use the small brush and paint a small dot of the top coat colour and use this as a glue.  This brush is so fine it’s great for painting designs on nails and you are merely restricted by your own creativity although there are a few examples in the book to get you started.

This is a great item to give as a gift or even to use for kids parties, play dates and sleep overs.  With everything you need in one simple pack (you might want to get hold of a clear base nail varnish though so you don’t use the other colours up) this kit allows for affordable, long lasting fun!

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  1. This would have been fab for my siblings when they were younger

    1. It’s a great selection of products and colours.

  2. My friends little girl would love this! I especially like the hair coloring – plus she is blonde so it would show up really well. I like kids using products designed especially for them rather than them using adult ones. Fab! x

    1. They are great and it’s a nice range in one pack.

  3. I like that, just what any little girl needs

    1. It’s the ideal gift for little girls.

  4. perfect for a girly sleepover x

  5. Ahhh gonna have to get this for my Eloise, she’s make up mad right now 🙂 may stop her from pinching mine lol

  6. A lovely Christmas or birthday present for a girl. Great for dressing up and make up days.

  7. this looks great, my daughter would love this for christmas x

    1. It’s a great item for a Christmas gift.

  8. ooh our DD Alexandra would love this

    1. My girls are getting a lot of use out of it.

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