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Backseat Playground, how I keep my children entertained on long car journeys

When we go on long journeys the kids normally have anti sickness pills (although we have extra clothes just in case) as they suffer from travel sickness and this can make them drowsy yaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy.
But for whilst they are awake I always ensure that I have supplies to keep them entertained whether it’s a camera to take pictures of objects as we pass, colouring in books and paper to make pretty pictures for mummy and daddy, sticker books and educational books that are fun, sweets, biscuits, vegetable sticks, drinks and of course their favourite teddy.  We also play games like eye spy, how many animals / a certain coloured item can they see, what noise does the animal make.  They like to draw pictures of animals that we may pass on the journey or fun things that we might do when we arrive at our destination.  The kids love to sing songs so we sing loads of different songs in the car such as Bingo, Summer Holiday, Old McDonald etc.  The radio also comes on sometimes as the kids love to listen and sing along to that, it’s very funny to listen to their version of songs and even just listening to them talking excitedly can provide my husband and I with a fair deal of entertainment.
Service stops can be great fun and we might visit more than 1 especially if they have a play area but that can depend on the length of the journey.  I even try and stop somewhere for a meal as these stops really help to break up the journey and allow us all to stretch our legs a little.  The best part of any journey though is arriving at the destination and seeing the little ones faces light up when they realise where they are, priceless!

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  1. some great ideas! we usually play the spot the most red cars etc

  2. keeps them busy for ages although when we get on to the next colour mine are still a colour or two back sometimes or do a few colours at the same time, they are funny 😉

  3. Great tips we don’t drive but are going away In a few months and its always a good idea to have things to keep kids distracted on long journeys.

    1. It sure is. Makes the journey so much more enjoyable.

  4. We go on long road trips and sometimes it can be stressful with screaming kids. Lol.

    1. It sure can, my girls get bored easily, luckily they tend to fall asleep in the car.

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