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‘You’ Can make a Difference!

Efficient, solely from plants, refillable and totally natural no I’m not talking about a beauty product I’m actually talking about a powerful cleaning range called YOU!  Available in Waitrose a supermarket synonymous with quality you know from the outset that the product is going to be good.  Let’s face it; it wouldn’t be worth Waitrose’s reputation to stock poor quality products.

Having had the children at home over the summer everything is being used more so gets dirty so much faster.  Using products on a whole range of surfaces whilst they are around really does make you think about the safety aspect of the products used.  Some cleaning products can be quite hazardous producing immediate short term effects and others causing more long term problems.  Children are more vulnerable to these chemicals as their immune systems are not fully developed.  Some chemicals used in cleaning products have even been linked to asthma.

 This is where ‘You’ comes in.  Safe and made 100% from plant based active ingredients and biodegradable formulas you don’t need to worry about them having any negative effects on little ones so you can freely use them around the house.  There are 4 cleaning products available: All-Purpose Cleaner, Bathroom Cleaner, Kitchen Cleaner and Window Cleaner.

DSC01369The products were put to the test and were just as effective as the leading brand products (Dettol, Mr Muscle) that I had at home.  The kitchen spray cleaned my work surface well after I had finished cooking and left it smelling fresh, and also sparkling.DSC01449The all-purpose spray was just what I needed to clean Mr Squishy’s feeding tray.  It kills bacteria, yeast and even viruses.

DSC01075When used on surfaces that food was to be prepared and on the baby’s feeding tray I then rinsed each area with water.  The window cleaner was great on the windows but it also left my tv and computer screen clean without leaving any smears.  The bathroom cleaner helps to clean dirt and get rid of limescale build up.  All the products had their own unique smells comprised of natural plant based ingredients and essential oils and although it wasn’t on the label I recognised the aroma of wintergreen in the all-purpose cleaner.  The nozzle can be turned to lock or unlock the spray.  If the spray is on and the flap is down then the spray will produce foam (for tough marks and stains) but when the flap is up then it produces a finer spray.

DSC01681DSC01699DSC01689Refills are available for each which is great and they are tiny.  Check these out!!!

DSC01393One small refill means less waste for starters and less carbon footprint.  It is also enough to fill a whole bottle and as an added bonus costs two thirds of the whole bottle price so you have even more reason to make sure you buy it.  I really enjoyed using these products and loved the natural, non-synthetic aroma that each one had.

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 The products have been sent to me for an honest review.  All views are my own.

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  1. I must buy these. It would be so nice to smell a natural fragrance. I use Cif/Jif bathroom cleaner spray which makes me wheeze so that I have to use my inhaler. I’m going to use it up as I can’t let it go to waste and get You from Waitrose.

    1. These are really great products and I bet you find you do a lot better when you use them.

  2. The packaging is nice and sleek and it’s good that they do a refill for cheap! Most refills for products are basically the same price or more than the original!

    1. refills for these are about £1.99 which is less that the whole bottle.

  3. Always interesting to find out about new bio friendly cleaning products – they are all I’ve ever used.

    1. I’m glad to hear that, I didn’t know they did them until I found these.

  4. These would deffo be better than the harsh chemical smells you get from other cleaning products! Shall have to look out for them and use those instead!

    1. Don’t forget the refills too as they mean less packaging waste and it works out more cost effective.

  5. Love the look of these products and love that the fact that you buys refills and not just another product – it’s about time we had more products like this. Thanks for sharing

    1. I agree Christine, we need to produce less waste and this is a great way to do it.

  6. Looks fab x

  7. I would really like to try these and give a review……they seem very economical x

    1. They are, it’s amazing how long they last.

  8. Nice to know of a great smelling natural product that works and still helps the enviroment

    1. Glad you like it. I think these are great especially as I have little ones at home.

  9. Making the prices for refills lower will count toward less Waiste in the long run the product sounds really good and funky packaging x

    1. It’s great that we can get such teeny refills and nice to save money by using them.

  10. would love to try these!

    1. They are great products, I’m really glad I discovered them.

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