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Top 10 Beach / Pool Bag Essentials 2018

Do you find yourself carrying around a beach bag full of non essential items that just end up weighing you down?  A quick peek inside will show all sorts of unnecessary items that you probably don’t need to be lugging about with you.  Somehow all sorts can end up jumping into the bag when were not looking especially toys if you have children.

Top 10 Beach Bag / Pool Essentials


Of course we all need something to help us relax and take our minds away to another place.  Make sure you take that novel you’re been wanting to read for ages but have just never found the time.  I never read when I am at home, the only time I get to do this is when I go on holiday so I make the most of it with a good horror, fantasy or thriller or one of each.


Sunglasses with UV protection as we need to help keep our eyes protected from the glare of the sun off the sand and ocean.


A sun hat to help keep your face shaded and help prevent unwelcome signs of aging.  I find oversized hats great for this as they help cover the head and shoulders and offer shade to the shoulder blades and neck and chest.

Beach Bag

(I bought this beach bag from Home Bargains about a month a go for about £5 and so far it has served me well.)  It doesn’t zip up as there is no zip but then the chances of me managing to fasten a zip with 5 beach towels and my other essentials are pretty slim.


As high a sunfactor as possible.  I always use factor 50 on my whole family.  I’d rather be safe than sorry!  I discovered an award winning Swedish brand who have launched a cutting-edge range of unique sun protection that is medically proven to mimic the skin’s natural protection, give up to 6 hours protection and penetrate the entire top layer of skin rather than staying on the surface (the Swedish Vitiligo Society has named EVY the safest sun protection on the market).  You can see why I was so taken by it and added it to my beach bag.  It’s perfect for family visits to the beach or an outdoor / hotel pool.

What appealed to me was that it doesn’t rub off when you swim, sweat or dry yourself with a towel and provides extra long-lasting protection against both UVA and UVB radiation.  EVY also protects against heat, wind and water-based stressors like chlorine and salt water, as well as other skin irritants.  Having used both the adults and children’s versions I love that they come as and easy to dispense mousse, don’t clog the pores, protect the skin against dehydration and premature ageing by the sun, can be used under make up and also on the scalp and hair.  I didn’t need to worry about sensitivity as they’re suitable for all skin types.


Lip Balm

A lip balm with sun protection.  The higher the better, the best I have found is factor 30 so far.  If you know of any that have a higher SPF then please do let me know.  I made sure e all reapplied often as this will come off when you drink or lick your lips.


It’s important to stay hydrated when it’s hot as we use water to help us cool ourselves natural through sweating.

Hair Bands

Hair bands for those with long hair to keep it out of the way plus a few extra to flick at daddy when he isn’t looking.

A hairbrush

As it means you can make a nice neat pony tail and also fix the hair into a tidy style when you are preparing to leave the beach.

A camera

Great to take some pictures that will make lasting mementos of the trip.  Waterproof cameras are great for those underwater shots of fish and the kids holding their breath and making funny faces.


Some money for snacks etc.  Especially if you have children, they always magically get hungry the minute you step onto the beach or the second you have settled and unpacked.  I always like to make sure I have small notes and change options.

Off course if you have children then you might want to add some additional items such as wet wipes, beach toys, etc.

What always makes it into your beach/pool bag?

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  1. Okay, best tip here…having cash. I am terrible TERRIBLE at carrying cash with me. Great advice.

    1. Cash is always a biggie. Mine always need a drink if we forget them or an ice cream to cool off.

  2. My pool/beach bag always contains my book and camera (of course sun tan lotion and sunnies)! I can’t live without my book when I’m around the pool 😀

  3. For me sun cream, sunglasses and a book are the main essentials that I need to take x

  4. I agree, sunglasses, hats, cash and maybe even a game ..? Like a frisbee or a blow up football ..? Helps pass the time and adds a little bit of fun.

    1. Games are good especially for keeping little ones entertained.

  5. You’re organised, I’m always putting everything together at the last minute!

    1. Ha, I like to do things well in advance.

  6. Water and sun cream are a must whenever you are out and about are a minute. I think a good book would be key as well.

    1. Sun cream with a high SPF is always top of my list.

  7. Fba list of things to pack for a trip to the beach or pool 🙂 I always make sure I take a good book! x

    1. Same here, that’s a must x

  8. Yep when we go to the beach we seem to pack the kitchen sink! I’ll remember this for tips on what to reduce the bag load down to 🙂

  9. The lipbalm with sunscreen in is such a good one 🙂 I often forget that and it’s one of the first places to burn too!

  10. Great tips! Youre right you shouldn’t take too many things with you to the beach. Here’s an additional one… When I was still living in the Philippines we would use a niftily tied up beach blanket instead of a beach bag so that we are forced to only carry the bare essentials. 😊

    1. That’s a great idea although unfortunately wouldn’t work for me as I go with the family. Would you believe this bag carries quite a few towels.

  11. I always take factor 50 sunscreen with me on holiday (I burn too easily otherwise!)
    I also keep plenty of water handy and a good book/my kindle if I’m going to be chilling by the pool 🙂

    1. Good list of essentials. It’s important to be prepared x

  12. These essentials are pretty much the same as ours! That’s a bargain beach bag too

    1. It sure is. I love it!

  13. Good essentials, I never seem to be able to travel light, it’s a terrible thing! But as long as I’ve got the essentials. People always forget to have lip balm with SPF! x

    1. That is a biggie. i always carry spares.

  14. Sun lotion is so important. I also pack wet wipes, a cover all in case the sun gets too hot, a hat, a water bottle and my iphone

    1. That covers the basics for most outings 🙂

  15. I’m off on a beach holiday in a couple of weeks so this is super handy! I always take Factor 50 with me too – better safe than sorry!

    1. Have a lovely time 🙂

  16. These are some great essentials. I like to há é a bag pre-packed for beach days and it contains all of these things!

  17. Having cash is always the biggest one, I always try to make sure I have enough on me and a little for emergencies x

    1. It’s always good to have just in case.

  18. I always make sure to have plenty of water and suncream but I often forget lip balm!! I do tend to take a camera but not my nicest one if its near sand or water just in case. Yes to money for these emergency ice-creams :). Loving your beach bag btw

    Laura x

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