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Salon Science Hair Products

I love to review a range of products it’s interesting and great fun although I have noticed my reviewing has spilt into other areas of life for example when I go out to eat casually with friends (it tends to be easier just to invite them over and cook for them), in the quality of teaching or lack of at my children’s school (a topic that is safer not to discuss), the food served at school which was only introduced last year as before we all provided packed lunch (again a dodgy topic), in the assessing of the ability of staff in various professions and places, OMG the list goes on.  But I was pleasantly surprised, no let’s rephrase that I was blooming relieved when I decided to try a new hair range from Salon Science.

 When you think of fast acting products, how long would you expect for noticeable results to be seen?  Well in this case it was within seconds!!!! Serious, I was amazed by the way my hair felt as I ran the Celluluxe Shampoo (for anti-aging and restored volume) through it.  The Celluluxe Conditioner was also superb leaving my hair with the least frizz it has ever had.  The aroma for each of these and the other products that I tried was pleasant and would you believe they are derived from plants (a quick high five for those of us with faith in plants for internal and external use).  Using plant stem-cell technology this range of products has proven results for each of the ranges that they produce.  The Celluluxe products in the range are specifically for anti-aging and restoration of volume.  The shampoo and conditioner that I tried use an active ingredient from ‘Swiss Apple’ which helps delay the biological aging of hair follicles.  This helps to rebuild and strengthen fine hair.  It works as I did notice an improvement in the feel and appearance of my hair from the first use. There is also a masque and volumising foam in this particular range.  The masque helps improve the thickness of the hair whilst the foam adds that bit of lift we all want adding much needed volume to the hair.


Salon Science has another range Hydrasorb (active ingredient is from an Organic Cactus) that helps improve the hydration of the hair and relieve the scalp.  From this range I have tried the Intensive masque which is in a word miraculous.  I have to straighten my hair after washing so unfortunately I battle to prevent it looking dry and damaged but this seemed to breathe some much needed life into it.


My favourite product from the repair and radiance range (active ingredient is from the Swiss Grape) was the Reglosse Smoothing Serum.  This was the first product that I used and I tried it after my basic shampoo that I had used for a few weeks before trying this range.  The transformation was impressive and my hair looked great.  I also tried the Recorrect Leave in Treatment which simply works wonders for coloured hair like mine, my hair and I loved it!  It helped nourish my hair after the damaging effects of colouring and will keep the colour from fading too.


 Having used this range of products for about 2 weeks now my hair looks and feels amazing; it is so much easier and faster to style too which is handy.  I love these products and plan to get some more in asap.  I was pleased to discover Boots has selected Salon Science products on offer at the moment with a third off yaaaaaayyyyyyy.  My only dilemma how many of each to buy lol!!!!!

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  1. great review

  2. Ooh these look interesting! I don’t colour my hair but desperately need to stop the frizz yet don’t want to weigh my hair down. The curse of curly hair! I love that Boots are stocking them – I’ve been long lamenting that there are so few good hair products around. Thanks for sharing.

    1. They have different ones available, some will increase the body of your hair. Make sure you check them out.

  3. That serum sounds absolutely fantastic, definitely something I could use myself xxx

  4. I’ve not heard of this brand before but it sounds good. I also struggle with dry hair (thanks bleach and chemical straightening!!) so I’m always looking for new hair care products to help with that.

    1. These products really impressed me. They are really worth trying.

  5. These sound interesting, I love finding new haircare products!

  6. These products would be perfect for my hair, it could definitely use a bit of care and treatment to be honest. Thank for sharing xx

  7. Sounds like they’re worth trying

  8. Certainly want to try the Hydrasorb masque I wonder if it will help with the small patches of alopecia I have as the treatment for that is scalp massage so maybe combining both every so often we encourage healthy scalp & hair growth. Thanks for the review!

  9. oh they sound so good

    1. I love these products.

  10. It’s very helpful being able to read your comments about these products. My hair is frizzy and lank!

    1. It won’t be after just one use of these. Good luck!

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