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Gazelli – Reviving eye cream

I won a jar of Reviving eye cream from a company called Gazelli on twitter recently.  Just what I needed as I am now seeing fine lines forming around the side of my eyes, with deeper lines below and very dark circles.
On reading the information on the packaging the cream was “formulated to nourish and rejuvenate the eye contour area…….muscle-relaxing peptide softens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.” I am commenting on this product after having used it for approximately 3 weeks so it may still be too short a period for adequate results to start showing just yet.  I did however notice though that the cream was very good at ‘nourishing’ the delicate skin around the eye, especially as my skin needed more moisture now due to the colder weather and thus increased use of indoor heating which both dry the skin.  Not consuming adequate amounts of fluids will also affect the dryness of skin and prior to using the cream I do believe I may not have been drinking quite as much as I should have.
There did not appear to be a significant change in the wrinkles under my eyes although they are quite deep which could explain why.  The smaller wrinkles also known as crows feet may have been reduced slightly.  
I have not had anywhere near enough sleep recently so I had hoped that the cream would help with the dark circles.  On application I believe it may have helped a little although by the following morning each day they were very dark again.  
The cream smells lovely as a result of the Rose extract and didn’t make my eyes water, I have found that some other eye creams do.  You only need to use a very small amount of the cream so it last ages.  I liked the cream even more so because it contains natural ingredients that stimulate removal of toxins from the skin around the eye by increasing the circulation in that area.


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  1. Good to know the smaller wrinkles have reduced slightly. Sounds like a good product.

  2. It is a shame it didn’t seem to make a huge amount of noticeable difference to your skin around the eyes.

  3. Its good that despite the short amount of time you had it for that you did notice a difference even if it was minimal. I like the smell of rose too.

  4. I always find if I keep my eye creams in the fridge they help that little bit better, although I am yet to find the one just yet. Hopefully with some prolonged use you will start to see better results as it seems you are seeing some slight ones at the moment and I usually say with new skincare it takes a good 6-8 weeks to show proper results xx

  5. It’s awesome that you won this. It sounds nice and I definitely like that it has natural ingredients.

  6. You won and you found a winning product. Great review.

  7. I need to try an eye cream soon! I need to get rid of the “chanel” bags under my eyes! lol

    xoxo, Candice

  8. I could do with something reviving right now. My eyes are so tired all the time.

    1. I think I need another jar lol. I’m the same.

  9. It’s a shame you didn’t notice too much difference after using this, maybe you need to give it longer? x

  10. The tub it’s in is very pretty! I love that it lasts a while as eye creams can be very expensive!

    1. It was a lovely jar and the cream was good too.

  11. ive honestly never heard of Gazelli but their packaging is stunning <3

  12. I’ve tried Gazelli and agree it smells divine – it’s a bit expensive, otherwise I would buy it again.

    1. Have you tried looking out for offers on it. Most companies do these once in a while.

  13. I have the same problem with eye cream making my eyes water so I’m pleased to read that this one doesn’t x

  14. Sounds like an interesting product. I know the feeling of not having enough sleep recently!

    1. It’s a nightmare, I never get enough sleep.

  15. I am a bit skeptical about eye cream! Natural ingredients sound good though

    1. This one was nice and I was happy about the natural ingredients too.

  16. I’ve not heard about this brand before but sounds like quite a good eye cream! xo

  17. I think I need this eye cream as my eyes are so tired! I have bags like suitcases at the moment. Will be interesting to see if the results get better with continued use xx

  18. I’ve never heard of this brand, but this product looks really good.

  19. I haven’t tried many eye creams. I need to use one more x

  20. I too have tired eyes and if I can find a product that helps with that I am all for it.This product sounds great,

    1. This was a lovely cream, I need to get some more.

  21. Im not sure about eye creams tbh but this sounds pretty good!

  22. I love it when creams like this last ages because they can often cost so much!

    1. This one was really long lasting which was great.

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