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B Creative Art Edition Vol 3 Colour Collection – Day

I was so pleased when I picked up a B Creative Art Edition Vol 3 Colour Collection – Day palette from Superdrug with its beautiful selection of colours I couldn’t wait try it.  Having experimented and in need of a new one I ventured out to discover that this was now on sale.  Extremely pleased with my purchase I decided it was only right to share with my lovely readers my excitement over my fabulous good fortune and of course show you this gorgeous product which has a really lovely selection of colours.


The palette contains:

4 x Eyes Shadows

1 x Blusher

1 x Bronzer (perfect for the summer months I might add)

2 x Lipsticks

1 x Highlighter


This palette has been created to give the wearer a natural daytime look which is exactly what I wanted.  I prefer natural looking make up in the day as I don’t really venture anywhere that would require anything else.

The highlighter is a great addition to the palette with all the press over these gives one the opportunity to experiment.  I love the shades of the eye shadows these are perfect to give a subtle or bolder colours should you prefer.  There are two brushes included and a mirror, what more could a girl need!

I really love this palette and am considering ordering some in and stock up with a few now that the price is an absolute bargain at £2.40.  What do you think of the palette?

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  1. £2.40, that’s amazing, I like the B. Range as it’s vegan and cruelty free. I’m going to check it out x

    1. It’s really lovely and worth every penny.

  2. What a bargain! Great for natural look, not so sure about the dark red lipstick, but otherwise a very sensible palette.

    1. The lipstick is quite light when on a bit more like a lip balm when I apply it 😉

  3. These shades are so pretty! I prefer natural colours too

    1. It’s good for everyday wear if you use a light application 😉

  4. Oh how pretty! I love those shades and the box makes it a lovely gift 🙂

    1. It is very pretty, I love mine 😉

  5. Wow for £2.40 you can’t really go wrong can you!! Love the look of it too!

    1. I’m impressed I really love this palette 😉

  6. This seems like such a cool palette. They provide some nice colours to work with. Definitely perfect for a daily routine.

    1. It is perfect for a pretty but natural look 😉

  7. I love the colours, and what an amazing price. I would always have that in my handbag

    1. I really do need to get my hands on some more 😉

  8. What a complete package, it’s so nice when you get eyeshadows, blushers and other bits all together x

    1. It’s great, I love this!

  9. I love the shades in this palette, and the design of the box is just so lovely and funky! Wow! That price! I need to pick one of these up!

    1. It’s the perfect palette isn’t it!!!! 😉

  10. I can’t believe how affordable this palette is, especially when the shades look so wearable! Love the look of it xxx

    1. It’s crazy isn’t it, it’s a FAB bargain 😉

  11. This looks like a really lovely palette and I love the pretty packaging.

    1. It is a great palette, I love the way they have put the whole thing together with the pretty design and the addition of the brushes and mirror.

  12. Wow that such a cool palette. I look out for this in super drug. xx

    1. Try online you should be able to get one easily there x

  13. That is brilliant value for money! I need one!

    1. Hope you manage to get hold of one.

  14. Wow that is a real bargain! Its lovely too, will be keeping an eye out for this, always nice to try out new products

    1. It is and this one has some lovely colours x

  15. Looks like a beautiful palette and some beautiful colour choices. £2.40 such a bargin price as well xx

    1. It is a bargain, I plan to buy some more 😉

  16. What a beautiful looking palette. I love the shades.

    1. They are all very pretty and look great on.

  17. I thought this was a book at a first glance! I love palettes that don’t look like makeup

    1. Lol it doesn’t look like one doesn’t it 😉

  18. What a fun palette – such a good mix of colours.

    1. It’s gorgeous I love this palette 😉

  19. I honestly cannot believe this was just £2.40 – what a bargain and perfect for popping in your hand bag x

    1. It is a great size to keep in a handbag 😉

  20. Well anything that has pretty packaging immediately makes my day. I love the colours too x

    1. It is very pretty isn’t it! 😉

  21. Wow you most definitely did get yourself a bargain at that price x

  22. Such a beautiful palette! Love the choice of colours and a total bargain! Definitely a fab find!

    1. It is great isn’t it 😉

  23. Love this palette x

    1. It is pretty isn’t it!

  24. How pretty! Great find. I really like the makeup Superdrug stocks, it’s always worth having a look in there for something unusual or a bargain.

    1. They do have some great bargains we just need to find them.

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