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Father’s Day Gift Guide 2016 with 5 FAB Competitions

It’s Father’s Day soon!!!!!! On June the 19th to be precise.  Let’s face it, dads are not always the easiest to buy for as they generally have everything they need already or at least claim too.  When I ask my dad what he wants he always says a big hug, not much use to me, thanks dad for the pointers.  With that in mind I always have to start doing my research early so I can get him the perfect gift in time for Father’s Day.

If your dad is as good as mine as sharing with you the various items that might be of use to him for Father’s Day fear not.  With a little detective work and knowing generally what he likes this post should help guide you to choosing the perfect gift.  Firstly, you will need to do some investigative work.  Ask your mum if she knows what he would like provided of course you can.  Not an option, why not take a long bathroom visit next time you visit and have a quick search for part used bottles of aftershave or other toiletries that might be an option.  A quick browse through his wardrobe may also be required. In any case do your research first!!!!

 I initially planned to include a large range of products but sometimes that can make it harder to choose the right gift so instead I have narrowed it down and sectioned the ideas into categories helping you find the ideal gift for dad much more easily.

For Fun Loving / Young at Heart / Outdoorsy Dads

For the fun loving outdoorsy dads there is not end to the products that you can buy from scooters and skateboards to rollerblades.

 Skates.co.uk have a great selection of skates, scooters and skateboards for dads that love to be outside with their children and don’t want to miss out on the fun.

Scooters and skateboards are all the rage in the adult male world at the moment and the more I venture out the more I see dads out with their children each of them riding a scooter or skateboard.

With that in mind off I went to the Skates website having had one locally or many years so of course it’s the first place I naturally think of for these products.  I have picked out a range of great items that would be perfect for dads.


Fitbits are also a great idea for dads it may also help encourage those that are not so active to do a bit more once they see how few step they are taking each day.  You should be doing around 10,000 daily!!!!  Not as easy as one might first think.  There are numerous fitbits available but I quite found that having test driven the fitbit surge myself this is a good one and also rather a masculine looking fitbit too.  A quick search led me to find that the lowest priced fitbit was on Amazon priced from £145.93 followed closely by Littlewoods at £151.51.


Hands On Creative Dads

Why not get your dad a Ducati???  No not a real one lol, but you can now build your own miniature with Meccano.  My husband was really excited when he saw me looking these up online, he’s a big kid at heart (most men are).  This is available from most major retailers.

The kit contains 292 pieces which make up a replica model of the iconic Ducati Monster line. With real steering, multi-piece wheels and coil-spring suspension this bike is ready to handle even the toughest tracks.

Fancy splashing out a bit more?  Then why not consider a Meccanoid which is a high tech build-your-own robot.  These are already being tipped as being at the top of everyone’s Christmas list!!!!  You can easily programme this to record and playback movements and sound, recognise your voice and respond with over 1000 phrases including jokes, fun facts, questions and more.  Pre-programmed moves include Kung-Fu, Exercise, Dance and even High-Fives! You can even control your Meccanoid via a free app on your smart device.

Meccanoid G15 KS has an SRP of £349.99 (I found it for £205.07 on Amazon) with his ‘little brother’ Meccanoid G15 (Toy of the Year Award winner 2016) available at an SRP of £169.99.  Meccanoid is available from Amazon, Argos, Maplin, Smyths, and Toys R Us.


For the Foodies

Chocolate is always a winner with my husband and my dad won’t say no either that’s provided he can get any with my mum around (poor dad).  My husband is even more hardcore when it comes to chocolate, you would be shocked at the amount he can eat in one sitting so it’s not at all surprising that I have to hide any / all chocolate that enters the house.  He will even eat the chocolate I buy for cooking (In his defence it is proper chocolate) .  If I foolishly forget, well basically it’s too difficult to talk about but if it’s my Gnaw Chocolate then to sum it up, it becomes the end of the world.  (Don’t judge me especially those that have yet to try this chocolate, I wish they would employ me as a chocolate taster and pay me in chocolate it IS that good!!!!).

 Here is a selection of my favourite items from their site.  You have NO idea how hard it was not to include all of them!!!


Dads and alcohol well it’s a given that I would mention something.  I wanted to stray from the norm and after a considerable amount of searching I found this Ice Cider.  Sounds exciting doesn’t it!!!! Often use in wine making icing intensifies the flavour of the apple and gives the drink an overall sweeter and richer flavour.  Well I’m sold, I’d love to try that myself.  It’s make by a Sandford Orchards who I am sure will be very pleased once they hear their product is one of my top buys for this year’s Father’s Day!



We have all heard of tastecard.  The card that lets its owner get discounts of their meals at a whole range of restaurants and probably the most well-known of it‘s type here in the UK.

There are over 3 million members now enjoying 50% OFF or 2 FOR 1 at over 7,000 restaurants!  It includes access to the FREE App including a digital tastecard plus FREE access to tastecard+ (with up to 40% off cinema).  The cherry on the top = it even includes FREE standard UK delivery!  What more encouragement do you need it’s a great idea for dad’s that love their food.


Another great idea for Father’s Day is a meal out this can be for the family or something a bit more extravagant and just parent and child if you prefer.  I object to paying full price when you can get a great deal from sites such as Groupon, Wowcher, Money Saving Expert, My Voucher Codes etc.  They have a vast range including Michelin starred restaurants, you could have an afternoon tea, all-you-can-eat steak or a simple burger and chips with a beer if that’s what dads likes.  Remember you are buying for him so make sure you look for what he would like.


Want something a little more personal?  Make him a meal!  It’s not JUST about spending money.  It’s about spending time together primarily and dads like to be spoilt even if they don’t say it.  Check out my recipe section if you need a little help, don’t worry they are not all vegetarian.


For the Fashionable Dads

Ties and socks are always a great option.  If your dad is anything like my dad or my husband then they go through socks like beer, it’s crazy and honestly I really don’t get how they wear them out so fast.  I found a great selection over on the 40 Colori website which boasts a colourful range of men’s accessories which embody the tradition of Italian craftsmanship, top notch quality, and avant-garde style.  Their products feature bold colours and statement patterns.  It won’t be hard for you to find dad a great gift that he will love.  The ties can be customised if you like, handy for Father’s Day!

Here are just some of their products:


Mr Squishy was rather impressed with their ties!


Watches are always a useful and practical gift provided dad doesn’t have a few already.  If he is a man that loves watches then why not pop over to the Watch Shop.  I rather liked this one for my dad.  The design is simple, sleek and attractive to the eye.


Summer will be here soon or so I’m told and sunglasses are always a great idea.  Look for styles similar to choose that dad likes to wear.  I found that the Sunglasses Shop had a large range when sourcing photos for the post.


For Dads that like to Look After Themselves

Noble Isle have some lovely masculine scented products.  Whether you are looking for a body wash, body cream, hand lotion or even a scented candle for dad to burn whilst he relaxes in the bath they have you covered.  There are also some great gift sets available should you want to get a selection of items for dad.



For those looking for fragrances Superdrug have 20% off ALL fragrances instore & online.  This Bank Hol weekend, beauty card holders can also get triple points & free delivery.  So hurry if you want to take advantage of this offer.  They also have some star buys that have been highlighted over on the Hot Deals UK site so it’s worth taking a look.

For the Sentimental Dads

Personalised keyrings are a gorgeous gift for dad.  With a lovely selection of products, The English Shipmate is the company that you need for beautiful handcrafted designs.  Trainer tags can also be personalised for dad if you prefer.


I’ve been including feefo ratings in some of my posts so here is one for The English Shipmate.


Impressive isn’t it!!!!

If helping you source some fabulous Father’s Day Gift’s wasn’t enough I even have a competition, in fact 5 competitions.  There will be 5 winners, each will win one of the prizes featured in the collage below (entering daily options greatly increases your chances of winning multiple prizes):


Mr Squishy will NOT be included with any of the prizes, sorry xxx

For each prize there is a separate rafflecopter form and you can enter as many of the competitions as you like!

(competitions are drawn randomly and people have won more than once with me)

To enter just fill in the Rafflecopter form.

   Instructions if needed can be found here:


     Not all of the entry options are compulsory but the more you do the more entries you will gain.

     Look out for the daily entry options for extra entries.

  Likes on Facebook are NOT compulsory but are very much appreciated plus it will ensure you don’t miss great posts, freebies and competitions.

 Make sure you take a look at my competitions tab for your chance to win more great prizes.

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Please be aware the prizes may NOT arrive before Father’s Day

(Not all items mentioned are sponsored)

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