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The Cutest Thing!!!

As a mother I of course think my children look cute in, well just about anything.  Mr Squishy is no exception.  I’m not sure if it’s his big brown eyes that do it for me or his gentle nature or even his cheeky smile, maybe all three but I think my little man is adorable so much so that I had to show you this lovely photo that I took of him wearing his new gap top.

How cute!

DSC01474DSC01476Mummy got a little snap happy and Mr Squishy admittedly did get fed up of me chasing him with the camera but in my defence I did need a photo for a company that I will be writing a post for.

Mummy enough already!!!

First I got grumpy face.

DSC01483And then it became very serious and I got The Hand!

DSC01482Oh well, there is always tomorrow!

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  1. Aw, he truly is the cutest thing! Thank you for this post, it really made me smile 😀

    1. It’s always nice to make people smile 😉

  2. Just love his grumpy face !!! … he has the most adorable eyes too !!

    1. Thanks Rebekah, I love his eyes they are very expressive and really cute too!

  3. It’s lovely to see a big smile on their face

    1. I’m lucky as he is always smiling for me 😉

  4. Ahh bless him and I just love that t-shirt!

  5. Aww look at him – he is just the cutest <3 lovely photos. x

    1. Thanks so much Sarah, I love him to bits 😉

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