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Pairfum Reed Diffuser – Innocent Vanilla

Do you ever think about what goes into your home fragrances, perfumes, beauty products etc.?  Many of us are now looking using more natural products as we learn about the detrimental effects synthetic products can have on our health.

Pairfum London

This brings me on to a recent discovery of mine a company called Pairfum London.  These guys are specialists for perfume lovers.  On their site, I discovered some gorgeous products including organic skin care, perfume, room sprays, perfumed botanicals and more.

We are in the process of Spring cleaning.  I have been trying to collect clothes that no longer fit, toys that we no longer use and donating them to charity shops to help others.  By doing this I am hoping to make the house look more inviting and less like a 2.5 year old tornado has just hit (commonly referred to as Mr Squishy.)  In my efforts I am not just looking for a minimalist look I want to create a living area that is inviting, relaxing and beautifully fragranced.  In order to achieve this, I knew exactly what to do having seen diffusers on the Pairfum London site.

Diffusers make a lovely gift and when correctly positioned in a home these can create a stunning centrepiece to a table or focal point in a room.


Diffusers are NOT all the same and you can include air fresheners in there too.  There are many different scents to state the obvious, they are presented/packaged differently from bottle style to colour but also importantly they have different qualities due to the ingredients.  Not everyone gets on well with diffusers/air fresheners.  The oils/ingredients whether natural or synthetic can irritate those with asthma.  This is due to the VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) which are found in natural essential oils as well as air fresheners and diffusers in general.

What are Volatile Organic Compounds?

These are organic compounds that can change to gas or vapour form.  This means that at room temperature they can evaporate easily and quickly.  They can occur naturally and can also be man-made.  Some VOCs can cause adverse health effects in humans and others can cause damage to the environment.  Not all VOCs are harmful some can help promote health and well being.  You can’t avoid VOCs as anything that has a scent contains them whether it is natural or synthetic.  Many man-made VOCs are found in cleaning products, cosmetics, toiletries, paints, carpets, paint, wood, you get the picture they are everywhere.

Effects on Health

In the UK we spend a fortune on scented candles, air fresheners etc.  Evidence shows that some can actually be detrimental to health.  The rise in sales of these products over the past number of years coincides with an increase in respiratory problems.  Formaldehyde for example, found in products such as disinfectants, building materials, glue and also air fresheners.  It is linked to certain types of cancer after prolonged exposure.  Food for thought for when you next reach for that spray or plug-in air freshener.  Air fresheners have been shown to trigger and exacerbate allergies and worsen asthma.

The USA has become very strict in regulating VOCs since California’s Proposition 65 (or prop 65) was introduced.  The UK and Europe, on the other hand, have no restrictions in regards to VOCs in home fragrances.  Shocking when the research is there to demonstrate that they can cause many health issues.  We should be more concerned considering the treatment required when illness occurs increases the strain on the already failing NHS.

  For those that want to experience great quality diffusers without detrimental effects to their health, Pairfum London is the company to consider.  Not only do they pride themselves in producing fragrances that we will fall in love with they also use their scientific understanding to create more unique products than other brands and also aromas that will last.  Their reed diffusers which look stunning use a highly fragrant and natural non-VOC oil serum (non-toxic).  Now that you are all experts in VOCs having read my above explanation you will understand and appreciate the health benefits of researching what you buy.  The scent of the diffuser lasts longer than the typical reed diffusers.  You get between 6 and 9 months of fragrance.  The large diffuser provides enough fragrance to fill a room and each time you walk into the room you can smell the aroma as it fills the air.

My new Innocent Vanilla bell diffuser now graces our mantle piece and I must say looks stunning and makes the room smell really lovely.

What do you think?

This has had a few compliments already.  It looks fantastic and it’s the first thing that catches the eye as you come into the living room.  I love the bell diffuser on its own as it looks so pretty and I think that the addition of the Ivy, large dish and pine cones really make this the main focal point in the room.

I love this diffuser and look forward to buying some of the other aromas that I discovered on the site when this one finishes as well as some of the other products I just need to decide what to try next, decisions decisions!

Do you use diffusers or air fresheners in your home?  If so were you are of the health implications?

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  1. im a huge fan of reed dispensers and actually prefer them to candles and find they give of a better scent

    1. I’m learning about the benefits of these at the moment. This is my first ever reed diffuser and I love it!!!!

  2. Love diffusers, as I find them relaxing. I also agree that they create a lovely centrepiece too 🙂 x

  3. We use so many home fragrances, especially candles. But we haven’t tried reed diffusers yet… Not really sure why…

  4. I love oil reed diffusers and this one sounds perfect! I might have to look into the brand a bit more! x

    1. They do a range of products on the site. Have fun shopping 😉

  5. After a gift from a friend of a diffusor and some lavender oil .. I’ve become slightly obsessed. It’s wonderful to have a faint scent in the air that I can change depending on the day .. season .. or my mood. Most of the time I stick with calming and peaceful oils like lavender or peppermint. With all of the craziness out in the world .. I want home to be a place of calm

  6. Would love to get a reed dispenser…..they’re fab!

  7. I’ve never used one of these myself, but seen them in use elsewhere. After reading this, I think I need to try one!

    1. Once you try it yo will be addicted they look and smell great.

  8. I didn’t realise how many health benefits there were to diffusers. I don’t tend to have them out much at home but I might now x

    1. It depends on the diffusers. I think more people should be made aware.

  9. I like diffusers as they give off a really nice scent

    1. They are lovely and this one looks really pretty too!

  10. I did hear about the differences between the air fresheners and how some are very bad for your health, like the ones that “puff”. I only use the infusers in my house as well. The vanilla scent sounds perfect for the living room.

    1. It does make a wonderful addition to our living room. I’m looking forward to trying some more of these 😉

  11. I love having reed diffusers in the house, and this one sounds like it smells beautiful! x

    1. It is gorgeous I love the scent of it so much 😉

  12. I love anything vanilla scented, so I am sure this would be right up my street!

    1. I love vanilla too. The scent really is gorgeous 😉

  13. My partner loves these things,i swear she brings a mew one each day lol

    1. Lol, well she won’t need to buy them so regularly if she gets them from these guys as they last for ages.

  14. Vanilla is such a lovely scent and my foster mum swears by diffusers. Maybe I should get her this reed diffuser as I think she will really appreciate it x

    1. She would love this. Take a look at the other scents available too before you decide which to get Ana x

  15. I do enjoy diffusers, some of the fragrances you can choose are so lovely. I had no idea that they could have negative health effects….thanks for sharing this information!

    1. No problem it’s always good to spread he word about these things.

  16. I think I am rather rare because I am not overly mad on the smell of Vanilla… But I do absolutely love a diffuser

    1. I wouldn’t worry these guys have a fabulously large range for you to choose from.

  17. I’m not a big candle fan in general but I’d be interested in using a reed diffuser, especially after reading how you said air fresheners can affect allergies. I was not aware of this but I’m so glad I now know to avoid them

    1. It is interesting isn’t it. I wasn’t aware that air fresheners could impact health to that degree.

  18. I do enjoy diffusers but I was not aware of all of the health implications that could result from the use of them. I wasn’t even aware there were VOCs in the fragrances as I assumed they were only in products that were sprayed. Now I know and it’s wonderful that Pairfum London has found a way to make a VOC safe.

    1. They are clever aren’t they to find a healthy option.

  19. We rarely use candles now due to the soot they normally give out so reed diffusers usually work really well in our household x

    1. These would be perfect for you and they smell amazing!

  20. I really love how you have incorporated your reed diffuser into the display on your mantle piece! It really does look so lovely they way you have styled it. I have used reed diffusers before and had mixed results. Some of them don’t seem to disperse a scent very well or last very long. The Pairfum London line sounds like it lasts a good long time and has the added benefit of being much better for your health.

  21. These look great, i have never used one

    1. This is my first and I love it!

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    1. Glad you liked the post 😉

  23. I really like reed diffusers, they look great as well as smelling fab too 🙂

    1. I sure do and make wonderful gifts.

  24. I prefer diffusers to candles and products that you plug in. I find they give as good a scent but with less chemicals and potential for accidents.

    1. It does seem the case I am now officially a diffuser fan.

  25. I love reed diffusers a lot. They leave my house smelling great.

    1. They seem to work very well 😉

  26. I use a lot of candles and wax melts but never really thought about the effect it could have my health. I have used a reed diffuser twice, one was absolutly rubbish but the other has been going strong in my landing window since Christams!

  27. This sounds very nice, I like the scent of vanilla so will have to try this

  28. I love diffusers. They definitely look better decoration wise. I love that they are natural as well.

    1. Me too they do look lovely and make great gifts.

  29. I’ve never tried a diffuser before but I might need to make a switch! I love Vanilla scented anything!

    1. Me too it’s one of my favourites!!!!

  30. I love reed diffusers, and like you said they make a brilliant centrepiece!

  31. This was really interesting to read about the vocs. I love candles, air freshners, diffusers etc but I have asthma and my daughter has asthma with multiple allergies so we often find they irtitate us. I’ll have to look into this brand more

  32. This sounds like such a good way to fragrance my home. I like this idea thanks for sharing 😊

    1. They are really good I was impressed with the fragrance.

  33. Diffusers are absolutely just my faves and must haves for the home!!

    1. They sure are. I plan to use them more often now!

  34. I did not have a clue about VOC’s so thank you for educating me. Also thank you for the review as I now want to get rid of my normal diffusers and buy this one instead! Xx

    1. Glad you liked it, this one is really pretty and smells great you will love it x

  35. We couldn’t live without diffusers in our downstairs cloakroom. I hadn’t realised that there were strict rules in the US though. I love the sound of your vanilla scented one.

    1. They are really good I’m glad I have tried one as I will be avoiding other air fresheners now.

  36. I have something similar and it’s great. Not only does it smell amazing, but it looks stylish too.

    1. These so look lovely don’t they. They really do add to a room not just in aroma but also in appearance.

  37. This sounds lovely! I do love a good reed diffuser.

    1. I am loving this one and it’s doing a great job of making the room smell good.

  38. lovely blog post I love the smell of vanilla.

    1. Thanks, me too it really is a popular scent isn’t it.

  39. i recently got a vanilla air fresher for my car, i just love the smell of vanilla xo

    1. It is a great aroma. The diffuser is so much better than the car fresheners, worth trying.

  40. Love this diffuser and vanilla scent is my ultimate favourite around the house.

    1. Vanilla is one of those scents that most people enjoy.

  41. This was a very interesting read, thank you. I only occasionally get around to using home fragrances, and I wasn’t aware there was so much variation in health implications when it came to non-aerosol products.

    1. I know neither did I until I researched it.

  42. I love the vanilla scent its absolutely beautiful, I haven’t tried a redd diffuser I like the Yankee melts they smell divine xxx

  43. I love reed diffusers and anything vanilla so sounds good to me

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