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Rucoletta Napolitan Eatery Restaurant St Pauls

A friend recently bought a voucher off Wowcher for a set meal for two at Rucoletta Napolitan Eatery in St Pauls.  St Pauls is a lovely location with a good range of restaurants and shops in the area and of course not forgetting St Paul’s Cathedral.  At night the Cathedral looks even more beautiful with the pretty lighting.  This was just a stone throw away from where we were to eat that night and we planned to take a little stroll around the local area after our meal.  When we arrived we were led through the restaurant and then upstairs.  The restaurant looked quite simple and it looked a little crammed downstairs but, on reaching the first floor we were greeted by a room that looked like a conservatory with a glass roof.  It was far airier and brighter than downstairs so a tip for anyone that visits, request a table upstairs!  Clearly a popular restaurant the upstairs began filling up quite quickly after we arrived.  The waiting staff were all very good and we watched as they flitted too and fro serving clients and taking orders.

The size of the set menu was reasonable and we chose our starter and main after a quick study.

For starters:

Polpettone el Sugo

Veal and beef meat loaf stuffed with baked ham, mozzarella, parmesan and covered with tomato sauce served with sautéed mixed peppers with black olives and capers.


A nice sized starter with lots of flavour. I thought that roasted peppers included were a nice addition adding extra colour and flavour to the dish.

Crostone alla Pizzaiola (V)

Melted smoked mozzarella in tomato sauce and oregano served on toasted home made bread.


It tastes as good as it looks.  It had a lovely rich tomato flavour and is a delicious starter perfect for vegetarians.  A great start to the meal that will boost your lycopene intake which is an added bonus! (fights wrinkles).

For the Mains

Carbonara Napoletana

Spaghetti with egg, pancetta, garlic, fresh chilli, extra virgin olive oil, parsley and parmesan cheese.


I was looking forward to this not having had a carbonara in a restaurant for quite a while.  I wasn’t disappointed.  The portion was good, the picture doesn’t do it justice at all.  Full of flavour and with a nice kick from the chilli this is a dish I would definitely eat there again.

Last but not least the dessert.  Some might say this is the best part of the meal.

The Italian classic Tiramisu 

dsc01071This was delicious!  It vanished extremely fast and we barely spoke whilst we ate this.

All the dishes were well presented.  The food arrived at the table hot and we didn’t need to wait long for staff to come over once hailed.

This was a thoroughly enjoyable meal and we were surprised to have found it on wowcher but at the same time very pleased.  They have the deal again for a 3 course meal for two from their set menu for £20 a bargain in my eyes.  Hurry on over before it expires.

My score 4 / 5

Rucoletta Napolitan Eatery

6 Foster Ln, London EC2V 6HH

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  1. Haha the silence during the tiramisu. I know when something is that good…pin dropping silence. Mmm yum the Crostone alla Pizzaiola looks amaze x

    1. The food was very good, we had a lovely time there.

  2. What a lovely sounding restaurant that pudding looks absolutely amazing!

    1. It was lovely. If only the lighting was a bit brighter in the restaurant it would have looked even better.

  3. Both the carbonara and tiramisu look really delicious – and fattening! I’d have to just eat half!

  4. The Carbonara Napoletana looks lovely! I work near St Paul’s so will add this to my list of local restaurants to try x

  5. Wow! For London that is such a great price, and it sounds like amazing food.That tiramisu looks delicious

  6. I can’t stop thinking about the dessert – I’ve never used Wowcher before, I’m tempted now!

  7. What a wonderful meal. I shall keep an eye out for this restaurant next time we are in the city! 🙂

  8. I always keep my eyes open on Wowcher and places for deals like this, sounds like a great meal x

  9. ah i like the idea of a kick to a carbonara. carbonara is my fav

  10. Sounds like a lovely place to eat out.
    That pudding looks amazing!

  11. I always judge an Italian restaurant on their carbonara, and that looks like a good one!

  12. Food looks really yummy. Making me hungry now.

  13. It looks like a lovely meal. I love how everything is set out. Whoo Tiramisu is my favourite treat 🙂

  14. All of that food looks awesome. Love the dessert!

  15. The presentation of the food is beautiful and I like your choices, especially carbonara with a touch of chilli.

  16. Well this just looks like the ultimate comfort food dinner (how do the Italian’s do comfort so well?) Wowcher is wonderful and I’m glad you had a nice time x

  17. I am fine with the Crostone alla Pizzaiola and Tiramisu. Craving now!

  18. The food looks amazing, if only we lived closer

    1. We did enjoy it. The only things was that it got a little dark in there.

  19. I love Italian food. Sounds like you had an amazing dinner.

    1. It was very good.

  20. I definitely think thats a bargain, I love wowcher for that as you can get the best deals in the best locations! The food looks fab so I would definitely be watching out for a voucher to try it out for myself soon 😉

  21. The food does look amazing. I could eat that Tiramisu now for sure. We are big foodies and going up to London in October so I will check this place out!

  22. Oh these meals look so delicious and fab and I’d love to visit this eatery.

  23. Tom and I don’t talk much if we are enjoying our food. I would have been like that eating dessert!

  24. Melted smoked mozzarella on homemade bread sounds absolutely divine!

  25. Tiramisu is my favourite desert and I love the look of the smoked mozzarella! I do like St Paul’s as well.

  26. Looks like lovely food! We love St Paul’s Cathedral area and walking The Strand xx

  27. Wow! Wish I knew about this last weekend. We were in the area and I would have loved to have tried this. The courses look perfect, except for the tiramisu which I don’t like. I’m sure there would have been something else to choose though!

    1. It was lovely food. Yes there were other options, it was a yummy dessert.

  28. The good looks amazing – I need to go here now!!

  29. It looks like such a great restaurant, I’ll definitely check this out when I’m next in London.

  30. The food looks absolutely amazing, definitely a place I am going to have to visit as I don’t live too far from there xx

  31. Wowzer I bet that was a real treat. That area at night is always beautiful. That meal looks delicious

  32. Wow yummy! I love anything with a delicious sauce! glad you had a great time!

    xoxo, Candice

  33. Oh wow that carbonara looks absolutely INCREDIBLE!!! I would definitely order that if I went there xxx

    1. It really was a good one. We loved it!

  34. Great pictures, the food looks gorgeous! I love the sound of the location, too, London is beautiful at any time but especially lit up in the evening.

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