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Ask Italian, Gloucester Arcade, London

When you think of Ask Italian restaurant what immediately springs to mind?  It’s a chain, the food isn’t all that great.  Ok, so chains can have a bad reputation but in my experience the key to finding one that is good is location.  Yes just like purchasing a property the quality of a meal in a restaurant can be influenced by where you have it.  Head off to an affluent area and the chances are the meal will be better as customers will be influenced by how good the meal will be.  Bad restaurants in a these areas won’t last long thankfully.  Last week I went to the Natural History Museum with the little ones and a friend.  Whilst we were there we began to get peckish so decided to look up local restaurants and discovered there was an Ask Italian located nearby at Gloucester Arcade.  I had been looking specifically for restaurants that take Tastecard as meals out in London can get pricey the more people there are in the group.  This restaurant had been awarded 4 starts by visitors on TripAdvisor where as many others in the area were either 3 or 3.5 stars so we were confident the food wouldn’t be too bad.  We phoned in advance as per the conditions of use for the card and arrived to be seated quickly by staff.

It wasn’t long until we decided what to order and we were all very pleased that the food arrived at the table quickly.  We had asked for the children’s pizza the Stomboli (Pepperoni) to be served with the starters which they did.  The children didn’t hesitate to dive in.  They enjoyed this and polished it all off faster than normal thankfully.


For the adults the Calamari starter (a portion each).  As described on the menu this arrived golden and crispy but I’m assuming this had been frozen in battered form.  The batter was not seasoned enough for my liking although the squid was quite soft.  My eldest daughter however had some and ended up eating half of the portion.  Not a problem I was saving myself for the pizza.


Again my friend and I ordered the same, the Salami Misti pizza.  This comes topped with Milano and finocchiona salamis, pepperoni and smoked prosciutto, roasted red peppers,  caramelised red onion and Grana Padano.  Now this was nice!!!  Both of us were pleasantly surprised at how nice the pizza was.  The combination of topping went well together and we really enjoyed it.  I plan to make my own version eventually at home with my pizza stone.


Needless to say we would revisit the site again especially as I have a Tastecard so we were able to get buy one get one free on the starters and two of the main dishes.

This restaurant is located at:

Gloucester Arcade
24 Gloucester Rd
020 7835 0840

Do you have a Tastecard yet?

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  1. I think you’re right, it’s all about finding a good location of a chain.

    1. It does seem to make a big difference.

  2. Ive not been to Ask in awhile we use to have one more local but it shut down and turned into pizza express. The pizza u went for looks fab.

    1. It does look good doesn’t it we were surprised at how nice it was.

  3. Oh what a nice find! It’s great that you checked this place out. The pizza you ordered looks great.

    1. I was very pleased with the pizza it was nice.

  4. We used to have a tastecard but haven’t renewed it yet, I do love ask though, the calamari looks amazing x

    1. The Tastecard is great, saves you quite a fair amount.

  5. Sounds like a great meal out, and bonus with the Tastecard. I’ve never heard of one of those before – I wonder if any of them are valid where I live.

    1. It’s worth looking them up they are located all over the place.

  6. I went to Ask a while ago and the service and food were really great.

    1. They seem to have updated their menu so it’s worth revisiting.

  7. I love pizza. I haven’t been to an Ask before. Thanks for sharing x

    1. Try and pop along sometime their pizzas are very nice.

  8. I really like ASK food although I have not been recently. The waiters are always very attentive.

    1. Ours was nice and good with the kids.

  9. I don’t think I’ve ever been to ASK but this looks seriously delicious!

    1. The pizzas were nice, worth revisiting I think 😉

  10. Wow! We have never tried an Ask Italian but after reading this we’ll be looking out for one!

    1. Keep a look out William, their pizzas were good.

  11. Do you know I have never been to an Ask Italian – it is somewhere I would love to visit though and this just makes me want to go more! x

    1. You must try this pizza it’s very good.

  12. I love Ask! I’ve never had a bad meal in the York branch 🙂

    1. That’s good to hear, go with a Tastecard you will make a great saving.

  13. I’ve never been Ask before but my Mum is obsessed with the place!

    1. This site was very good for pizzas.

  14. Oh my I love ASK – especially the pizza. I really want a pizza now..

    1. Try and visit this site their pizza was yummy x

  15. Food looks delicious. My sister loves Ask Italian and raves about their pizza!

    1. I tried another branch a few years back and wasn’t impressed but this was yummy.

  16. I’ve never been to any of these restaurants actually. I’m not a fan of pizzas, so I guess that’s why. The menu looks good.

    1. There is so much more to choose from, grab a Tastecard and give them a go.

  17. I have never tried “Ask” before but the food looks so good that I need to rectify this soon! It all looks so tasty

    1. Try the pizza it was lovely.

  18. i had the best lasagne in an ask restaurant, seriously, nicer than what I had in Italy.
    think with chains it’s a hit and miss experience. some are great others not so, but when you find one that’s good then keep hold of it x

    1. That’s great to hear, I’m pleased they had such good food.

  19. I really like ask as they do a good range of gluten free dishes. Food is always yummy!

    1. It’s good that you have a selection that you are able to eat and enjoy.

  20. We don’t have an Ask Italian in Chester, but I’ve been to the one in Southport a couple of times and really enjoyed the food. The service is excellent too.

    1. Glad you have found a good one.

  21. The food looks lovely at this one, we have visited one Ask location before and i have never wanted to go back.

    1. Try a different location. I’d say look at tripadvisors rating before going.

  22. The food looks really yummy. I bet it was.

    1. We did enjoy it, the pizzas came fast to which was good.

  23. OOH now I wouldnt normally look twice at a pizza, but I am definitely looking at those, wow x

    1. Not bad are they, they do look great.

  24. We used to have a tastecard, they’re so good aren’t they? The chain doesn’t seem to bad and nice to see you liked it to go back again. I never really thought about it being in a better area means better food but makes complete sense!

    Alina |

  25. I’ve never been but the pizza looks really good

    1. It was pretty good pizza.

  26. I need to look into taste card. Ask by my mum’s is nice never had a problem there

    1. They come in very handy, you ca save quite a bit with the card.

  27. Oh wow, the pizza looks amazing. We love pizza here, yummy!!

  28. I’ve been to a couple of Ask restaurants and have always enjoyed my meal.
    Alana x

  29. The pizzas look gorgeous – calamari is my favourite and I’m gutted when you order it and it isn’t perfect.

    1. I was gutted to but should have expected that.

  30. Great review! I hadn’t actually thought about the possibility of chain branches varying in quality. It’s definitely something to consider in future.

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