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Leon – Restaurant Review Brent Cross

Many of you will have heard of Leon the ‘healthy’ fast food chain whose restaurants have been popping up all around London but have you eaten there?  I had always glanced at the menu board displayed at the Brent Cross site as I hurried on into the Wagamama or Gourmet Burger Kitchen nearby but had never ventured in until the 29th of September this year when I took over the Brent Cross twitter feed sharing tweets of the shoptacular event that they were having.


Leon is located in the main eating area section with a range of other restaurants giving diners a great choice to foods to choose from.  It has the look and feel of a fast food place but with a large range of healthy options available.

The staff there are all very friendly and helpful.  Say hi to Sergiu if you pass by.  He normally works in the kitchen but came out to say hello and pose for a photo.  There are plenty of drinks to chose from including their own sparkling mango and orange and sparkling apple which have half the calories of the Pret a Manger ones.  Great to know if you are watching the calories.  There are also freshly made (instore) natural shakes including ‘Clean Green’ and Carrot Apple and Ginger’ which sounded pretty yummy.


Our orders on the evening were taken by the lovely Jess who was extremely knowledgeable about the various foods and the most popular dishes.  Jess is normally to be found at the Southbank site but was filling in at the Brent Cross site when we came to visit.


The menu is pretty varied with a range of breakfast foods, hot and cold boxes, burgers, sides, wraps and foods that are not coated in sauces and a bit simpler to please children’s palates too.


We placed our order, had a little chat about our evening in Brent Cross and before we knew it the food had arrived.


Off to our table to start on our baked fries.  These are 302 calories, 38 calories less than the equivalent medium fries from McDonalds which have an average of 340 calories per portion.


Lamb Kofte Meatballs Hot Box

This was delicious.  There was a good amount of flavour for a chain restaurant meal.  The box comprised of brown rice topped with lamb kofte balls and a tasty, tangy pickle relish, aioli and chilli sauce for that added kick but not excessive heat so as to have you gulping down copious amounts of fluids.  Accompanying this was a delicious fresh slaw made up of peas, red cabbage and lettuce.  This is what you call a hearty healthy meal!  The combination of flavours from this meals various parts work well together and the addition of the rice makes the meal all that more filling.  I must admit this was gorgeous and a dish I would now revisit for.

dsc02983 Chicken and Chorizo Club Hot Box

Another filling meal with chargrilled chicken, roasted chorizo, sweet red peppers, chopped parsley and mint.  Again the flavours work well and the addition of the fresh herbs really breathe that bit more flavour into the dish.  I did think this was a great dish but having sampled the Kofte first the thought of that one stuck in my mind as it had a far stronger flavour to it.  I did like that the chicken used here was not at all fatty and the pieces were of a good chunky size too.  The chorizo added a great deal of flavour to the dish and there was a fair amount included within the dish.

dsc03006 Baked Fries

These were nicely seasoned and had a good crunch on the outside.  We had been chatting a bit before we had begun to eat so by the time we started on these they had cooled down so were not quite as good as expected but I am sure they would have been better hot.  They went very nicely with the aioli.


The sparkling O’Joy (mango and orange) was only 73 calories which was great and it tasted good too, not at all bland as one might expect from a low calorie drink.  The lemon, lime and ginger had a few more calories (149) and was also full of flavour.


Now that’s a great photo a a healthy fast food!


I must confess I struggled to finish it all!  In fact by the time I had this much left I was considering stopping as I was fit to burst but couldn’t bare to waste the food.


I finally managed to eat the whole serving and was so full that I literally had no room to put dessert, OMG seriously!  Fortunately Jess suggested that we take dessert to go, what a fabulous idea.  So she packed us both a Better Brownie which has a low GL (glycemic load) and therefore doesn’t result in an excessive blood sugar rise.  The brownie is gluten free, vegan, contains coffee, almonds and orange zest and tastes delicious.


My little package of heaven.  Sssshhhhhhh don’t tell the kids or hubby.


Still feeling pretty full when I got home I decided to save the brownie until the following day and ended up sharing it with my little girls who gulped it down amazingly fast, I doubt it touched the sides of their mouths.  Lucky for me I had saved myself a slither and had this with a cup of herbal tea.  I was divine and again something I would be sure to revisit and buy on another visit.


I really enjoyed my visit that evening and was pleased to have finally tried Leon.  There are so many great looking dishes on the menu that I feel I simply must try some of which have spiralised vegetables which look gorgeous.  The menu caters for various dinners including vegetarians, vegans, wheat free, dairy free and gluten free diners and also have foods that have low saturated fats.  For the carnivores as you can see you needn’t fear there is plenty of meat on the menu to keep you more than satisfied.


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  1. Mmmm…I love the sound of Leon. I haven’t been to Brent Cross in years. The sweet potato falafel on the menu would be my choice 🙂

    1. It does sound yummy doesn’t it!

  2. I remember seeing Leon when I was in London. Hopefully one will open near me soon. The food looks yum!

    1. It tastes pretty good too 😉

  3. That brownie looks like perfection and I love the look of the baked fries. Yum.

    1. I must admit they were gorgeous, I could do with another now.

  4. I must have been in hiding as I have not heard of Leon before, but the menu looks great and the food even better, I will be looking out for this when out and about x

    1. I hope you get to try the Kofte that was yummy!

  5. I don’t know if I have a Leon near where I live, but if I discovered one I would definitely choose it over somewhere like McDonald’s! Looks delicious xx

    1. I must admit I haven’t been to McD’s for years and this is the perfect alternative.

  6. Oh my gosh those fries look so nice. Shame they weren’t as good as expected though x

    1. I think they would have been much better hot, I will have to try them again! 😉

  7. Leon is one of my favourite places to eat as I can feel good about eating out when I go there. I love their sweet potato falafal hot boxes x

    1. Thanks for the tip I shall be sure to try it Rhian.

  8. Everything looks so amazingly fresh and delicious there. I really like the variety of food options they have too.

    1. It was really nice. I loved the selection.

  9. I love Leon! They always have a good selection of salads and they are healthy and filling too.

    1. It was my first visit. I wish I had tried them sooner!

  10. I used to head to Leon every Friday for lunch with work when I worked in London about five years ago. I really must head back there soon – the food is amazing x

    1. I was quite impressed all I knew was that it was fast food before I didn’t realise it was like this. I hope you get to revisit x

  11. These look amazing! I haven’t heard of them but I would sure like to try them out. H x

  12. You know I still haven’t tried this restaurant, I really want to go!

    1. You should it’s lovely 😉

  13. This looks like an amazing restaurant! I wish they was one in Glasgow 🙂

  14. I have never had a good experience when using Leon but I do love the look of the Chicken and Chorizo Club Hot Box x

  15. I haven’t been to this particular Leon before but I do go to the one in Kings Cross often when I’m passing through. So tasty!! xxx

  16. Healthy Fast Food?!? Sounds intriguing I hope they roll it out further afield! Love the look of the Hot Boxes!

  17. I love that there’s place for healthy fast food! Now to wait a decade before they come to Aberdeen…

  18. I have never heard of this restaurant chain before. Love the menu.

  19. i went to one at euston for the first time and it was so hard deciding on what i want. i want to try everything there

  20. Oh. Wow. The food looks delicious! I’ll look into this chain, it sounds like a great idea, though I’d eat a lot of that even if it wasn’t so healthy, it looks that tasty!

  21. This post proves that fast food doesn’t have to be unhealthy – fab review x

  22. Sounds like a fab restaurant to visit, the food looks super yummy

  23. I’m lining up for Sicilian Chicken Meatballs – they sound really delicious. Must check out this place when next in London.

  24. Everything looks delicious and I love how the food is served.

  25. Brent cross is so near me! i should definitely check it out! The chicken and Chorizo looks so delicious!

  26. This looks amazing! I wish that there was more chains like this.

  27. The food looks so delicious. I have to stop by and try it!

  28. The chicken and chorizo club box looks yummy!

  29. I’ve yet to visit a Leon restaurant. So need to change it.

  30. Leon is probably my favourite find when I went to London a few years back. It is nice and healthy fast food! I love it.

  31. I wish there was one of these near me! Looks so good and nice to go out and have a more healthier takeaway sort of food!

  32. I love Leon! I had no idea they had opened one in Brent Cross though but as I shop there fairly regularly I’ll probs be popping in soon!

  33. I really like Leon. I’ve ben to the one at Kings Cross a few times, and always try to nip in when I’m at the airport. I agree, there’s great choice for Veggies.

    1. Their food was really good I’m glad I tried them now.

  34. All looks very nice and everyone looks really happy.
    Feeling hungry now.

  35. Yum! This looks so lovely. I want to go! Fab post 🙂

    1. Thanks Jodie, for fast food the food isn’t bad at all.

  36. I haven’t heard of the Leon chain before but the food looks really good!

    1. It’s nice although I would teak it sightly and add a bit more topping.

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