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Golden Dragon Restaurant (Colindale)

I used to love going to the Bang Bang Oriental Centre in Colindale many years ago. I’d be able to stock up on all sorts of great Chinese ingredients at the supermarket there and also enjoy a meal in the restaurant. In 2008 it closed for redevelopment and I wasn’t happy. Having frequented the site for a while I will admit I was disappointed as I had heard it was going to be knocked down and flats would be built there instead. But recently I had an email though inviting me to review the Golden Dragon in Colindale at the Bang Bang Oriental Centre. How fabulous! It was back. Of course I’d be a fool to refuse, Chinese is one of my favourite cuisines although my list of favourites is pretty large being a foodie.  This is owned by the Royal China Group which also own The Royal China Restaurant in Bayswater which I reviewed a little while back.

I grabbed one of my review buddies, programmed the sat nav and off we went.  The centre was easy to find and had ample parking.  As we walked into the lobby we were greeted by Chinese lanterns.  On entering the restaurant I was overwhelmed at the sheer size of it.  There was spacious seating for around 360 people not something you see often and everything was as it should be, clean, neat and tidy with nothing but the essentials on the tables.  The clientele consisted of a range of nationalities although I did see numerous Asian dinners which is of course a good sign.

The atmosphere was relaxed, staff were quick to come and provide menus and extremely knowledgeable about the dishes which we took full advantage of when we came to order.  There were plenty of staff members at hand so you weren’t waiting long if you needed anything.  Hidden away at the side is a function room, perfect for birthday celebrations and the like and fitting around 20 people comfortably.

Minced Pork With Aubergine Cooked Hot Pot

An exceptionally moreish dish that I couldn’t get enough of.  If only my stomach was larger.  The gorgeous rich flavour and healthy size portion makes this a lovely filling and healthy dish.  I didn’t see pools of oil forming around the sides which often can happen with this sort of dish which was great.  If I had ordered this alone with rice as a meal I doubt I would have succeeded in finishing it all before feeling full.  There was a generous amount of pork within the dish and I was reminded as to how well pork and aubergine go together.

Deep Fried Squid With Salt And Chilli

This wasn’t exceptionally greasy which was good and the batter was perfectly seasoned and was nice and crisp.  The portion was plentiful and the chilli kick was detectable but not tongue numbing.  I loved the teeny pieces of crispy garlic and dug about to make sure I got plenty of them to enable me to enjoy them with each mouthful.  The squid itself was clearly fresh from the flavour, texture (tender and plump) and appearance and not overcooked.  The nice chunky bite sized pieces disappeared quickly.

Mixed Seafood Crispy Noodles

The contrast between crispy and soft goes well.  This dish has a tasty yet delicate sauce that complements the seafood well.  The amount of seafood and quality is more than reasonable for the price.  The prawns, scallops and squid were all fresh and plump and juicy.

As well as this fabulous selection of dishes we also had a portion of egg fried rice to help soak up the delicious sauces from the various dishes.  The rice was not greasy a common complaint at many other Chinese restaurants and it had a good amount of egg, spring onion and peas hidden within.

We were not sure how much to order and what we did order would have been enough to cover three people easily.  We washed our dinner down with some Jasmine tea which went down well.  If three people had dinned the meal would have cost approx £20 per head which you’ll agree is more than reasonable.

The food was lovely.  It was clear that all the ingredients were fresh from the appearance – take the squid for example which was served on crisp leaves or the broccoli, firm in appearance and a fabulous bright green boldly proclaiming its freshness to all who glance upon it.  The prices reflect both the quality and quantity of the ingredients.

We were already planning who to bring on our next visit before we had even gotten up to put our coats on.

Like what you saw?

The restaurant opening hours are:

Monday to Thursday 12:00pm –10:00pm.

Friday 12:00pm –10:30pm.

Saturday 11:00am –10:30pm.

Sunday 11:00am –10:00pm.

They are open ever day except Christmas!

What’s your favourite Chinese dish?

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Disclaimer: I was invited to have a meal at The Golden Dragon in exchange for an honest opinion.  All opinions expressed are our own.

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  1. The mixed seafood crispy noodles sound amazing, never tried the dish but would love to! We’ve just got back into enjoying Chinese food again and you have given me some new foods to look out for. All the food looks amazing and such a lovely, open restaurant! Sim x

    1. The noodles tasted great and the contrast between the soft and crunchy was nice making it and interesting dish.

  2. That is a great price for so much food and it all looks delicious. Love the decor as well. I do love squid and don’t get to eat it very often so that would be a real treat for me.

  3. This place looks and sounds amazing! I so need to try it out!

  4. Wow, that looks like a great restaurant. The food looks very fresh and well done.

    1. It was perfectly cooked and really fresh too.

  5. The food looks delicious, I love asian food and all this food is making my mouth water!

    1. I honestly couldn’t fault it. The meal was lovely.

  6. It sounds like a great place to enjoy some good food and I love that the serving is reasonable and is huge enough to share. I love the look of the place as well, perfect for dinner with family or friends!

  7. Oh the beef and black pepper sauce and the squid both look yummy. I’ve not eaten a lot of Chinese food before but I do enjoy it x

    1. Both dishes were delicious, you’d love them!

  8. As a vegan I sometimes struggle with Chinese restaurants (although not always) but your food looked great and was superb value!

    1. It was great value and there were dishes for vegans although not as many as for vegetarians.

  9. I have been to Golden Dragon few years before. Their ambience was nice and food was indeed amazing. The menu had awesome options , Chinese broccoli tasted delicious.

    1. The broccoli is good I totally agree x

  10. I have not had a proper Chinese meal in a restaurant for years. This looks amazing and we need a proper Chinese meal now!

    1. It was great there. The food is really good.

  11. I’m not going to lie them spicy green beans look absolutely delicious…. All the food does but they just look so fresh and tasty! This place sounds amazing, I would love to go x

    1. They were soooo yummy!!! It was all incredibly fresh food and delicious.

  12. Mmm that food looks absolutely delicious and the prices seem very reasonable too! Making my mouth water

    1. It’s well priced for the quality and portion sizes. I loved it!

  13. I love the chinese restaurants in Colindale, its been a while since I’ve been but I’m going to have to now!

    1. You won’t regret it the food is spot on x

  14. I like chinese food, but I don’t eat them all the time. But the peking ducks looks really yummy and the food makes me drool.

    1. The duck is fantastic isn’t it. It has to be one of my favourite dishes.

  15. Oh goodness!Golden Dragon Restaurant sure is beautiful. I must admit that I’d also be shocked after setting my first foot inside the place!I mean, it’s spacious, has perfect lighting even for an evening dinner and the set-up is just amazing! And well, the menu is just terrific! These dishes are just delicious I’m going hungry you bet!

  16. This looks gorgeous – the food looks tasty, the decor is beautiful and the price is good too. Definitely somewhere I’d love to visit!

    1. I’m so pleased they’re still there as I am definitely returning.

  17. I love Chinese food and these look so yummy especially the stir fried chinese brinjals and mala spicy green beans. I am sure my family would enjoy heading to Colindale just to try out these dishes at Golden Dragon Restaurant.

    1. I agree the food here is really good so they are most definitely going to enjoy it x

  18. All this food is making me hungry! It looks fab!

    1. It was gorgeous!!!

  19. Glad to know they re-opened bigger and better it seems, the food looks really yummy. I have not had Chinese for a couple months now, I know where I should go next time I am in the area.

    1. Enjoy!! Take a big group so you can try a load of dishes between you x

  20. We’ve been there too !! The food is brilliant and so so tasty. Your description of it is spot on and the photos are spectacular

    1. Wow that’s good to hear. Glad you liked it too and you agree with me. It was a wonderful meal. Thanks so much I’m working on my photos, hope to gradually make them even better x

  21. You know what? I’ve never eaten Chinese in an actual restaurant before! The food here looks amazing though. It would definitely entice me away from the takeaway menu and into the restaurant itself 🙂

    Louise x

    1. It’s nice to eat out and not have to worry about doing the dishes. The food here is really good so you’d have a great meal out.

  22. I am a huge fan of Chinese food. I enjoy eating in Chinese restaurants and the food here looks very yummy.

    1. Same here they make some gorgeous dishes.

  23. You had me at stir-fried noodles. And Chinese food is also a comfort food for me!

    1. I know what you mean. I do love Chinese. The noodles were yummy!

  24. The restaurant looks amazing. I know I would probably love to try out any of those dishes. Although not quite sure on the squid. But everything else just looks mouth watering.

    1. The squid was really good, you have to try it!!!! It’s very moreish.

  25. Oh my goodness, everything looked so tasty! I loved the table with the sharing spinning centre – I’ve never eaten anywhere that has had that before. Very cool feature.

    1. That was a warming section instead of the old style food warmers. We didn’t use it on our visit.

  26. Have never had chinese food before. But i feel so close to having one already. I like the kai lan. These looks all delicious and tasty too. Vegetables i see here make me want to have a taste already.

    1. The food was all delicious and the Chinese broccoli was a good choice. I would get that again!

  27. Oh I miss Chinese food! We haven’t been to a Chinese restaurant recently because of so many new restaurants that have been opening. But I am so used to Chinese dishes like this because I am married to a Chinese and the used to always eat out in local Chinese restos. I miss Peking duck!

    1. I bet you’d love the food here they cooked it perfectly and used only fresh ingredients.

  28. The food looks incredible; I’m not a massive fan of Chinese food … as a vegetarian I find the dishes are somewhat limited. However, my other half would be in heaven here!

    1. I think that you might be surprised at the choice here. They do have plenty of dishes for vegetarians.

  29. oh yum those veggies look amazing, i love chinese style veg as they have so much more flavour and that crunch you just dont get in regular restaurants! lol

    1. That can be very true of course depending on the restaurant. These guys make sure it is lightly cooked so there is still a good crunch and plenty of flavour.

  30. The food looks incredible, especially the minced pork!

  31. I want to try the Mixed Seafood noodles at Golden Dragon. It looks so yummy and tasty! Perfect for dinner for sure!

    1. It was a great dish and as you can see from the pictures the seafood is lovely and plump and juicy.

  32. This looks so tasty, I love really fat udon noodles with chicken!

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