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Tootoomoo Whetstone

I love Pan Asian food it’s got to be one of my favourites.  The mix of flavours, textures and colours is so enticing and the types of dishes that can be made are endless.  It’s also pretty healthy too which is an added bonus.  Not all restaurants are able to pull off Pan Asian cuisine to a reasonable quality but for those that would love to try a good one and live in London it I would strongly suggest going for a meal at Tootoomoo in Whetstone.  I went years ago with some other mums but as there was a large group of use we had to have the set menu which I don’t normally do and the restaurant wasn’t very big so it was a little tight but since then they have recently refurbished and the restaurant looks far nicer and was a bit more spacious.  It’s not an enormous restaurant but it is nice and cosy and has a and relaxed atmosphere.  This is a great place to go on a date or with friends and even for parties.  Staff are exceptionally welcoming and available when needed and extremely willing to help with explaining items off the menu as well as advising about popular dishes.


I popped along to review this site and was extremely pleased that I had revisited, you will see why very soon.  First of all let it be said that their Lychee Martini is gorgeous it’s a fabulous drink for lovers of sweet fruity cocktails and one fans of sweet drinks must all try it!

We ordered a selection of starters which arrived at our table quickly.

The Starters


Edamame (soya beans)

Packed with natural phytooestrogens and fibre these tasty beans are a lovely healthy way to start a meal.

Yuzo Salmon Maki (cold dish)

The flavours and textures were indicative of fresh food and were made well with the maki being firm and not falling apart when we picked them up with our chopsticks.  These were a good size too as some restaurants serve ones that are too big and not so easy to cram into one mouthful.  Food needs to look good, taste good and it helps if it’s easy to eat too.

Salmon Sashimi (cold dish)

This came accompanied by a small bowl of soy and kizami wasabi (fresh wasabi) and some salad leaves.  The fish was clearly fresh and cut to order.  The pieces were a touch thinner than the ones I have been served at other restaurants, yes I noticed but this was something I quite liked as it as that bit easier to eat all in one go.  The salad garnish and wasabi had been freshly prepared and the mix of fresh flavours was lovely.

Duck & Watermelon Salad (cold dish)

This is a well balanced dish with a mix of flavours and textures that work well together.  It’s delicious and super healthy too, simply take a look at the photo and you can see red lettuce, watermelon, nuts, nice fat free chunks of duck, cucumber, radish, carrot and lettuce.  This is a firm favourite of mine and I could eat a large plate of it all to myself as a meal.

The Mains

Black Cod Miso

This was delicious and for those that haven’t tried it it is a must.  Everyone I know (and I know a fair few people) that has been introduced to this dish loves the succulent, soft, moist, flaky fish and gorgeous flavour.  In many cases this will become one of you favourite dishes if it isn’t already.


Singapore Noodles

These Singapore noodles must be one of the best I have ever had.  There was plenty of flavour, a good kick of heat and they had king prawns rather than the teeny shrimp that some others use.  In addition take a look at the size of those squid pieces!!!!!  Seriously, the quality of the dishes that came out was very good and the photos really help me give you an insight into this.

Thai Green Prawn Curry

This gorgeous coconut based soup with just the right amount of heat is full of flavour and nice sized pieces of seasonal vegetables and again those nice big prawns.  This was well made and I really couldn’t fault it.  I really do love this dish and there is also a chicken and a vegetarian version too if you prefer.

Egg Fried Rice

This was not overly greasy and had some nice bright coloured pieces of vegetable in it too which I quite liked.  This was great for soaking up all the yummy juices from the green curry and beef rendang.

Beef Rendang

Again rich in flavour this dish was fantastic.  You can taste the lemon grass coming through as well as coconut.  This is one of those warming comfort dishes that really make you feel great on eating them.  There were nice big chunks of beef that was tender without a trace of fat. The beef literally melts in the mouth.  There were also nice big chunks of sweet potato which really did work well in this dish.  This is also available in a chicken version and I think a vegetarian version with sweet potato and some other vegetables would be a lovely addition to the menu.


Aromatic Duck

The piece of duck presented was lovely and tender and moist with perfectly crisped skin on top allowing for a nice mix of textures when this was added into the pancake with the pieces of vegetables and the hoisin sauce.  I’ve never had this with pieces of carrot and beetroot which was a lovely idea and adds colour and more nutrients to the dish.  This is a great dish for sharing and also keeping all for yourself.



Pistachio Creme Brulee

This was heavenly.

If I was to sum this up in two words they would be “Loved it!”  The creme was lovely a velvety smooth and simply amazing.  There as a lovely pistachio and vanilla flavour to the custard and although I had felt pretty full at the end of the meal I was so glad that I had attempted to squeeze this in too.  I wouldn’t hesitate to order this again and again it was the first time I had tried a pistachio creme brulee but I really don’t want it to be the last.


I thoroughly enjoyed the meal at Tootoomoo and am hoping to take my husband and friends who have yet to go along to enjoy the food too.  What impressed me the most was the thought and care that went into the presentation of each dish.  Each dish looked great and this made them exceptionally appealing.  The ingredients were also of a good quality and these guys didn’t seem to take any short cuts to create their fabulously delicious food.

Have you visited one of the various Tootoomoo branches yet?

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I was invited to this restaurant to sample the lovely food and provide and honest review, all thoughts and opinions are mine own.

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  1. Oooh I’ve not heard about this place before, it sounds really great and the food looks rather yummy! xo

    1. It was, I think you would love it too x

  2. Not my type of food, but my dad would have absolutely loved this. He was really into Asian food. Often bought Sushi on any long coach journey we went on, do doubt he would have been all over this!

    1. You would be surprised, there is a very good range x

  3. Yes that does look good! At lot of colours and flavours, and the Black Cod Miso sounds very interesting! I don’t think I’ll be able to find that in Doncaster though….

    1. I think they need to branch out more so they can spread the great food further x

  4. It’s a shame there’s isn’t one up here in Teesside , it sounds lovely. In fact I don’t even know of a restaurant of this type around here.

    1. That is such a shame, hope they open one there for you x

  5. The food looks great, this is definitely somewhere i would eat x

    1. It is a great restaurant with loads of choice.

  6. Ooo that food looks absolutely delicious, sounds like a lovely place to go for a meal

  7. I have never heard of the restaurant but oh my god that pistachio creme brule looks to die for. it is great that you had such a wonderful experience!

    1. You must visit Ana the food is lovely x

  8. The aromatic duck sounds amazing. I love pan Asia food it’s so tasty and exciting to eat

    1. It is yummy and full of flavour.

  9. That pistachio Creme Brulee looks divine! The whole menu looked delicious. x

    1. It was amazing, i’d eat that over and over!!!!

  10. Singapore Noodles are one of my favourite dishes too and this looks like an amazing place to visit and ive never come across a TooTooMoo resturanty before x

    1. They are good there are a few of them you should look them up as you will love the food.

  11. Everything looks so yummy, i love aromatic duck

    1. Me too especially when it’s done properly. This one was good.

  12. Looks really nice, never heard of this place before x

    1. They have some great food, you must check them out x

  13. Wow the food looks amazing, made my mouth water reading this

    1. It’s delicious, you must try them Mandy.

  14. Looks lovely. Will have to remember this next time we go to London

    1. Their food has been good on each visit which is good. Enjoy!

  15. Looks absolutely fabulous. I like the fact there is so much to choose from, yum, yum! 🙂

  16. Cant say I even know where it is lol … but there are similar restaurants up here … food looks lovely !!

  17. i will need to visit next time im in london, looks great quality

    1. The food is lovely, enjoy.

  18. Wow, the pistachio creme brulee looks to die for! My husband is a big fan of aromatic duck and, well, any food really! It looks so good!

  19. Fabulous name and food I’d really love. reminds me of The Elephant at Woodside Park.

  20. Looks like a great place x

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