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The New Summertime Supper Club at Royal Festival Hall (London)

For those that love Master Chef and I know there are many of you out there, the news that TV chefs Billy and Jack (duo finalists in 2016) will be opening a pop up for Summer on the top floor of Southbank’s Royal Festival Hall will be rather exciting.  They will be serving a lovely array of dishes there until the 28th of August.  Billy and Jack’s Supper Club will be based around sharing dishes and small plates.  Diners will be seated at communal tables for the supper club experience.

The Supper Club pop-up will offer brunch, lunch, dinner and pre-theatre dining and they are working in partnership with Silent Pool Gin so will also have some delicious cocktails that you will love!

Billy and Jack first appeared on tv screens as MasterChef 2016 finalists where they impressed the judges with their fun and creative approach to food and the viewers with their unlikely bromance.  A whirlwind adventure, MasterChef dished up a series of once-in-a-lifetime challenges, from catering for 120 on board the HMS Devonshire, to masterminding dishes to dazzle some of the world’s best chefs.  But they didn’t let the competition get to them and when the show ended, instead of hanging up their aprons, they teamed up as a duo.  Since then, Billy and Jack’s unique style of cooking has come to life through their popular supper clubs at London Cooking Project where they serve up high-end food in a low-key setting.  Dishes have included their take on bubble and squeak, pork, chicory and octopus and coriander cheesecake.

Self-confessed Food Geeks, Billy and Jack are always open to new ideas and love a challenge – they’re not fussy, they just love to cook (and eat!). They’ve worked with a variety of brands, from hosting a three-day pop-up to launch Google Home to developing a series of super tasty but healthy dishes for Cancer Research UK.

The menu that these guys are presenting at Southbank’s Royal Festival Hall will not disappoint and feature a range of interesting and tasty dishes.  I was invited along on a press evening to sample these culinary delights.  The guys introduced the evening and then we were left to stuff ourselves silly whilst they prepared our meals.

The menu consisted of a range of sharing plates:


Sour dough, chicken butter, marmite butter.

Charred mackerel, cucumber, squid ink, creme fraiche.

Hampshire burrata, peas, broad beans, mint and lemon (vegetarian).

Chopped dry aged hanger, pickled watermelon rind.


BBQ lamb, charred spring onion pesto.

Smoked white onion, Yorkshire Fettle and summer pea quiche (vegetarian).

Herbed farro, pomegranate molasses.

Grilled courgettes, ricotta, mint, black olive oil.


Silent Pool Gin strawberry jelly, milk chocolate, clotted cream ice cream.

What Did I Think?

The cocktail I tried – Elderflower tonic was delicious.  It had a nice heat from the ginger and the mint and cucumber juice combined well, it was strong but a great drink to enjoy before, during and after a meal.

The food was all very fresh and well presented.  The hanger (raw beef) was fantastic and went well with the pickled watermelon.  The pieces of prawn and mackerel were good sizes and there were no over powering flavours.  The bean dish went well with the burrata and was exquisitely fresh and light with a little tang for good measure.

The lamb was perfectly cooked, tender and succulent and as it was BBQ’d had a divine smokey flavour which was the perfect contrast to the pesto which added a superb freshness and additional boost of flavour to the dish.  I loved the courgette which combined beautifully with the ricotta and mint giving it a mix of textures to excite the palette.  The herbed farro was something I had not tried before and had an interesting mix of ingredients which seemed to work well.

Not forgetting the dessert which was my favourite part of the meal.  Who knew gin would work so well in a dessert!!!  The flavours just worked so well and this is something I must try one day to recreate.

I must also mention the staff – a highly trained team of super ladies who flitted too and fro quickly and efficiently to bring new dishes, take empty plates away and provided us with cocktails as I had failed to get my hands on one when I arrived – thanks so much girls especially Leah who ensured my plus one and I got to try one of the featured cocktails and also to Hannah who was very sweet and helpful too.  The girls were all friendly and I chatted to a few of them over the course of the evening as well as the other guests at my table and also the photographer Richard who bravely lent me one of his cameras to try out as I need an upgrade.


Billy and Jack were great too.  They posed for a quick video just for us x


I had a lovely evening and am tempted to squeeze in another visit whilst they are there.  If you fancy going then here is what you need to know:

Location: St Paul’s Pavilion, sixth floor, Royal Festival Hall, Southbank Centre

£45 for bottomless brunch (£25 per person non-alcoholic)

£25 per person for early supper / pre-theatre | £45 per person for ‘Supper Feast’/dinner

The menu is subject to change.

Bookings to be made via Southbank Centre website.

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I was invited to the event although was not asked to write anything about it.  I must say I had a wonderful evening although you will have guessed that already and as always all opinions are mine.

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  1. Oh wow!!! It looks amazing, and like you had a wonderful time xxx

    1. I sure did the food was really good and it was a fun evening as we met some lovely people.

  2. I very rarely choose lamb for a meat dish, but that BBQ’d lamb looks delicious! I’ll have to check this place out x

    1. I have to say the food was fantastic!!!!

  3. Everything looks amazing. Love the sound of the strawberry gin jelly

    1. The dessert was gorgeous. I am hoping to recreate it soon 😉

  4. I’m a big fan of Masterchef so this is right up my street! The food looks delicious too x

    1. It was a great evening, lots of fun and the food was lovely.

  5. Marmite butter sounds very interesting, I would love to give that a try. Looks a fab day!

    1. It’s not too overpowering which is good it seemed to work nicely.

  6. Oh wow!! That food looks and sounds absolutely delicisous! It’s things like this that’s make me hate my food allergies – hehe!!

    Maj xoxo

    1. Oh no, I think they can cater for food allergies though. I’d check if you want to go x

  7. Now I feel hungry. What a great event to be invited too. It all sounds fabulous and fairly priced considering.

    1. It is well priced and makes a great night out!

  8. All that food looks lovely and making feel very hungry

    1. It was delicious I would strongly recommend a visit.

  9. Sounds like a really interesting menu, although I’m not sure if it’s one I’d instantly go for if I was going out x

    1. Honestly it was really nice I loved the lamb which isn’t something I would normally have gone for.

  10. Looks like a great place. I’m i love with the blue stemmed gin glasses

    1. They look great don’t they 😉

  11. Good to know you had a lovely evening. Your photos are so beautiful. Also, did you change the theme of your blog? Looks different.

    1. Thanks, the food was great. I did change it a little while back. This theme looks that bit better although I need to tweak it a bit still.

  12. What a great supperclub. The menu is so incredibly intriguing! Glad you enjoyed it.

    1. It was a great menu and it makes for a great evening out.

  13. Twenty-five quid for a bottomless non-alcoholic brunch is a really good deal. The menus look so appetising!

    1. Honestly I think it’s fantastic. The food is great and well priced as there is more than enough.

  14. This sounds so much fun! I love the sound of the cocktails 🙂

    1. The cocktails were lovely!!!!

  15. This sounds really good and it’s such an affordable price too. I’ve been looking for somewhere for bottomless brunch for a while so I’ll have to look into this one a little more.

    Ami xxx

    1. The food is well priced and it’s so much fun as you get to meet some great people too.

  16. Wow – all this food looks so delicious! Especially that dessert.

    1. The dessert was delicious, you must go and try it. I could eat that over and over.

  17. Smoked white onion quiche sounds absolutely delightful! And i love the idea of a bottomless brunch. 😀

    1. I don’t remember seeing the quiche although there was more than enough food there.

  18. This looks wonderful, love the sound of the cocktail I love anything with ginger in and the sound of the lamb has me licking my lips. Fantastic review

    1. Thanks the food was cooked to perfection, season and flavoured well. I can’t fault them.

  19. wow looks like you had an amazing time, we are big foodies so would have loved this. All the food looks amazing!

  20. Sounds amazing! Wish I lived in London so I could go to this. I love Masterchef

    1. It sounds perfect for you Jo. I hope you get to visit.

  21. Oh wow! Looks amazing! I love the sound of all that food,especially dessert ☺

    1. That dessert was wonderful I could eat a few portions of it!!!

  22. Oh yummy!! Writing this right on dinner time, so making me really hungry!!

    1. Sounds like it was good timing. Hope you get to make it.

  23. This looks like such a fun time! I love supper clubs. It’s a great way to meet new people.

    1. It is really good fun. I had a lovely evening 😉

  24. What a great experience! I want to get more adventurous with the cocktails I have (never even had a margarita!)

    1. Wow really. You need to try a few and see what type you prefer.

  25. Billy and Jack are a match made in heaven!! Love the sound of the supper club and the divine gin jelly! Yummy!

    1. The gin jelly was fantastic, a must try!

  26. Oh my goodness, what a wonderful experience! I love a good cocktail but don’t get to enjoy as many of them as I use to.

  27. I loved MasterChef for a while but not been a keen watcher for a while, I do love the sound of the cocktail you tried as well as the lamb seems absolutely delicious.

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