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Tomato, Mixed leaf, Lentil, Feta and Olive Salad

It’s salad season!  Thousands of us are trying to get into shape to look great for our holidays or for weddings etc.  It can be boring if you’re not sure what works well with a bowl of mixed leaves but there are so many salad variations that you need not worry.  This is one of my favourites and is also very healthy at the same time.  Why?  Well it has ingredients that help detoxify your body, boost collagen in your skin to help make it look younger, lower blood sugar and cholesterol, stimulate the breakdown of fats and reduce fat storage and so much more so push aside those processed meals, don’t go out for lunch and eat foods containing ingredients high in fats, sugars and salt make your own lunch and live healthier lives whilst also saving some money in the process.

My recipe is not only super easy but also quick and tasty so take your health into your own hands and give it a try.

Serves 1


1 medium chicken breast

35g mixed leaves

20g feta

2.5 – 3 tbs green lentils (cooked)

20g sundried tomatoes bite size pieces

10 -12 pitted Kalamata olives


Place a chicken breast on a piece of foil and fold over the edges so it’s like a tent.  Place in a fan oven for 25-27 minutes at 200 degrees.

Remove from the heat and allow to cool a little so it doesn’t burn the salad leaves.

Wash the salad leaves and place on your plate / bowl.

Break up the feta and sprinkle this and the lentils over the leaves.

Throw in the sundried tomatoes and olives.

Slice the chicken and add this to the salad.


DSC03064How many of you are turning to salads for help in slimming down?

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  1. That looks great! Just what you need on these warm days!

    1. I love these sorts of meals in the summer.

  2. This is most definitely my kind of salad, though I would have loads more Olives as I am obsessed with them x

    1. Lol I added a few more in after I took a photo as I love them too 😉

  3. Yes yes yes so love salad’s like this been having a lot now its sunny.

    1. They are great and so versatile.

  4. You just reminded me that this is one of my favourite salads, I adore the infusion of olives and feta , the tart and slightly bitter tastes really meld well.

    1. It’s yummy isn’t it even my friends look forward to my salads.

  5. Oh my goodness this sounds amazing – I have to admit I’m a sucker for anything with feta in it. x

    1. It’s yummy isn’t it and it’s good for you too.

  6. Ohh this looks so tasty! I usually get the morrisons pre packed version of this, I’d love to make my own but I’d probably swap out the black olives for green.

    Corinne x

    1. I did’t realise they made something similar, they clearly have great taste.

  7. Ooh adding in lentils, what a fab way to mix it up a bit! I’m not a fan of olives but the sun dried tomatoes look great with it too.

    1. I love the various textures and flavours as they work well together.

  8. That’s a nice looking salad, can’t go wrong with a bit of feta x

    1. It’s a great cheese to add a boost of flavour.

  9. This looks amazing, I am always on the look out for new salad ideas instead of the normal boring ones I do x

  10. Going to try this out, I think my daughter will love it 🙂 Thanks for the recipe.

    1. No problem,enjoy x

  11. It’s raining today so I’ll be wanting something warmer but you are right as soon as the sun comes out everyone’s eating salads!

    1. It’s raining here too, what happened to the sun?

  12. This sounds and looks very delicious. Going to try it.

    1. Enjoy!!!!

  13. I nearly have all the ingredients to make this, so I know what my inspiration for lunch is today! xx

    1. Enjoy Charli, it’s yummy.

    1. Feta is yummy, it goes well with grilled halloumi too.

  14. That looks tasty! My kind of salad! Im really enjoying salads at the moment x

    1. Me too, I love salad!

  15. What a pretty and colourful salad, being a veggie I would leave the chicken out and it would still be delicious.

    1. I have it qute often without the chicken and it is still yummy.

  16. I know my partner would love this! It looks really delicious

    1. It’s full of flavour even without a dressing.

  17. I do love feta cheese! We’ve had quite a few salads recently with the hotter weather and I always add some feta to it!

  18. I’m really keen to make my salads more interesting and this one looks yum! I think feta makes any salad better 🙂 At the moment I’m keen on tuna salads 🙂

  19. This looks lovely in the photo, but alas, I’m not really a salad person. I might give it a try though!

  20. This looks SO GOOD! I love all of these ingredients. Might make this next time the sun comes out! 🙂

  21. Great recipe, I want to give that a try.

    1. Enjoy Samantha.

  22. I’d love to try this, it looks so yummy 🙂

    1. I love salads as you can use just about anything in them.

  23. I’m trying to use lentils more so I’m adding this to my recipe ideas thanks!

  24. looks colourful but I have to admit I am not a salad fan at all

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