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Need Cash Fast? 4 Things You Can Sell Today

We’ve all been there, our pockets are empty and this is reflected in our bank accounts.  Payday feels like it’s never going to come around and we need some extra cash.  You could ask your friends and family but feel a bit embarrassed.  You could use your credit card but then how fast can you pay it back.  It’s best not to even think about using a payday loan company!

It might sound all doom an gloom but there is something else you can do that won’t hurt your pride if you don’t want to admit to others that you are strapped for cash, and is a far better option if you want to avoid the cycle of debt. We are talking about selling your unwanted items, especially if you have items lying around your home that you no longer need like these!

You could consider the following!

Sell Unwanted Toys

Children grow out of toys very quickly especially when the latest new must have toys come out.  Toys that are no longer being played with need not get boxed up gathering dust whilst they await possible future grand children.  We often pass ours over to the charity shops but you can always consider selling them on eBay and Amazon or local facebook groups to make a bit of extra cash. You never know your old toys may be worth a small fortune, especially if you own any of these high-pricing childhood toys from yesteryear.

Sell Jewellery

No matter how beautiful your jewellery looks, items that spend more time in your bedside drawer than adorning your body might as well be sold unless they hold sentimental value. You should value your jewellery before selling it on, as you want to sell it for the best price possible.  Once you know the value of the item you can sell it through a pawn broker although using Amazon or Ebay might make you more money.  Once sold hire a trusty courier service, such as DPD Local Online, so your precious gems don’t get lost in transit.

Sell your Hair

If you have long hair, rather and want to cut it short you could consider selling it.  There are plenty of reputable companies who buy human hair to create wigs, hair extensions, and hair pieces. Your hair does need to be in a healthy condition (no chemicals allowed), and it needs to be clean. Take a look at the hairselling advice here for more information.

Sell Your Old Phone

After upgrading from your old phones a gazillion times, you probably have a stash of them hidden away in a drawer somewhere.  You’re never going to use them again, so why not sell them?  Admittedly, some phones won’t be worth very much at all, but others could be worth hundreds.  Use the phone valuation calculator here, and check how much yours is worth.  Even if it’s only worth a few pounds, that’s still better than nothing, and if you are never likely to use it again, sell it on to one of the phone recycling companies, or through the usual eCommerce sites.

Do you have any items in your home that you no longer need that could bring in a little money?

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  1. I’ve considered donating my hair but I think I’d have to cut it shorter than I want to. I’m sure I’ve got an old phone somewhere though!

    1. Happy phone hunting!

  2. Oo I never think about selling old phones – my daughter usually ends up having them as play phones!

    1. We have a few for the children too 🙂

  3. I am a strong believer in selling whatever you can – it raises a bit of cash for you and helps keeps stuff out of landfill.

  4. Cool ideas. We have cashed in the penny and loose change jars in the past few months and sold some bits lying around the garden. There’s always something eh.

    1. There is always something around the house you can sell for some extra pounds. It really can help x

  5. We did a car bot sale at the weekend and have been selling some stuff online as the kids had a really good summer clearout. I do need to get soem jewellery valued though. Mich x

    1. I need to do a car boot sale too. I have so much to get rid of at the moment. I wanted to set some items aside first for the charity shop as I know they said they needed certain items when I popped in to ask.

  6. Selling old stuff is a great way to make quick cash. Especially when they are valuable items.

  7. Good post this. Jewellery always seems to sell really well online I find!

  8. One thing we don’t do enough of is selling stuff we don’t use any more. You’ve inspired me to change that

  9. I have just given loads of toys away and am kicking myself after seeing them being resold for £80 🙁

  10. I have a good rummage through my things every so often and get on eBay, every little helps!

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