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Long lasting Sustainable Products For The Home


Don’t you hate it when that kettle you bought a few months back breaks or the frying pan you only bought just 6 months ago already looks worse for wear?  I know I do.

The world has changed so much since I was a child with products being made to be more disposable and cheaper by the day.  The shelf life of just about everything seems to have diminished drastically.  The result is landfills full of products that won’t decompose and in some cases leak harmful substances into the surrounding environment.

Many of us want to help fight the throw away trend.  We can now buy a large range of products for the home from companies such as Made to Last that will last the test of time and save you money.  We all know inferior / cheaper products are not cost effective in the long run.  Making a change and buying longer lasting products is of course preferable.  This company aims to help customers distinguish between cheap and good value for money to get the most value for our hard earned pounds.

Long Lasting Sustainable Products For The Home

Made to last is a British company that provides a mix of products many of which are far more sustainable compared to those from many other companies.  Products include electricals, homeware, kitchenware, home furnishings and outdoor items.  They also have guarantees of varying lengths depending on what you buy.  The guarantee lengths are clearly display on the site and allow us to make an informed purchase.  Their products are made in the British Isles and sold in Britain and with Brexit if you believe what you hear, it’s even more important to support home-grown companies.


Choosing the right bed is a must.  It’s a essential item we rely on daily and can affect our health.  It is best to get it right the first time around.  Quality products are always more economical in the long run so work out as a good investment.  You will find a range of beds at Made to Last from single to super king (I’d love one of those just for me!!!).

When purchasing items it’s important to look at the length of guarantees.  This can be extremely cost effective.  Purchasing a £945 sofa bed (pictured) with life guarantee (including free delivery) works out better than a £400 sofa bed with a year’s guarantee.  The cheaper one won’t last long as one of my friends discovered to her landlord’s disappointment.  Over the years you’ll find you may need at least 4 sofa beds to last the same as the more expensive one.  So technically it works out cheaper to fork out that bit more initially.

Let’s do the Maths 1 x £945 or 4 x £400 = £1600.

The figures say it all.

Most companies use the same sofa beds so the quality is in the frame, seating padding, upholstery (including material quality) and the mattresses.  That’s most except Made to Last.  The company only use high quality fabrics, frames, padding and the upholstery skills of their team is top standard.  It took them over a year to find the searching the UK for the best sofa bed manufacturer!

Long and lifetime guarantees indicate the quality and robustness of a product plus the confidence a company has in it.  So take note and look out for them when selecting.


We all need it yet sometimes we over look this vital home furnishing.  I wish we had more spotlights or wall lights at home especially for when the girls play the piano.  Some of my friends have purchased floor lamps for extra light when their children are practising piano homework.  What a great idea and as they are portable they can be moved around the home and repurposed when required.  One with a 25 year guarantee will work well and although more expensive initially it’s balance by its lifespan.

These are just a few of the long lasting and sustainable products for the home that will result in us not only saving money but also having a positive impact on the environment.

I’m loving the look of those sofa beds which are perfect for guest rooms and those with limited space and also the floor lamps, what do you think of them?

Another thing we should all have in our home is chocolate!!!  This is guaranteed not to be long lasting especially in my house which is full of chocoholics.  For those that love chocolate too I’ve got a super competition.

You can win a Hotel Chocolat Chocolate and Fizz Hamper

This competition is for over 18’s only, proof of age will be required.

Entry is super easy just enter via the rafflecopter form.

Instructions if required are here:


Not all entry options are compulsory but the more you do the more entries you will gain.  All those in the UK are welcome to enter even if you have won with me before and I know there are a few of you out there.  Thanks so much for returning guys x

Look out for the daily options for extra entries.

Likes on Facebook and email subscription are NOT compulsory but are very much appreciated plus it will ensure you don’t miss great posts, freebies and of course my

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Terms and conditions can be found on the rafflecopter form.

Good Luck!

Enter here:

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  1. Enjoyed reading your blog.
    Makes a good topic to chat about when friends come rounf

  2. A Hotel Chocolate shop has just opened next door to my place of work. The testers they offer so freely and kindly are doing nothing for my diet but boy do they taste good!

  3. I love the Lighthouse Floor lamp. Very glam and glitzy and would go with the feel of our front room

  4. Hotel Chocolat do the best chocolate!

  5. Fab finds indeed! Would love a sofa bed like that in my spare room 😍

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  9. I would love the Euroquilt goose feather and down kingsize quilt. It looks sooooo cosy!

  10. I love the Planar shelving system. Its really original, very adaptable, and above all looks cool 🙂

  11. I completely agree with this post! I wish more things were built to last more than a few years 🙁

  12. I’m a really big fan of Hotel Chocolat.

  13. I really love the Wesley Barrell seat on the website. I need to start saving pennies or dropping some mega hints to the husband 😁. Loads of lovely things on there x

  14. I like the look of the Jaybe Modern 2 seater sofa bed, it looks really comfy as a sofa and a bed

  15. Lovely prize, thank you. On the website I liked the look of the Wesley Barrett 3.5 Seat Sofabed though it would have been nice to see a pic of it converted to a bed instead of just the colours available.

  16. I think products that help save energy or landfill are brill

  17. There’s some great products on the Made To Last website, but I think I love the Jaybe Retro Deep Sprung Sofa Bed Chair the best because as well as it being a sofa, bed and chair all one one, it is also a versatile colour as which goes with everything.

  18. The double wool duvet looks interesting. My current duvet is from when I first moved into a studio with a double bed. I got it from some budget retailer (can’t remember which) and I’ve had it for 8 years (which somewhat goes against the idea of your blog post that only expensive items will last), but it’s really worn out now.

  19. Wow what a prize,love the brand love the taste love the value

  20. I love the idea of a company that produces sustainable products here in the UK! I also love all the options on their site- looking at the sofas I can choose the leg colour and there are so many different fabric choices to choose from. It’s also great that you can get fabric samples too! I personally love the ‘Wesley Barrell Cokethorpe 3.5 Seat Sofa’

  21. The Planar shelving system is tempting and I have just the place for it in my bedroom

  22. Fab giveaway, thanks for the chance. I think the floor lamps are a good idea, I often need extra light when I’m sewing in the evening.

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  26. I totally agree, every home should have chocolate. My favourite is milk chocolate and hubby’s dark chocolate.

  27. I would love the Jaybe Classic Sprung 2 seater sofa bed in a green. It looks comfy as a sofa AND for guests to stay over.

  28. The Wissington 3 seater looks comfortable, i’d have it in Cerulean blue velvet

  29. I love the footstool bed! Would look great in our living room and doesn’t take up much room!

  30. A really interesting article. I love everything Hotel Chocolat 🙂

  31. I love the made to last website I think its a great concept. I particularly like the cast iron kitchenware. Thank you for the giveaway.

  32. would love to win this hotel chocolate is delicious

  33. Sustainability is something I’ve become increasingly interested in since becoming a parent, from cutting down waste, to making sure any waste is recyclable, to generally just shopping smarter, it’s all mattering that much more, so thank you for the blog post, it’s been an interesting read.

  34. Great blog with lots of great rafflecopter prizes who wouldn’t want chocolates and fizz with Christmas approaching fast and Jaybe Retro Deep Sprung 3 Seater Sofa Bed would be my choice

  35. Living by the sea, we regularly have requests from friends and family to stay over. At the moment there’s nowhere for them to sleep so a sofa bed like the Jaybe Modern 2 seater sprung bed in Slate. I would match my decor too!

  36. I love the Venice Ornate Ivory Mirror – it would go beautifully in my bedroom x

  37. I love the style of the lamp that you have featured

  38. I like my products to last a long time, I don’t mind paying the extra for a better quality product. Knowing that I wont be throwing something away a few years down the road is a good feeling

    1. I totally agree. It makes life so much easier x

  39. I really like the Wesley Barrel Wychwood 2.5 seat sofabed. It would fit perfectly in my living room, and mean my friend could come and stay over.

  40. Loved this post- so sick of our wasteful throwaway culture…. I was always considered odd amongst my colleagues for not rushing out to upgrade my phone- as long as it was still doing what I needed it to, I couldn’t see the point of replacing it and have never bought into this strange competition of having the latest models of things just for the sake of it.
    I’ve never heard of Made To Last before, but I’ve been having a nosy at their website and just love their garden trugs!

    1. I hadn’t until recently. They have numerous products on their site which is great!

  41. wow what a fantastic giverway thank you very much

  42. I love Hotel Chocolat so this would be an amazing hamper to share with the people I love!

    Bonus Points!! I love the Jaybe Classic Pocket Sprung 2 Seater Sofa Bed in Duck Egg – would match perfectly with the spare room and would be greta for unexpected guests!

  43. My idea of a perfect night in is to browse MelaniesFabFinds on my iPad, eating an obscene amount of Hotel Chocolat while lounging on the turquoise Wesley Barrel sofa that Made To Last are selling.

  44. Fabulous blog with great giveaways, especially this one…. love chocolate! My favourite item is the Planar Shelving System, sadly I cannot see me being able to afford it….

  45. I always try to pay a bit more for products with better warranties

  46. a really lovely gift box, would really love this for sure, thanks

  47. Gorgeous giveaway – would love to try Hotel Chocolat chocolates x

  48. What a great company. I’d love one of their Jaybe Footstool Beds, that’d be so handy.

  49. I would love this hamper; Hotel Chocolat is my favourite chocolate

  50. Love Hotel Chocolat. This would be perfect for my family to share at christmas. Love the range of sofa beds. There’s so many to choose from.

  51. I’d love the Jaybe Modern 2 Seater Pocket Sprung Sofa Bed

    1. Sounds like a good one 🙂

  52. as with all their chocolate I have previously tasted I`m sure this would be lovely – thanks

  53. Another lovely giveaway, who doesn’t like winning chocolate?

  54. My wife loves Hotel Chocolat!

    The Oval Aluminium Bulkhead Light with Eye Shield looks like a perfect replacement for down the side of our house!

  55. I’ve just looked around the website and I really like the Oxford Herringbone merino throw by foxford.

  56. Love the Foxford Woollen Mills throws and blankets for a cold winter evening

    1. It’s started to get colder already!!!

  57. Ah what a cool giveaway!
    My favourite sofa bed by far is the retro chair, very cool

  58. The Jaybe Double J-Bed with Memory Foam Mattress would be great for sleepovers

    1. I agree. These are fabulous space savers and are well made so will last for ages x

  59. These products look really well made and stylish plus they are practical too. I particularly like the Norfield 3 Seater Sofabed

    1. Good choice!

  60. I moved to the UK from Germany in the mid 1990s and was somewhat horrified about the absence of recycling facilities. Surely the country has caught up a lot in the last 20 years, but there is still much room for improvement, especially on a personal level. The mindset of people must change. It is NOT ok to keep buying plastic bags when shopping; it is NOT ok to dump stuff in the countryside; it is NOT ok to use so many single-use items; it is NOT ok to use chemicals and waste gallons of good drinking water only to have a pretty lawn. Otherwise we will be lost – and the generations who come after us will curse us forever for having been so wasteful with resources. (Sorry rant over).
    I did look at the Made-To-Last website, too, and really like the look of the Bellworth 2-seater sofabed.

    1. Their site has some fabulous sofa beds doesn’t it. I agree we should have started doing more in this country years ago!!!!

  61. Lovely giveaway, We love Hotel Chocolat
    I have just been over on made to last website there are some lovely sofa beds there, Super idea for us as we only have 2 bedrooms but often have guests staying over, I would choose the Bluford 3 seater sofa bed in Pumpkin Gold, A beautiful warm colour.

    1. The sofas do look really good don’t they. It’s a shame my friend’s landlord didn’t see these earlier!!!!

  62. The lamp looks really good.

  63. I really hate the throwaway culture. I have always bought items that will last me for years and years. None of this cheap tat. Also recycle clothing if you buy decent in the first place.

    1. Same here it makes sense to buy items that last

  64. I would love the Hush Premium double pocket sprung & memory foam mattress.

  65. I remember when products where made to last and not everything had to go to recycling or worse landfill after a short amount of time. We have a rubbish crisis and something needs to be done before we drown In our own waste.

  66. I love the loveseat sofa bed – it looks very comfortable!

  67. Love the principle behind Made to Last products and what a lovely prize to offer!

  68. utology-jack-shelves. These would be perfect for the office.

  69. what a lovely giveaway. im on the lookout for a sofabed for when my daughter stays

  70. like the Orwell sofabed, looks like a comfy sofa and great for guests xx

  71. This is a great prize for this chocoholic, I love chocolate and not ashamed to eat loads and loads

  72. I need a new sofa and I like the high backs on the Edworth 3 seater sofa as it’s not easy to find sofas with nice high backs.

  73. i like to pay more for products that last

  74. I do like to buy things that will last as I’m always thinking it’s better value .

  75. I love all chocolate and these look delicious. I’d chose the Jaybe Modern 2 seater sprung bed in Slate.

  76. Everything on the website looks amazing and really good quality.

  77. The Venice ornate ivory mirror is so lovely, I’d put it in my bedroom 🙂

    1. That would make a great addition to a bedroom 🙂

  78. I have a real bee in my bonnet about the disposable and throwaway society we live in. I’m particularly shocked that lots of people who have children don’t seem to give much thought to the environment for their future children/grandchildren. It’s good to see a British company making more durable products and making them in this country. I always try to support our own homegrown businesses.

    1. I know what you mean. I try to recycle as much as possible and buy items that are long lasting.

  79. The lighthouse floor lamp is gorgeous and would look great in my living room

  80. The light is rather snazzy and jazzy, light me up !

  81. Hotel Chocolat – what a truly lovely prize, thank you for offering it. The Made to Last website is lovely, I especially like Jaybe Classic pocket Sprung sofabed

  82. I rather like Planar shelving, pricey but great looking sheves

  83. We constantly recycle in our house we have four bins in the kitchen plus numerous other bins to help with the effort x

  84. I had never heard of made to last… thinking of all the sofa beds that only lasted a term of sleepovers and the money I could have saved myself now!

  85. Fab competition 🙂 I think i like the bellworth 2 seater sofabed. There a lot of nice choices.

  86. Lovely giveaway, I love Hotel Chocolat! Also love the lamp.

  87. I love the Planar shelving system

  88. fantastic giveaway who doesn’t love chocolate and i really could do with a lamp

  89. I love the hearts hot water bottle as its getting cold and I am desperate to keep warm!!! x

    1. It has been getting colder recently.

  90. My favourite chocolates 🙂
    Badly need a new wardrobe in our daughter’s room

  91. We have just the spot for the Wesley Barrell Burgleigh 3*5 seater sofa bed

  92. I love the big ones, like the Wesley Barrell Burleigh sofa bed.

  93. I am liking the look of the sofa bed, it looks comfortable, not many sofa beds are, but this looks like it is nice to sleep on

  94. Lovely Hotel Chocolat, my favourite such amazing chocolate!

  95. Lovely prize, Hotel chocolat has got to be my favourite

  96. I like the Clinton one seater sofa bed, woudnt take up too much room!!! When my boy has friends over it would be perfect.

  97. I like their range of pans. Some good cast iron cookware should last years and years and is well worth the money shopping around to get a good one!

  98. I personally think my favourite from the website would have to be the beautiful Jaybe retro deep sprung sofa bed chair in the cranberry colour

  99. i love the idea of the sofa bed, we have a loft conversion which used to have a normal bed but it was taking up so much room so this is a great idea

  100. Its great to see a British company making sustainable product that look fab. The bed looks great

    1. It sure is. I wish there were more British companies trying to follow suit in various areas.

  101. That was hard, but I think I like the Jaybe Modern 2 seater pocket sprung sofa bed best. It would be perfect for having guests stay the night.

  102. The Comberton 2-seater sofa bed would match my style perfectly. It has a classic unassuming look that would fit in well with my eclectic room; plus the added bonus of an extra bed.

  103. This website is such a wonderful idea! My favourite product is the Planar Shelving System

  104. They look like great products and so good that they’re made in Britain

  105. It’s great reading a post with actual implementable tips for daily life, rather than just a bunch of facts with no real solution. Thank you!

  106. Interesting to see a new and updated range of sofa beds, we are looking for one for our spare room and its a useful article to look at

  107. Fab giveaway! The sofa beds are great. I love the look of the Hinxton 3 Seater Sofabed

  108. Everything’s beautiful but I do love their Lighthouse lamp x

  109. What a great article to read. Love that you’re a UK company actually making an effort. The modern sofa is right up my street!

  110. Looks great. Glad to see more companies being more eco.

  111. I really like the Cavendish modular seating 3 seater sofabed

  112. Love the blue Wesley Barrel Enstone sofa bed. If only I had the money!

  113. Great giveaway, who doesn’t love chocolate. Annnd hopefully for some bonus points: love the Wellesford Ottoman Sofabed – looks way comfier than our current sofa.

  114. They have such a nice range! I especially love the classic Chesterfields.

  115. Totally agree with this blog. More stuff should be built to last and comes from sustainable sources

  116. i must admit id love to have the sofa bed,ive only got a small flat and i think this would be perfect

  117. wonderful prize love to share with my little family

  118. This is a great blog topic – sustainable products for the home are definitely where we are heading x

  119. I love the Lighthouse floor lamp, it would look fabulous in my lounge

  120. I like the Churlston 2 Seater Sofabed it looks very stylish and comfortable

  121. Tempting as it is to buy cheaper items this can often be a false economy, much better to buy this that will last. Landfill is full of tat. My family and i would love some hotel chocolate, that would definitely not go to waste!

  122. I would love to win the hotel chocolat hamper it looks such a treat.

  123. Lovely idea, and a comfy treat for weary guests , thanks for the chance

  124. Makes such good sense for things to last longer when we are all trying to cut down on throwing things away.

  125. Honestly this post has got me drooling literally – worse than my dog – thats a lot – if i was fortunate enough to be the lucky winner I would pslit this and share it out with family

  126. Thanks for the inspiration! We are currently looking for a sofa bed for our back bedroom and jaybe looks like it would do the trick!

  127. Hotel Chocolat is my mum’s favourite so wouldn’t last long in our house! Looks fab xx

  128. i love the Wesley Barrell Clanfield 2.5 sofa, it is simple and elegant and would be perfect for my living room! Shame we’ve just bought a new sofa..

  129. Absolutely brilliant post! I think people are too keen to forget about the wider picture of their actions.

  130. Lovely prize.

  131. Love the sofa bed, would love to win the chocolate for my Mum

    1. The sofa beds do look good. 🙂

  132. I feel really guilty when I have to send something to landfill. I try to recycle as much as I can. You’re point about saving money by paying more is very thought provoking, I made the mistake of going for cheapness when buying a sofa and it broke within a year. I love the Norfield 3 seater sofabed on your link, just my style. I would say though, when it comes to electrical such as microwaves and kettles, the cheaper, less complicated ones seem to last longer.

    1. It’s strange you should say that the cheaper ones I find tend to break a lot faster. Maybe I’ve just been unlucky.

  133. l love the Churlston 2 seater sofa bed! its gorgeous and love the colour!

    1. It sure is lovely 🙂

  134. I love the Cavendish Footstool on made-to-last. Fabulous prize, thanks so much

  135. mmm chocolate, id be tempted to hide this and eat it all to myself ha ha

    1. I don’t blame you 🙂

  136. I really like the Cavendish 3 seater sofa bed & would be perfec t for family staying over Christmas

    1. It sounds like it would work well in your home x

  137. I would save this to have when wrapping up Christmas presents, always like to treat myself with good chocolate lol!

  138. I particularly love the Wesley Barrell Cokethorpe 3.5 seat sofa…it’s just gorgeous!

  139. fabulous chocolate love to in to donate to animal rescue

  140. In our current “throwaway society” where the planet is suffering from a plethora of disposable goods and built-in-obsolescence, it’s wonderful to hear of a brand producing goods designed to last. I’m very aware of how fragile much of my kitchen equipment is and I would love something robust like the Netherton Foundry 8″ Prospector Casserole

  141. Thank you for a most interesting post. Recently we bought a new mattress, the actual bed frame was fine so we kept that in the hope of doing our bit for the environment.

    1. That’s good to hear. t’s better not to through out items unnecessarily.

  142. An interesting blog, I totally agree about cheap beds. A great prize, Hotel Chocolat is delicious.

  143. The Longbridge Corner Sofabed in that stunning turquoise green really takes my eye. Absolutely gorgeous.

    Speaking of gorgeous, Hotel Chocolate are a great British success story and their chocs are seriously good.

  144. I love the Churlston 2 Seater Sofabed. Especially the fact the wood comes from FSC certified forests.

    1. That is a great selling point x

  145. Lovely giveaway, thank you. Made to Last is a great idea – I love the Solid Oxford Lambswool Throw by Foxford.

  146. A chocolate giveaway, what could be better than this!

  147. Wow, the Heather Scott Design Sushi Boards are super-stylish and be a great way to show off sushi at the table

    1. Those do sound good don’t they!!!

  148. Hotel Chocolat is so delicious! Thanks for a great giveaway.

  149. We really don’t need more stuff in our lives, but good chocolate is different. Perfect prize! Just noticed those Spun iron saucepans from Netherton Foundry. They are lovely!

    1. Sounds like you may need those saucepans 🙂

  150. I am impressed with the Jaybe Retro Deep Sprung 3 Seater Sofa Bed, very art deco for the 21st century.

  151. Thanks for this site! I am loving the Matrix Coat Stand – It’s really unusual!

    1. It’s nice to have something a little different in the home isn’t it.

  152. What a lovely bundle, I would share with my lovely daughter.

  153. Fab post! Such a good point about the false economy of buying cheaper products that seem like a bargain but actually work out more expensive in the long run – something I sadly often forget to think of! Had a look at the Made to Last website and would love the ‘Cavendish recommended set’, although I would also need to have a bigger house too!

  154. lovely bundle of chocolate to share with my wife and son

  155. love the look of the Angle & Curve headphones . We seem to go through headphones at a ridiculous speed due to poor connections, would love to get a pair that were a bit more durable.

  156. I love the idea of sustainable home products. We all want our homes (and ourselves) to look good, but often we don’t stop to think what we may be doing to the environment.

    1. Totally agree and this company people give us the option which I think is great.

  157. Fab giveaway! So many things that i like on the website. The Wellesford ottoman sofabed is lovely x

  158. Love Hotel Chocolat! I like the Bluford Loveseat Sofabed, especially in the Orange shown in the picture.

  159. Love your pages to read through honest reviews and opinions. Not just flattering the manufacturer. This is a great competition, many thanks for the chance to win such a wonderful hamper.

  160. love the hamper and the Churlston sofa bed – both excellent

  161. A great post, I think there is far too much waste on this planet, a great concept.

  162. This looks an amazing bundle, such a treat

  163. I love the kitchenware section on their website. There are so many things I would buy!

  164. The Mullan Darwin 9 arm 2 tier Chandelier is stunning. We have just decorated our living room and this would finish it of perfectly

  165. Love the chocolate! I’ve gone on to the website and I would really like the Wellesford Ottoman Sofabed

  166. I do enjoy a bit of choc and fizz
    Fab competition, thank you for the opportunity

  167. I Love Hotel Chocolat. I will buy some for my sister at Christmas. As long as she gets Hotel Chocolat then she is a happy bunny.

  168. The Hearts water bottle is totally HOT

  169. fab prize, thank you for the chance. Good luck all

  170. What a lovely prize and really the best chocolate as a treat for Christmas!

  171. I love the pink check baby blanket. Hoping I win this fabulous prize.

  172. I found all the information about sofa beds really interesting and useful

  173. Great prize! I’d love to win

  174. I would love to win this to share with my family x

  175. I really love the Cavendish Modular unit its perfect for small spaces

  176. Totally agree with you, I want things to last so I only bu6 things that i love enough and I am loving the turquoise Wesley Barrel sofa. Love Hotel Chocolat too, only that never lasts long!

  177. Really interesting post, thank you

  178. Fabulous prize and some really useful advice next time I look to buy a sofa

  179. Yum! Gotta love Hotel Chocolat goodies! I think the Churlston sofa bed would be really handy!

  180. I really love the look of the Grey Windowpane Lambswool throw – looks so cosy and the colours woudl go really well in my bedroom too

    1. Sounds like a great choice for you.

  181. Spoil for choice. I love the Cavendish modular seating corner unit. Perfect for reading.

  182. Really interesting post providing food for thought and a fantastic prize

  183. This prize would make an amazing Christmas present for my housemate!

  184. I visited the ‘Made to last’ site , but haven’t bought anything! I love your blog, though, especially the giveaways!

    1. Thanks so much Valerie. Glad to hear that. There will be plenty more coming up 🙂

  185. I love the Chishill sofabed and do so agree with you about the value of buying quality and buying once

    1. It does make a big difference.

  186. Hotel chocolate is such great quality and a firm favourite in our house. My favourite sofa at Made to last is the Bartlow 3 seat sofa bed.It’s a really attractive design and would look great in the living room.

  187. What a super prize – I love Hotel Chocolat products and I also love the Bluford 3 Seater Sofa Bed which would be very useful at Christmas when so many family are coming to stay!

  188. Lovely giveaway I might would even share with my family
    I love the Argigento Rectangular Silver Glass Mirror on Made to last

    1. That is a great choice 🙂

  189. yummy choc prize count me in please

  190. the bluford loveseat looks amazing and so comfy <3

  191. Thank you for the competition which I would give to my Dad as a present.

  192. Thank you for the lovely giveaway. I checked out the sofas – I absolutely love the colours of the Bluford sofas.

  193. This is really interesting, it is hard trying to buy furniture for a new house, especially when I’m trying to reduce my carbon footprint

  194. Hotel chocolat is a real luxury. Would love to win and share this.

  195. Oooooh I’d love to win this! Very nice 😍 if I could choose anything off the website it would be one of the Divan beds! Ours is so old and really needs replacing. I definitely wouldn’t get a slatted bed again!

  196. I would love the Euroquilt goose feather and down kingsize ! Would love to treat my family to this prize.
    An interestig read as we want to be more careful about our choices and the environment Thankyou

  197. I love the footstool bed but there are many other things that I would find hard to turn down.

  198. In the past few years I’ve made sure to buy more expensive good quality products that last as it is better for our planet and saves me paying out for things every couple of years.

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    1. That was a while back, now everything is disposable (with a short lifespan) or at least almost everything which is a shame.

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