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How To Manage Your Money Better

Many of us have a friend that seems to have problems juggling their finances.  Some of them own their short fallings and do what they can to overcome them, and others blame external issues or other people’s mistakes.  At the end of the day we have to take responsibility for managing our money and keeping our finances in good health.  In order to do this in an easy and manageable way it helps to hone certain skills.


Planning your budget and limitations for the month ahead is something you should be doing at the end of each month.  If you do that, you will know exactly how much you have to spend, how much you can save and how much you have left to spend on other non-essential things.  It’ll make your finances so much better if you have the planning skills to make this happen.


Being able to work well alongside another person will certainly help you get better at managing your finances. If you’re married and you’ll have joint accounts, managing your money should be something that you do as a team. That means making compromises and working together to achieve the best long-term outcomes for your money, so it’s something to work on.


Planning out your budgets and committing to certain spending frameworks is one thing. But all of that work is worth nothing at all if you don’t have the willpower or the self-control to implement those budgets and stick to them as they were intended to be stuck to. It’s about being able to say no and take the cheaper option even when it would be easier and more convenient to spend cash.

A Drive To Improve Continually

Managing your money is so much easier if you’re able to earn an increasing amount over time. It’s something that is only really possible if you have that drive within you though. The faster you improve, the faster you’ll climb up that pay scale. You could do a leadership masters if you want to step up to that next level in your career. It’ll certainly help you earn more.


Researching is something that you’re going to have to do a lot of if you want to get better at managing your money. It’s something that many people hate doing, but being able to scout out the best price and the right deal will mean that you never end up throwing money away on things. It’s something that many people get wrong, so make sure you get it right.

Managing your money might sound like the most simple and straightforward thing in the world.  Unfortunately, the reality of it is far harder. However, you can certainly start to by finding and developing the qualities mentioned  to help you achieve this.

Do you need to improve your money managing skills?

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  1. I need to follow this advice. My saving skills are awful.

    1. Good luck Anne. I hope it goes well x

  2. Planning certainly helps! I totally agree, some great tips!

  3. Planning certainly helps! I totally agree, some great tips! Researching too. Love your YouTube too.

  4. Doing research (especially for travel and groceries) really can save you a lot! It takes time and energy but is so worth the savings in the end.

  5. These are all great tips for managing money better. Managing money can be difficult to learn but once you learn some tips and tricks, you become so good at it!

  6. I am using discount sites to help me manage my money better.

  7. This is a really helpful post. I think we could all learn a thing or two about money saving, especially in this day and age where the month lasts longer than our money!

  8. Managing money is what I really need. I will try all of these

  9. Great tips here. Having self control does help so you avoid unnecessary spending. Planning and budgeting help too.

  10. Managing money is so important esp when you have children! Always make more than you spend and set aside money to invest… I’m starting to look more into investing so I can be like Warren Buffet ; )

    great tips!

  11. These are all awesome tips to help us with learning to effectively save money and how to manage those savings. I am sometimes guilty of splurging, especially when I am upset. I have to exercise more self control if I want to save enough for retirement!

    1. I think many have a tendency to do that. You are not alone. Just work on controlling the splurge x

  12. I confess I leave the money managing side of things to my husband. I just spend (and make!) the stuff, lol! I really ought to get more involved though….

    1. It does often get left with one spouse to do. It’s good to have an idea though of spending and where you can save.

  13. Great tips, we have some extra costs coming soon, so I really need to manage my money better.

  14. I definitely have to work on the self control part haha. I’m actually doing fairly well atm as I’ve realized it’s crazy to keep spending on things i don’t really need

    1. We can all fall into that habit. It’s good that you realised though so you can do something about it.

  15. Great tips, I really took control of our finances a couple of years ago but I still need to keep myself in check every now and again

    1. It’s important to keep on top of it all.

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