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It may sound a bit of a cliché, but the kitchen really does tend to be the heart of most homes.  Funny enough the right tiling is absolutely key to this room’s overall look and feel.

Many like myself will look at investing in new appliances like those at top-discount, cupboards, sinks from sites like tapwarehouse etc.  It’s important to keep in mind though that we shouldn’t cut back on kitchen tiles as this can be a false economy.

As well as having tiles on the walls they can also be used to create the perfect splashback for a hob and sink.  Tiled floors can look amazing!!!  Choices for these are almost endless and it can be overwhelming for a novice when trying to select.  Designs range from simple to the most intricate Moroccan patterns.

Using good quality tiles can help you create a wonderful looking room whether you are using it for cooking, dining, socialising, entertaining or hiding from the kids.

What Needs to be Considered

Plain of Patterned?

Moorish or Moroccan designs always seem to be in fashion.  They work well in both modern and more traditional kitchens, so they tend to be a safe bet.

Be sure not to overdo it though.  If you are refreshing your kitchen with a view to selling it and opt for either a patterned floor or wall make sure you only do the one and not both.  This way it will appeal to a wider range of buyers and make the room look less crowded.

If you have a particular bold tile pattern in mind an option is to have a splashback made from these tiles instead.


Some colours can work better than others but ultimately it is relative depending on your taste.  Blue and white tend to work well as the colours can create a timeless combination.  They give a room a fresh and relaxed feel.


You don’t have to be square!

If you’re not entirely sure about patterned kitchen tiling, then shapes such as hexagons or Arabesque designs should offer an excellent compromise.  These can be used to create subtle patterns that are can look great.

Alternatively, you could use tiles to create a modern herringbone layout.

Most Common Tiling Mistakes?

It’s always worth bearing in mind that a little bit of pattern goes quite a long way, more so in smaller spaces.  Very ‘busy’ designs create a more cramped appearance and feel to a kitchen.  If in doubt stick to a simple design.

Tile Texture

It can be easy to forget about the texture of kitchen tiles.  I do love high-gloss porcelain floor tiles they really make a kitchen look luxurious but they can be slippery when fluids are spilt on them.  A safer option can be a matte or non-slip version.


Something we learnt the hard way many years ago.  Light coloured grouting will show up stains over time so a darker colour can sometimes work much better.

What the Experts Say

Okay so maybe not quite exerts but hubby has been overseeing and also getting in on the action for various types of tiling over the years.  He tends to use companies with a wide range of choice like Crown Tiles.  They have a huge selection of kitchen tiles available in an array of colours, designs and textures, not to mention materials, to transform the look of the hub of your home.

Have you tiled or would you be looking to tile your kitchen?

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20 thoughts on “How to Use Tiles to Create Your Dream Kitchen”

  1. We are about to retile our kitchen and have gone for some metro tiles – it will be so much closer to our dream kitchen afterwards!

  2. We don’t have tiles in our current home and I’d love some. Hopefully our new house later this year will allow either have some or will have good walls to put some on as they’re so handy.

  3. Looks like a lovely kitchen. We really need to do our flooring and have been looking for something a bit warmer than tiles though I must say tiles give the best finish

  4. I would love a riled kitchen floor at the moment it’s laminate but I hope to change it soon. Love the sound of the blue and white Moroccan tiles! We ended up with sheets when we did ours a couple of years ago

    1. I hope you get to change the floor. You will be amazed at how much it improves the look of your kitchen. Blue and white tiles are really popular!

  5. Wow your kitchen looks so clean and chic – I really need to re do ours, we have laminate flooring which I hate and was put in by the last owners – would love some clean tiles like these

    Laura x

  6. I must admit I have never given tiles the full love they deserve and agree they are a keep to the best kitchen. Definitely, something to consider in my new home

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