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When Paying For Delivery Can be Worthwhile

If you are a shopaholic with cost-cutting tendencies then the thought of paying for delivery is not particularly appealing.  The cost of delivery especially for large items can in some cases be ridiculous!  To be honest I can’t understand how some companies get away with charging so much, or can I?  In some cases the price of delivery can be justified in a sense.

Shop Around For The Best Prices For Delivery

High street shops and boutiques can charge a pretty penny for next day delivery especially when you purchase larger items. However, companies like Shiply whom my husband recommends having used them a few times are on hand to offer their services.  Who?  If you haven’t heard of these guys before they are a company that brings consumers and couriers together.  These guys are simple to use, you just visit the site and pick the courier who best fits the bill.  Because couriers want to save space to cut down on shipping costs the price is usually lower.

Hitting The High Street Can Work Out Far More Expensive

What is the average price of shipping these days?  Think about it, if you jump in the car and head down to the store to purchase a large item you have to consider whether you can fit it in the car if delivery isn’t included in the price, as well as the cost of petrol, and then in addition there is the cost of parking and congestion charge for those in London to factor in.  Of course the obligatory sit down lunch is a must as we need to refuel plus a coffee on the run all add up and the expensive sounding shipping charge all of a sudden looks a lot more appealing and far more inexpensive after all.  Yes, you can make a day furniture shopping with friends but that’s provided you have the time.  I’m struggling to keep up with anything at the moment let alone shopping for anything at all which leads me onto the next consideration.

Time Saving

Remember that you are not only paying for a delivery.  These guys are saving you time and money.  Online shopping is far easier and more accessible and in most cases hassle free.  With Christmas on the horizon the last thing we need is to stand for ages in those mile-long queues to buy large goods.

It’s Easier

Now with 3 children, shopping for me can be a chore.  Children don’t like being dragged around shops looking at furniture or white goods and on the other side they want to go visit the toy stores and then they seem to want everything they see.  When you finally find something you need you stand in that queue for seems like an age someone is bound to need to visit the little girls room, at times like these I am relieved Mr Squishy is still in nappies!  Then you need to abandon your space in the queue and find nearby toilets – maybe in another store (by this stage the stress levels are building up).  Then back to join the queue again to be told the other child who swore they didn’t need to go all of a sudden desperately needs the toilet.  You get the drift.  It’s not fun!  Online shopping can be far easier, trouble free and hassle free.

Delivery is a nuisance for many consumers, but, imagine the uproar if the cost of items increased due to delivery being free. On the whole, the majority of people would prefer to pay a little more delivery and less for their goods.

Paying for delivery may go against everything you stand for, but in the long run it will save you precious time, money and keep stress levels down.

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  1. I love online shopping but grudge paying delivery. I always end up spending more to get free delivery though which probably isn’t that cost effective!

    1. It depends if you are buying things that you will need. It can work out depending on what you buy.

  2. I really found this post interesting and can relate to it in so many ways!
    I live in Central Scotland and do find the delivery costs to be very steep and I do grudge it especially when some of the deliveries take weeks!
    It is a shame as I do enjoy online shopping.

  3. I agree that sometimes it really is worth paying out for the time saving element of it. I would rather shell out a few quid to make space for hiking time than wasting it lugging something around. I would recommend checking out local man and van drivers too as sometimes when they are doing a long run, they can pick up and deliver multiple items. We have used this to get furniture delivered from ebay and tools from my inlaws cheaply.

  4. I do most of my shopping online but do hate some of the delivery costs. I tend to shop mainly on amazon for most things these days and have prime.

  5. I always try to seek out free delivery codes before paying for delivery but if thats my only option, I’ll pay for it. Getting things delivered to the comfort of my own home is so much easier than going out shopping! xxx

  6. I must admit I hate paying for delivery online – but when you think of parking / fuel costs etc it is worth it! Kaz

  7. When it comes to big prices of furniture I’ll always pay for delivery. Otherwise I normally pay for click and collect x

  8. Quite true, it’s an investment in sanity and quality of life, not just shipping!

  9. For me, it depends on what I’m buying and how soon do I need it. I’m happy to pay for if I need something urgently, but feel annoyed with some options. But sometimes I have no option, because online shopping can be so much easier.

  10. Delivery costs are the one thing that put me off online shopping! This post is really helpful, thanks 🙂

  11. A lot of companies have got a lot cheaper for delivery or even free now. I pay a yearly fee to boohoo and asos so I can get next day all year round, so convenient.

    1. It is great that their delivery costs are being lowered as that helps. There are times some that normally charge do free delivery as an incentive to buy which helps.

  12. The amount of times I have had to bite down and swallow the pain of paying for ridiculous delivery charges but to be honest in some cases its justified others going to time myself works best.

  13. “Free” delivery would be already included in the price of the item. We always compare the total cost when comparing, free delivery or otherwise!
    We also look for the “Free collection in store” option…

    1. The free collection in store can sometimes be difficult for those that are busy or ave children.

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