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How To Get Your Dream Kitchen On A Budget


On a play date one day I was admiring one of the mums tables that she had recently bought.  It was gorgeous!!! A long designer white marble oval dining table that looked stunning, seriously I had table envy!!!!  Is that really a thing?  Well it is now.  She had bought this table second hand and saved a fortune and to be quite honest it was in remarkable condition you’d never know it wasn’t new.

She’s gutting her house once she gets the plans drawn up and approved and of course the first thing that sprung into my mind was the kitchen – food obsessed I know!  The kitchen is the heart of the home and it’s important that she has a well designed and set out space to be able to bake yummy treats like my Simple Lemon Cupcakes with Vanilla Frosting with her daughter.

She has a reasonable budget and also appreciates quality and want’s something that will last, so having a bit of experience with refurbishing etc. I thought I’d write tips on:

How To Get Your Dream Kitchen On A Budget

Sell Unwanted Items

If you have a kitchen that is already in good condition but not to your taste you could always consider selling it.  Not only is it great for the environment the proceeds from this can go towards the new kitchen and help increase your available budget.  You can do this with Used Kitchen Exchange (mentioned below) and it’s something I am sure my friend would consider as they’ll do a free survey of her kitchen, take professional photos and list it on their website.  In her words “it’s a no brainer” as it is totally hassle free and they don’t take a fee if it doesn’t sell! – Aren’t I the best friend ever!!!!

Of course it’s not just kitchen items you can sell.  Search your home, there are all sorts of items that we don’t use that someone else may love.

Decide on the Design of The Kitchen

It’s important to decide on the kitchen design prior to starting work.  This will affect the layout of the kitchen as you will need to allow for the location of windows (the more the better) and wiring and plumbing work will need to be done.  Some choose to do this stage themselves but it can be a good idea to get advice or even better plans drawn up by a professional.

Buy A Used or Ex Display Kitchen

Far cheaper than buying new, a used or ex display kitchen from a company such as Used Kitchen Exchange can give savings of up to 70% and is a time saver too as you won’t have to waste time choosing all the individual items.  You need to decide on the style of kitchen you might prefer and don’t rule out getting an experienced designer to create a 3D CAD drawing of the kitchen you choose in your own home to allow you to be able to visualise how it would fit.

I was shocked at how low prices start for some of the used kitchens and I know my friend will be delighted when she gets to read this post as she is guaranteed to get something lovely for a great price.  Some of these kitchens include work surfaces which will add to the savings made.  I hope you are reading this sitting down!

Second Nature Broadoak Shaker Kitchen £1800

It’s in good condition and was fitted in 2009.  The kitchen comes with a number of appliances included: A Rangemaster Toledo Cooker, Extractor, Sink, Taps, Dishwasher, Fridge, Freezer, Washing Machine and Sink.  The laminate worktops will also be included for FREE.

This is a popular kitchen style and similar to one we have at home.

Ready for the next one?

I love the design of the Benchmarx Parma High Gloss Cashmere Kitchen £7000

Barely used as it’s only 6 months old!

Appliances included in the sale are a Beko fridge freezer GNE60520DX, Zanussi ovens x 2 ZOB35301XK, Zanussi hob, Rangemaster extractor, Zanusi Gas Hob ZG075524 and sink. The bar stools are also included in the sale of this kitchen.
The main hob and dishwasher not included.

I love the island and stools.  This would be perfect for my family with a few extra stools and I must admit I’d be keen to show this one to the husband if we needed a new kitchen.  A large feature light over that island would look amazing wouldn’t it???


You will never realise how much storage space you will actually need until you move into your first home.  Don’t overfill the kitchen but do make sure you have adequate cupboards, shelves etc.  Pan racks that hang over kitchen islands can be made into a feature and can also free up kitchen cupboard space for other items.


There are different areas that you need to consider here of course the obvious – allowing enough light and maybe even mood lighting, but lights can also be an inexpensive way to add a focal point such as spotlights that dim or change colour or oversized lights on the ceiling, or over the kitchen table or island.

The light here:

From The Lighting Company £93.60 would work well adding with the pretty copper colour which is the height of fashion at the moment.  I think that would suit the second kitchen shown above.  Even a larger light would make a good fit, it’s all dependant on your taste.


Your budget will dictate whether you get stone, wooden, vinyl or laminate.  The latter two options can often look like stone tiles or wood be quite hard wearing and extremely budget friendly.


Aside from the design of the kitchen and the main appliances the accessories used in a kitchen can really help it stand out and it doesn’t have to be expensive items either.  Dunelm have all sorts of great items from posts and pans (for your rack), food storage containers, tea towels, wall art and even scented candles.  These storage jars would brighten up any kitchen and cost just £7.50 each.

Make sure that you take a look at the clearance section as you could find some great bargains.

What tips would you suggest for anyone looking to create their dream kitchen on a budget?

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This Post Has 45 Comments

  1. i will surely keep this suggestion and tips in my mind for the future 🙂 it is good to get great bargain deals

  2. I love this post. My mother-in-law and I go around to look at model homes to see the designs and the kitchens for ideas on our own home. I like the island and stools as well on the kitchen above. My ideal kitchen would be to have dual stoves and ovens as well as a multi-functional island. Thanks for sharing.

  3. It’s so nice to be able to fix up your kitchen and turn it into the kitchen that you’ve always wanted without breaking the bank. It’s definitely something that I don’t mind working on. These tips are so helpful!

  4. This is a really great post. You provided some real sound advice on kitchen decor on a budget. I definitely got some inspiration from this!

    1. Glad to have helped Elizabeth. Thanks for visiting x

  5. Getting dream kitchen on budget is such a difficult task. Great tips 🙂

  6. I was just talking about home design with my fiancé and I just told that a great interior (and exterior, because we were deciding about our terrace) is not a matter of money buy of creativity! And the kitchen is no exception. It’s good that you can get a used kitchen where all the work has been done already.

    1. It sure is. I think it’s a great time saver.

  7. It would still be a long time before we can revamp our kitchen. It’s an expensive task.

    1. It can be. I wrote this post as i know that yo can save money on a new kitchen the problem is not everyone knows how to do this.

  8. My kitchen is overdue for a makeover. I’ll definitely have to keep these tips in mind, considering how expensive upgrading a kitchen can be.

    1. I’m glad that this post was useful. There are plenty of kitchens to choose from rather than taking the more expensive option of buying items individually.

  9. Buying a kitchen can be one of the most expensive things on earth, I remember when we bought a new one for our apartment, it was a time- and money-expensive process.
    So thanks so much for these tips, they certainly make the whole process simpler and less expensive.

    1. It does make it sooo much easier!!!

  10. Those are some pretty great ways to get your dream kitchen. I guess I don’t look at designs much or have not gone shopping for a whole kitchen yet. But when I will do I will definitely be keeping this in mind.

    1. It’s a great idea isn’t it. I’ve already mentioned to my friend whose buying a property that she can sell the kitchen there for a better one.

  11. I’d love a posh kitchen. These sound like a good idea. I like that they are helping people sell old but good condition kitchens so they don’t end up on a landfill.

    1. I really liked the environmentally friendly side of this too, plus the fact you can get a kitchen for a great price.

  12. I would happily choose a second hand kitchen if it meant I got to have the one of my dreams 🙂

    1. I don’t blame you it’s perfect isn’t it!

  13. Now that I live alone, I don’t mind having a small kitchen. But once I got a family, geez I want a grand kitchen!

  14. I share a house so our kitchen is always cluttered and unmatching! Can’t wait to do mine up like you have

  15. I’m a minimalist and I think that the less things we have in the kitchen the more pleasing it looks. Instead of selling, I give away unwanted items. I think that’s less stressful. 🙂

  16. I would love my dream kitchen, it would be a farmhouse style one. I love the copper accents. Kaz

  17. I replaced the doors on my kitchen units which gave the room a whole new lease of life, very cheap too.

    1. That can really help refresh a kitchen.

  18. Great suggestions and we’d definitely recommend an ex-display model too!

    1. It’s a great idea isn’t it. You can get a lovely kitchen and make a big saving too.

  19. These are some great tips, getting your own kitchen needn’t be super expensive.

    1. That’s very true. You can get a great kitchen on a budget.

  20. There are so many great ways to save money on the home and buying second hand is fantastic. I have gotten some amazing pieces over the years this way x

  21. I love the hanging brass lamps! I would definitely love to have my dream kitchen.

  22. I watch a lot of Reno shows and I love the idea of reusing cabinets and just painting or stripping them as a way of saving money. I think as long as the finish looks good it really doesn’t have to be expensive

  23. These are really great tips, i know kitchens can be really expensive these are really helpful

    1. Thanks, it is good to know how you can save some money x

  24. What a great post! I am into redoing my kitchen now and it’s nice to know that I don’t need a big budget for that!

    1. I really can help save lots. Have fun!!!

  25. Our kitchen is in desperate need of renovating. I’d definitely use a second hand one they look amazing.

    1. They do look great!

  26. What great tips for getting a new kitchen but making it affordable for everyone! I never would have thought about actually buying a whole kitchen second hand but I can see how that would save a lot of money.


    1. It can save a considerable amount and get you something you may never have been able to have otherwise.

  27. We’ve just had our kitchen done and it’s not quite finished yet but it’s going to be our dream kitchen once we’ve added all the finishing touches. We saved for years and I absolutely love it! x

    1. That great news. It can take a while to save which is why I wanted to highlight that there are cheaper options x

  28. Great tips, my kitchen is very much in need of a refresh!

    1. Th great thing is it doesn’t have to be expensive.

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