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Floral Gift Ideas

I am quite partial to flowers, I think many of us are.  There are so many stunning species of flowers that really do bring with them a certain type of look and feel when you place them in your home.  Once in a while I like to splash out and buy a stunning bouquet and other times I might not spend quite so much but will get something that is equally as pretty and will add a splash of colour into my home.  As you have seen from some of my previous posts I like to try and make my home look pretty whether it’s with a lovely ornament that can be placed on either the fireplace mantle or in the middle of the dining room table as a centre piece.  Either way they attract the eye and create a wonderful conversation piece and add their own style of natural beauty to a room.

Recently I decided that I had to have these stunners from Prestige Flowers.

The bouquet is called Da Vinci and is inspired by one of the artists greatest works Virgin of the Rocks.  Included in the bouquet are some exquisite Vanda Orchids, gorgeous Memory Lane Roses, Calla Liles and more.  The colours are splendid and I loved the addition of the gold wire which really does add to the arrangements beauty.  This lasted the 7 days as stared on the site and really does

I was instantly drawn to them the second I looked through the site and although they were a little more expensive than some of the others I thought I’m worth!

 I do love this particular site as they have such a large choice of flowers and gifts that they can be combined and I have found that they make great gifts.  I have a few 40th birthdays coming up so I am considering a flower purchase for one of them.  Now for those that don’t know me, I am indecisive.  I’m not just talking about a little I am a nightmare.  Don’t take me with you to a restaurant unless I know where I am going so I can pre prepare as I take forever to decide what I want to eat as I generally want to try everything yet my stomach always seems to fail me there – opsy.

Anyway I digress.  I am considering flowers for one of my friends but need YOUR help.  I have been on the site for ages and have managed to knock it down to this lovely selection, the question is which do you think she might like the most?

Lucky for me many are on offer at the moment which means I could spend a bit extra and buy a larger arrangement or alternatively also buy a small, pretty piece of jewellery as part of the gift although I still need to research that.  Be warned I may need assistance there too!  There’s no point asking hubby’s advice he isn’t the best at these things (now most things to do with property / building then he’s your man).

The options are:

100 Roses (1) looks stunning and comes with a teeny box of chocolates too.  Other options such as a vase, teddy and balloons are available.  I need to check and see if she has a vase and if not include one of those.  The flowers are scented so this would really bring the beauty and scent of the Summer into her home and just imagine 100 roses, that must be a truly amazing sight.

I love the contrast in colour of the Heather (2) bouquet which is inspired by the colours and tones of a moorland landscape.  For each purchase of this bouquet 25% of the total order value will be donated to the Children’s Charity Barnardo’s.  So not only would buying this give her a lovely gift it would also help others.

The bright colours of the Woodbine (3) bouquet would really brighten up her home and add a lovely fragrance from the sweet scented lilies.  Purchase of this arrangement too will result in 25% of the total order value being donated to the Children’s Charity Barnardo’s.

The Summer Peonies (4) caught my attention first of all as it was at the top of the list of arrangements and I love these having seen a bunch at a friends house.  They really are stunning flowers and look great with their different shades of pink.  Super feminine and also available in a large size which of course with these is a must.  My only concern is  is my personal preference influencing me here.  This includes free chocolates.

The Van Gogh Bouquet (5) is such a wonderful bright bouquet and I love the addition of the birch.  These luxury flowers are inspired by the masterpieces housed at The National Gallery.   I know she does love sunflowers having seen her buy them in the past and am edging towards this one at the moment although the others all look so pretty too and I’m not sure whether to get something different.

Last but by all means not least is the sites best seller.  Rose & Lily Hand Tied (6) bouquet.  It’s clear why it is so popular it’s another gorgeous design.  The mix of the pink roses and the oriental pink lilies look great and the green palm leaves make a great contrast in colour.  This includes free chocolates.

Now you see why I am struggling to decide.  Which do I choose, what would you guys advise?

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Picture credit: me and ones I have grabbed off the Prestige site (sorry guys I hope you don’t mind *insert cheesy grin here*)

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  1. They are absolutely beautiful, the only flower shop near me is interflora and they are very expensive, I usually get flowers from the supermarket, lidl do beautiful bunches for less than £10 xxxx

    1. These flowers are far nicer than many you could find in the super market.

  2. Love the ones you chose. They are so different.
    I personally love all flowers, I think they change the look of a room instantly but also make us feel happier by being able to walk past something beautiful all day.
    I love the Peonies. They always look romantic and calming. Must be something to do the their colour.

    1. The peonies are pretty sunning aren’t they. With so many beautiful bouquets it can be really hard to choose.

  3. oh i love them all and getting flowers is top of my ‘spoil me’ list – getting something extra like chocolates or teddies is just a bonus!

    1. It is great that they have the option of the additional items.

  4. I love the past bunch of pink flowers and love how they come with free chocolates too 🙂 x

    1. I know, that is an added bonus!

  5. All these flowers are so pretty, But my favourite ones are the first ones you posted. They are so stunning and unique.

    1. They are very unique, the company has done a great job with that arrangement.

  6. Hands up I love a good bunch of flowers they can really brighten up a room, I absolutely adore the sunflower bunch that is lovely.

    1. It sure is. I think that is a wonderful Summery bunch that will really brighten a room.

  7. Okay I love the yellow sunflowers. They are gorgeous! I love flowers as a gift! Thanks for sharing.

    1. They are beautiful aren’t they are are sure to bring Summer into a home.

  8. I absolutely love floral arrangements, so these are right up my street! I think I’d have a hard time choosing which bouquet to go for, though. They’re all stunning!

    Louise x

    1. I know it really is hard to choose just one isn’t it 😉

  9. I love the scent of peonies, they definitely are my favourite BUT I love unusual bouquets, the sort of bouquets that have veggies or something in it. I know – weird! I love them to be season appropriate too! Love the ones you chose, they look fab x

    1. They are sunning aren’t they. They seem to have so many lovely ones to choose from.

  10. It’s got to be the peonies, I would love to receive those as a gift, they are so pretty!

    1. They are beautiful aren’t they I do love that bouquet.

  11. Thanks for sharing – some great ideas for Mother’s Day/birthdays etc!

    1. No problem, glad you liked them.

  12. For me I would definitely say number 2. The fact that a donation goes to charity as well is always a winner in my book.

    V ❤️

    1. I agree I did like that.

  13. The Heather Bouquet is absolutely stunning, my favourite colours!

    1. It is gorgeous 😉

  14. I just love the Van Gogh bouquet and the Rose and Lily Hand tied bouquet. Unfortunately as much as I love Lily flowers I can’t have them in the house because of my cat.

    1. Oh no that’s a shame.

  15. What a lovely selection of flowers to choose from. I love the ones that you choose. The colours are stunning and flowers are different from the normal lilies etc.

  16. I love spending money on something that looks good and will last longer than supermarket bought. Number 5 is absolutely stunning and such a statement piece, definitely my kind of arrangement x

    1. The bouquets here are lovely that’s for sure.

  17. I love the flowers you recieved, so unique. I’ve had a bunch of roses from Prestige and they were stunning and lasted so long I was seriously impressed x

    1. They do have some lovely roses on the site.

  18. I do love flowers very much. I love to send them, I think they make an excellent gift. Those Orchids are stunning, so unusual. If I were chosing from your selection, I’d be more drawn to number two. They are all beautiful, but number two is just so pretty.

    1. The orchids were lovely and I was really pleased with my selection. They do make a great gift.

  19. The flowers you picked are absolutely gorgeous! I love that they offer so many different options.

    1. Me too it’s great there is so much variety.

  20. They all look so gorgeous, it’s so hard to choose! I think I’d have to go for the peonies though, because they looks so soft and pretty

    1. I really love those they look stunning!

  21. You can never go wrong with flowers. I love the colours in the third photo but my favourite would be heather. I love Purples and blues and pinks as they are always so pretty. I love that they donate some of th cost to charity too

    1. They are great colours and work well together.

  22. I love the Sunflower bouquet too! It’s so fresh and summery! I adore sunflowers so I may be a bit biased! Lol! xoxo

    1. They are a great choice they look great!

  23. These are beautiful, I haven’t been sent flowers for ages…….maybe I shall order myself some

    1. Why not they are beautiful and really bring life into a room.

  24. Ah my wife’s favourite flower is the Sunflower so that would always be the best option for me to send!

    1. The do look stunning don’t they. I love that arrangement.

  25. I love beautiful flower arrangements. Perfect both for a gift or just for home decoration to lift up my own mood 🙂

    1. They do brighten up a room that’s for sure.

  26. You can make amazing arrangements with flowers which will suit any surroundings

    1. That is very true Richard.

  27. I really really like the orange and yellow bouquet.

  28. Gorgeous vibrant flowers soo beautiful one of my favourite gifts to give and receive

    1. They do make a lovely gift.

  29. The colours on your Da Vinci bouquet are wonderful, very deep and luxurious. There are so many fabulous options you could colour co-ordinate to your decor as well as choose favourites.

    1. They do make this bouquet stand out.

  30. The flowers all look amazing. Great post thanks

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