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4 Great Ways to Modernise Your Home

The problem with owning a house is that it can get old and outdated before you know it. A few years go by and suddenly your house doesn’t seem as modern as other ones out there.  You may pop to your friend’s house and be amazed at how contemporary and new everything feels.

Well, worry not, you can get this feeling in your home too!  Below, you will see four great ideas that will help you modernise your home:

Contemporary Art 

Art makes a great addition to any home, but it can play a huge role in making yours feel more modern. The secret is ensuring you hang contemporary art rather than the classic pieces. This will transform the way every room looks, and instantly modernise it. There are loads of great artists to choose from that produce amazing contemporary art that’s perfect for the home. Pick some of your favourites and hang them with pride.

Wet Room

Gone are the days where bathrooms were designed with big baths and showers built into the bath. Likewise, the days of small shower cubicles are fading fast. These days, it’s all about wet rooms! A wet room is essentially a walk in shower with a lot of space and even some room to sit down. They’re fantastically modern and will jazz up your bathroom instantly. Unlike other showers they’re not built as a cubicle, they’re built into the room itself. You have a section of your bathroom turned into a wet room, and it helps create more space as well as add that modern feel.

Boiling Water Taps

The humble kettle seems like it’s on its last legs with the latest modern home trend sweeping the nation.  You can now get your hands on kitchen taps that instantly boil water. This means you turn them on and get boiling water ready for your cup of tea or to fill a saucepan. It’s a really funky idea, and certainly something we’ll see more and more in new-build homes in the future. You can get yourself ahead of the game by installing one now and modernising your home.

Solar Roof Tiles

Solar panels have been around for a fairly long time and are popular amongst many homeowners.  However, believe it or not, traditional solar panels are no longer considered modern.  Instead, as you can see here https://www.tesla.com/en_GB/solarroof, there’s a trend toward solar roof tiles or solar roofs.  Basically, a solar roof looks like a regular modern roof, but it has the benefit of solar power.  So, you can make your house look and feel extremely modern and futuristic, without having to compromise on style anymore!

These ideas vary from quite big projects to little subtle changes. Either way, they’re all designed to make your home more modern. So, if you want to breathe new life into your home and are sick of it feeling dusty and old, these tips are perfect for you.

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What tips do you have to make a house look modern?

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  1. Oohs a wet room sounds like a great idea. I didn’t know that’s what they were called. I get bored farther quickly and am always in the lookout for sprucing up the home so this is great!

    1. It is great to have a change isn’t it! I like to do different things every so often and try and keep things modern.

  2. Some fantastic ideas, I love the boiling water tap, with a 12 week old baby I’m always boiling the kette for cuppas to keep me going and feeds for her this would be !much easier, I also like the contemporary art idea, I usually buy vinyl stickers to change things up xxx

    1. It’s soooo cool I’ve seen them in action – I really want one!!!

  3. A boiling water tap is a genius idea! I could definitely do with one of those x

  4. I’m not a fan of wet rooms, they don’t seem very cosy. I like the idea of the solar panels, we’ve been thinking about ways to make our house as green as possible for a while now.

  5. Yes to solar roof tiles! This is something I would love to do eventually….still thinking about it at this end!

  6. These are some great ideas. I keep hearing good things about the boiling water taps!

  7. These are great ideas! Unfortunately my partner is a bit stuck in his ways when it comes to modern art so that might be a bit of a challenge around here. I think the wet room would hold great appeal for most people and the solar roof tiles are definitely the way of the future. The only one I think some people might be a bit reluctant about might be the boiling water taps if they have children that can reach them.

  8. Great ideas. it is surprising how art on the wall can totally change the look of a room. As for the boiling tap – I want one !

  9. I’m totally with you when it comes to the boiling water taps. They make grabbing a cuppa a treat. I wish they were easier to get installed, though!

  10. i will add some contemporary art to my home now !! a wet room idea and hot water tap is ideal for every home

  11. I just moved to a new place and spent lot of time to do the decor. It is such a fun exercise and a good change from the usual

  12. I’ve always wanted one of those taps. They would suit my minimalist kitchen aspirations!

  13. These are all great tips! Although there is one I would never do right now and that is put in a boiling tap. While it might be convenient it would constantly have me worrying that my two young kids would manage to turn it on and get seriously burned by it.

  14. Really great ideas! I especially like the contemporary art wall because you can customize it to suit your style.


  15. I really like the idea of a wet room if I had my own home. Contemporary art is a great idea too, I love street art, so it would be cool to have my favourite murals up x

  16. Very good tips. I really want a wet room but we are not ready to create on as there is too much to sort first. Hopefully one day.

    1. I hope you get to do one soon. Good luck with choosing your design that should be fun!

  17. oh a wet room sounds like heaven especially in this heat!!

    1. It is a great addition to any home.

  18. I’m planning to apply the contemporary art. It’s modern, neat and elegant at the same time. Thank you for the tips, definitely have these ideas in mind.

    1. A little piece of art is always a goo thing. I bet you find something lovely.

  19. There is so much to have in a house these days. Modern homes really are themselves a piece of the great architecture. I have not heard about the Wet Room but would surely like to have one of it made in my house. 🙂 Nice Read.

    1. There can be a lot in a house these days and sometimes a simple modern addition can really add to the look and feel.

  20. Lovely interior ideas here. Like the sound of a wet room.

  21. When i get my own home (I’m still living with parents) i’m totally doing all these… Step by step of course. This post is very helpful!

  22. I really love this post and I love the ideas of Modernise your home, if I have my own house I love to have a wet room too.

  23. Wonderful ideas, thank you! I love wetrooms and one of my own would be fabulous! I think they’re easier to clean than conventional showers, as well, which is an enormous plus.

    1. They are easier to clean. I think they are great!

  24. I really want a boiling water tap, would be so easy to make a cuppa!

    1. I know it would be great wouldn’t it.

  25. Solar roof tiles are also the way keep your house energetically sustainable!

    1. They sure are a good idea. Thanks for your comment Adeola 😉

  26. My partner wants a wet room as part of our garage conversion which we are saving for. I’m not convinced and just want a basic downstairs loo but he reminds me that in 12 years we will have 3 teenagers in the house…eeeeek!

    1. OMG 3 teenagers, good luck with that, I think you will need a wet room!!!!

  27. Some great tips! I do have a lot of contemporary art and paintings at my home. It gives a positive aura as well as gives a room very urban look!

    1. It can really add to a room which is great.

  28. this was so useful
    little bits and pieces make a difference.
    great ideas suggested

    1. They sure can make a big difference. Thanks for your comment x

  29. I’ve never heard of wet rooms before. I absolutely love the idea!

    1. They are really good. You will love it if you get one.

  30. I would love a wet room, we are refurbishing our bathrooms at the moment and did consider doing a wetroom but I’m not sure it’s child friendly for my children anyway!

    1. It’s something that you can always look into in the future. 😉

  31. I would love a wet room – the kids threw so much water out the bath that it went through the ceiling below

    1. OMG no, that would have caused quite a bit of damage. I hope you can get your wet room now.

  32. Lovely just what I was searching for.

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