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4 Top Tile Trends for Spring 2019

Photo credit: Unsplash

Anyone looking to revamp their home will be pleased to know that by simply updating their floors and walls with some of this year’s exciting trends they can create a stunning new look and feel to their home.

Often when renovating, some may not realize the importance of using tiles within the home.  Not quite a cardinal sin, but for those in the know, the use of tiles can really help improve the appearance of the property they are working on and also add value.  Simply by using tiles you can make a big difference to the look and feel of any room.  By updating our homes with an on-trend tiling choice we can give our home an instant face-lift.

Add Muted Colour with New Neutral Tiles

2019 sees the introduction of the ‘new neutral’. We’re used to beige, grey, ivory and shades of white but this year the neutrals are set to be far more exciting with a palette of roses, lilacs, metallics, and duck-egg greens and blues.  What a lovely way to gently introduce colour into a room.  Inspired by the Scandi trend in interior design, ‘new neutrals’ work perfectly to soften minimalist spaces.

Bright pastel tones are great for opening up a room.   If you’re looking to maximise a space, muted neutral wall tiles are what you need.   Misty blues create a calming influence. Dusty pinks give a more feminine feel.  These candy-coloured tones are wonderful for introducing colour to a peaceful room.

Create a Modern Feature with Geometric Tile Formations

Clean, geometric lines and creative shapes have become so popular recently that they have become one of the defining interior trends of the decade.  I love that the choice available has increased so much allowing us all to be far more creative should we so wish when choosing tiles for our homes.  Hexagonal tiles are ideal for use on both floors and walls, create a stunning honeycomb effect.  Those feeling more adventurous can mix and match contrasting hexagonal tiles for a truly striking feature wall, or statement flooring.
Laying classic rectangular tiles in a herringbone formation is also a popular way to try this trend.   Another option is to use contrasting monochrome tiles for a dramatic chevron pattern.

Enjoy Patterns from Around the World from Your Armchair

You can create a different feel with different tiles.  Say for instance you want to recreate a holiday villa feel in your home then consider using coloured pattern tiles.  The designs, finishes and colours available offer a large array of choice thus making finding the right ones for your home easier.

Consider using Moroccan-inspired tiles and bring the colour of faraway places into your home.  These have an enduring popularity and are a perfect way to add colour and texture.   With endless designs, finishes and colours to choose from, finding a place for patterned tiles in your home is easy.  They allow us to introduce the influence of sunnier climates.   The blue and white floral patterns, reminiscent of Delft pottery, are ideal for capturing continental chic.  Alternatively, consider the timeless luxe of a Calcatta marble-style tile to give the opulence of a stunning, five-star hotel.

Photo credit: Unsplash

Metro Tiles For a Simple Look

These tiles have grown in popularity in 2019 and it’s clear to see why.  They are so versatile and easy to use whether it’s to cover a wall or create a trendy back-splash.  These tiles come in a large array of colours, sizes and finishes to enable the user to design a unique look with limitless design options.

Any of the aforementioned trends can be achieved using metro tiles, a testament to their versatility.  These can be laid in a herringbone pattern or go wild, create something unique and different that will look great as a feature wall or creative kitchen back-splash.

I hope that this post has helped inspire some of you with your next big design project.  No matter what you hope to achieve, there is a tiling technique that is ideal to help transform your home into the perfect living space.

Which tile trend do you like the most?

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This Post Has 32 Comments

  1. We are thinking of changing tiles in our kitchen. I think metro tiles will look great! 🙂

    1. They do look really good in the kitchen. I’m sure you will love the new kitchen tiles when finished.

  2. I want the same as the first photo. That is my dream kitchen. Simple yet elegant looking.

    1. The simple yet elegant look is my favourite. It looks stunning and luxurious and makes you want to use the room more.

  3. I love Moroccan tiles and would love to get some in my house somwhere.

    1. I am sure they would look great in your home.

  4. I love browsing Pinterest looking for inspiration for when I finally buy my own home. I love styles that are colourful and unique ❤

    1. A unique design can look great when done well.

  5. Neutral tiles are a fan favourite in my home, I have not ventured outside them but good to know about other trends

    1. We have used various styles when refurbishing properties. Plain ones are easiest to work with and can look great.

  6. I really like the look of the metro tiles – would look great in a kitchen 🙂 x

    1. They really do and there are different options too which is great.

  7. I wish I had been braver with tile choice when we did our kitchen and bathroom

    1. Even plain tiles can look great. You don’t need to go too far out from your comfort zone as it were.

  8. I share this my folks as they can remodel their bathroom. It is so bad now! I can’t remodel my apartment as it isn’t mine.

    1. That’s a shame although I hope this gives you ideas when you have your own home. Hope your parents find this useful.

  9. I am loving these top tile trends for 2019. They are so nice. I need them in my house.

    1. They do look great in the home. Hope you get to do a nice update with some lovely tiles.

  10. There are some great ideas here. I generally opt for plain tiles when tiling my own home though as I’m way too old fashioned! Eek.

    Louise x

    1. I do like plain ones myself. There are so many different ones to chose from with different finishes and it can sometimes be overwhelming.

  11. I love a geometric tile – I’m looking at changing up both bathrooms soon and know that this is the kind of tile I want x

    1. These can work really well in a bathroom. I hope the bathroom updates go well Stephanie.

  12. Oh my wife will be all over this! I’ll be sure to share!

  13. We’re renovating our kitchen some time next year.. these are great ideas for tiles!

    1. Glad you found this useful Jocelyn. Hope you get to use at least one trend in your home.

  14. Ugh, it’s always so difficult to settle for the right kitchen tiles. Just like the patterned tiles you suggested, I’m on the look for some Moroccan tiles, which I love the look of.

    1. They can look great in the kitchen. Hope you find some you like. Might inspire you to book a Moroccan holiday too 🙂

  15. Wonderful tiles designs. I think good tiles in the house esp next to the door are super important. I love geometric styles, it is always superb!

    1. Tiles can really make a big difference to the look of a home. We love tiles in bathrooms and kitchens. They can work well in the living room to depending on the style of your home.

  16. I would love a kitchen like in photo number one. Now I know what colour and type of tiles to use for my kitchen.

    1. The colours really work well don’t they 🙂

  17. This is brilliant for ideas on tiling and sprucing up an area.

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