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TomTom – GO LIVE 800 series (Sat Nav)

I loooooooove this! It’s absolutely fantastic!!!!!! Need I say more?
Well I’m going to anyway lol.  It wouldn’t be me to just stop there.
I can be good with technology when the need arises and when this fantastic little device arrived it arose for sure.  My first interaction with a TomTom was initially when we borrowed one from a family member.  I recall thinking what a fabulous little device this gadget was.  Now having used my very own TomTom on a few occasions (accompanied by my husband or friends) I feel it is time to spread the word.
This is sooooo easy to use and it provides you with all sorts of information including:
How long it will take until you get to your destination which is refreshed if you get stuck in traffic.
The speed limit in your current location.
Warnings when you are approaching a speed camera (this happens at whatever speed you are driving at).  
It also gives you the option of an alternative route (with how much time it will save you) in cases where there is traffic or there are road works that may delay your journey. 
If you are busy talking and don’t hear the instructions (lets face it, it, does happen especially if you talk as much as I have been known too) you will be given instructions of how to get back onto your route from that position or to turn around at your nearest convenience.
The screen size is just right, not to big to obstruct your vision but large enough to provide you with all the information you require clearly.
Regular downloads are available to keep your sat nav updated with all the newest maps available.
For those that haven’t yet got a sat nav but do go on long journeys or to new local places I would definately recommend getting one of these!
I just wanted to add that until I share this on facebook / twitter with TomTom they are unaware I am writing a review on their product.

This is Not a sponsored post.

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  1. I have this satnav, i agree with what you say, it is amazing!

  2. Would love satnav, especially on long journeys

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