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Top 5 Things to Consider When Choosing Your New Cooker


Love food?  If like me your answer to that would be ‘I sure do!!!’ then one of the most important gadgets in your home is your cooker and oven.  For a foodie, choosing a quality oven that caters to your needs is a must, and to make the right choice there are a number of important factors to consider:

Gas or Electric?
The main decision for those in the market for a new oven is usually choosing between a gas and an electric cooker.  The lower operating cost of gas ovens appeals to many, whilst others opt for electric ovens due to the greater level of control they give over temperatures and cooking areas.  A good compromise would be a dual fuel cooker.  Though the initial cash outlay is slightly greater, the ability to switch between gas and electric means users get the best of both worlds and is really worth it.

gas 1  gas 2

Integrated or freestanding?
A separate integrated oven and hob combination can make you kitchen look stylish and modern although repairs and replacements can prove problematic, as it will involve dismantling your worktop.  Freestanding cookers, on the other hand, are cheaper and easier to install, repair and replace, as they can simply slot into any modular kitchen design.

 gas 4  gas 3

Energy efficiency
When choosing a cooker, look for its energy-efficiency label. While the cash outlay on a cooker with an energy rating of A or above may seem daunting, the savings on your monthly energy bills will be enormous – and you’ll be doing your bit for the environment too.

 gas 5

If you’re a regular entertainer, opt for a high-capacity oven. This will allow you the flexibility to prepare large meals or a number of dishes at once.

 DSC00223  DSC00243

Special features
Modern cookers come with an array of special features, and deciding which of these will benefit you most could be the key to choosing your cooker. Advanced safety features could be the order of the day if you’re a parent, whilst budding chefs may opt for an oven with an interactive cookbook.

Whatever you’re looking for from your new cooker, opt for a quality, reliable manufacturer of energy-efficient home and kitchen appliances such as Amica.  Their intuitive, easy-to-use range of appliances are packed with special features designed to make everyday tasks as simple as possible – so whether you need an integrated oven and hob combo with an interactive cookbook, or a freestanding cooker with an aqualytic cleaning system, they’re sure to have the right option for your kitchen.

gas 8 gas 7

Why not take a look at the Amica website and select the perfect cooker for you!

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  1. good tips and advice thank you x

  2. great advice, i do a lot of cooking in my woodburning oven, which i wouldn’t be without, but i also have a standby electric oven (for hot weather!) and a flat electric hob which doubles as worktop space when the wood oven is going

  3. Great tips and advice cheers for that. Will take this onboard

  4. I had never really thought about the minefield of buying a cooker as the one we have is built in from when we moved in. Good tips!

  5. Hi there, i like this article as I really need a new cooker!

  6. Sometimes choosing is not an easy task, you have to check everything before having a final decision to buy. But thanks for discussing some consideration which one to buy it is interesting.

    1. It is a hard task especially if you love to cook 😉

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