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Getting Rid Of Old Gadgets Responsibly

There is a growing concern at the moment about the amount of electronic-device waste people create.  I have just upgraded my phone (more on that in another post) and so I will be using my old one for emergencies but I still have the one previous (I was using as an emergency phone before) that which is really outdated now.  The question is what do I do with the handset.  It still works but is really basic so would possibly be of use to someone that just wants a phone for calls.  Forget internet access this thing is old!  I know that many of you might be in the same position with having an old phone and wanting to be responsible with it’s disposal.  For those unaware of what happens with old phones and the effect on the environment and our health I have included an infographic to get you up to speed fast but for those with kids or planning to have them we need to start acting now to reduce electronic waste.  It helps us all if we learn how to get rid of these items without causing harm to the environment.

Contact Electronics Recycling Companies

Do not make the mistake of putting your electronic products in the bin they will just end up in a landfill. That causes an adverse impact on the planet as the contents of these items do not decompose well and results in the soil being contaminated with toxic substances.  It is becoming far easier to recycle your phone than ever before.  You can find phone collection points at some supermarkets now and also at local recycling centres where you can hand in your old phone for recycling.  There are also numerous places that will recycle old batteries.

Sell Old / Unwanted Phones

In most instances there is no need to throw away any electrical items.  Many of these can usually be found a new owner and you can make a little extra cash at the same time.  Alternatively do a nice thing and give it away for free.  Your phone will get to go to a nice new home, you don’t pollute the environment and as an added extra you get a warm fuzzy feeling for doing something nice.

Trade-In Old Phones

Lots of technology and smartphone providers offer deals that enable owners to trade-in their devices for store credit or to get a price reduction on another handset. Many sure you also take this into consideration as it could save you money.

I hope that on reading this post you now have a better idea about the best ways to dispose of unwanted old phones, laptops, and tablets in an environmentally friendly manner. Please do share this article with friends and family.  We need to get the word out that these items don’t always need to go out in the trash and keep toxic chemicals out of landfills.

Graphic by mytrendy phone

Do you recycle old phones and other electrical items you no longer have a need for?

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  1. I usually either trade in or send off for recycling. The body shop had a great recycling scheme for a bit that donated money to women’s shelters.

  2. I’ve never put any electronics in the bin, I’ve always managed to sell them on or taken them to the recycling place. It’s horrible to read how much damage they do to the environment.

  3. I’m quite waste conscious and always try to dispose of everything responsibly or recycle, but it’s always good to remind myself of the stats!

  4. I saw the Reggie Yates documentary on BBC on this actually, and it is shocking how much waste there is. I definitely think twice now about throwing old devices away.

    1. I need to see if I can find it and watch it too. It is shocking the amount of electrical waste there is and that not enough is done to publicise it.

  5. You are right in saying that there can be electronic waste so I agree that recycling your phone is a great way to get rid of old gadgets responsibly x

    1. It can make a big difference to our environment and future generations.

  6. What is overlooked is these companies make these products with a short-life spans. Repair shops for gadgets are far and between because TVs,computers and phones are made to be replaced,not repaired.
    And that affects the amount of e-trash we generate.

    1. That’s very true. Things don’t seem to be made to last anymore. It’s a same the governments don’t step in to stop this.

  7. This is such a fab post, I usually try to sell my old electrics. However once they’re unable to be used anymore I am a little clueless. Thanks for sharing this post 🙂

    1. No problem. Glad you found it useful. Please do spread the word.

  8. WE usually trade in the old electronics or donate them to the high school, they collect e-waste as fundraising.

    1. That’s fantastic. I wish they would do that everywhere.

  9. That’s a good idea. I tend to keep old phones in my cupboard!

  10. Thanks Mel! Very informative – many people just throw anything and everything in their bin out of laziness!

  11. Youre right …recycling is so important ….a good read

  12. i didnt know this

  13. Shocking how much people waste I always try to bring things back to life or recycle

  14. awesome thatll make a huge difference some day !!!

    1. It sure will. We need to start doing this a lot more.

  15. Great post. The facts about waste are actually really scary

  16. Interesting I never know what to do with old electronics, mobile phones I have sent to get cash for your old phone

  17. You are so right and so sad that we live in a throw away society and we need to live in a more recycled society but it does not help that the big companies makes sure the phone only has a short life span before the battery goes and brings out a new advanced phone each year that you just have to have.

  18. I find it’s always worth putting them on eBay, even if they are not working properly, people make use of them for spare parts

  19. its amazing how much waste there is in the world – i watched a programme on how people take their families to be with them on these sites where they burn old computers etc. and the young were all getting lung cancer etc – the world is an awful place sometimes – lets all recyle in a better healthier way

  20. technology comes on every day so its no wonder there is so much electrical waste! i always try to recycle my devices when i can!

  21. I feel really guilty, never thought about this before. Thanks

  22. i really should get around to doing this. i’ve got a drawer full of old phones, batteries ect

  23. We recycle as much as we can. I think it’s so important for people to start doing their bit, if they’re not already!

  24. Great review, can’t believe how many trees are saved by each item, I’ll definitely be getting rid of old gadgets responsibly from now on

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