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Nixplay Seed 10.1 inch Widescreen Review

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Many of us enjoy taking photos.  What do you do with your photos after you’ve taken them though?  Do you print them off, add them to an album which ends up gathering dust or do you keep them on a memory stick or hard drive which you forget to look at in time.  I’m forever taking pictures of the kids but don’t really get a chance to look at pictures often after they’ve been taken unless I’m screening them for work projects.

I was delighted when Nixplay got in touch and asked me to review their Nixplay Seed 10.1 inch Widescreen (Wi-Fi) Frame.


Many of us share our pictures on social media, but, these social sharing channels are not as secure as we might like.  With Nixplay pictures can be shared with friends and family in a secure manner.  It is so good, it has become the top-selling digital photo frame.


Set Up

The Nixplay Seed arrived surprisingly fast and then the scary part.  Setting it up.  If like me you are a bit of a technophobe then having to set up anything electrical can be a concern.  I needn’t have worried though it was super easy to do and it wasn’t long before I was downloading the app onto my phone and sending photos and videos straight this super smart gadget.  Aaahhh yes, I said videos too.  This clever device can also show short videos of 15 seconds each.  The great thing is, you no longer need a memory stick etc.

Sounds ideal to give as a gift for birthdays, Christmas, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

How to Set Up

Prop up the frame using the cord that plugs into the power cable.

Plug one end of the power cable into the frame and the other into the connector.

Turn the frame on.

A welcome message will come up on the screen.

Using the mini remote set the required language, then select your WiFi Network and add in the details so that the device can access this.

Set up an account with www.nixplay.com or go to google play and download the app to your phone.

Set up Bluetooth on the frame by selecting Bluetooth.  Doing this for the first time?  Make sure you select “Enable Discovery Mode” on the frame and that Bluetooth is turned on and then select Nixplay Seed Wave from the list to pair with your phone.

See how I set up the Nixplay and also how it displays the pictures here:



What’s in the Box

Digital photo frame

Slim adjustable power cord

Various plug sockets to allow for use in other countries

Remote control


Nixplay Seed Features

Cloud-based Storage

Store photos and videos (each video 15 seconds long)

Free Nixplay App

Download to an iPhone or android phone or pc to enable pictures and videos to be easily uploaded to the photo frame.  Photos can also be sent by email and from social media accounts such as facebook and instagram.  You and other family members can send photos to the device even when abroad making this a wonderful gift, especially for parents and grandparents.  This way they get to enjoy fun moments once you’ve captured them.  Pictures can also have captions added which is a great idea and enable you to make it so much more personal.

You can also invite friends to send photos and videos to a frame.


High Resolution Display

It plays photos in 16:10 High Resolution IPS Display giving an amazingly crisp image.  In fact,  pictures from my phone looked clearer when played on the Nixplay than when I look at them on my phone!!!

Smart Hu-Motion Sensor

This detects motion within the room to turn the frame on when someone walks in and off when they leave.  You can adjust settings for your requirements easily either on the frame itself or via the app on your phone.  This way the frame is only active when required.  If you want it to turn off 5 minutes after the last person has left the room for example, you can simply program the frame to do this.  The pictures and videos don’t take up much space so there is plenty of room for lots of playlists to be added.

What Did We Think?

This can be set up anywhere you can plug it in.  This sleek black frame will look great in any home.  The remote is easy to use which of course meant the kids figured it out pretty fast.  Set up was simple.  Other family members can also send pictures to the frame.  You can send pictures to the frame whilst you are out and about so it’s perfect as a gift although if you find yourself setting it up to give as a gift you may not want to part with it after.  It’s not just your phone that can be used to send photos.  Pictures can also be sent from your computer.  If you want to remove a picture it’s easily done too.

Photos can be shared with any friends and family that have a Nixplay frame.  Those that don’t have a frame can still share photos with you provided they download the app.

I love that this is a great item for those that love tech but at the same time technophobes like myself can set it up easily.  It took me a week at least to get the nerve to even try to set it up.  Feel a bit silly now it was so easy to do.


Which (family friendly) pictures would you add to a Nixplay Frame?

Who would you gift a photo frame to?


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This Post Has 18 Comments

  1. I think this is nice as it means you can see lots of photos rather than just one you’d print and put in a frame. Too many of us have photos online but don’t do anything with them x

    1. I agree. It’s such a shame many pictures are not often get seen. This is the perfect solution.

  2. Ooo we always love a good bit of tech in our house. This looks like just what we are looking for…will check this out xx

    1. It makes a great addition to any home. It’s great it changes on its own so you can see loads of different pictures and videos.

  3. I take so many photos but very rarely get round to printing them off.
    This looks like a cool way to display your photos in your home, and I agree it would make a great gift (my Nan would love this!)

    1. It is a lovely way to display them and you can add loads!!!!!!

  4. I love how easy it is to add new photos to the frame via the app. Better to see the photos that are taken than hidden in the computer

    1. Totally agree. This is such a clever product!!!!

  5. It’s really cool that other people can send photos to the frame and update the images as exciting things happen. It sounds great.

    1. I know I do love that feature!!!!

  6. This looks like a fantastic digital photo frame and I especially like how it is cloud based rather than needing USB sticks and uploads etc.

    1. I have lost pictures before that were on USB sticks. This way I know my treasured memories are safe which I love.

  7. This is a great digital frame. I love that it is so easy to upload your photos from your phone, it means you can always have current images. Mich x

    1. It is such a great gadget. I’m loving we can see our pictures instead of them being stuck on the phone, camera etc.

  8. Aw this is such a lovely way to display family photos and happy memories. If I had one, I would have all my photos from my travels in Bali on it! xxx

    1. It’s great for holiday photos. I’m hoping to upload some of our summer ones onto it.

  9. This is a great idea – and a lovely gift too. I have literally thousands of photos and am always afraid of losing them. This is a lovely way to display them. Kaz

    1. I know what you mean. I’ve lost pictures before. This is a great way to make sure you get to see them and have them stored safely.

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