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Top Tips for Haggling when you are on Holiday

Are you off on holiday this year?

Are you planning on going shopping at any markets?

Do you know how to haggle?

Having had many years of experience in this field I thought I should share what I have learnt over the years for those that may not have had much practice in the art of haggling.  I’ve been haggling since I was a mini person so now even my mum gets me to haggle for her when we go away together.  It can be great fun and very satisfying to get a great discount.  And no it’s not cheeky, many market holders in countries such as Spain for example expect people to haggle so they actually hike up their prices in preparation.  Those that do not haggle are often caught out paying a third or even double more than what an item should have cost.


Here are my top tips for haggling:

You should find they work pretty well.

* Make sure you have a range of notes / change on you in advance.  Change some at your hotel if you need to before you go out.

* It needs to be a place you can haggle ie. a market.

* Have a look around before you decide on an item.  If there are similar items on other stalls ask them the price then experiment with haggling with them first.  You don’t want to offend the person on the stall with the item you really want now do you!

* Offer a fair price, don’t try to discount the item excessively unless other stalls will go down that amount.

* If you have offered a fair price, initially stand your ground.  Brits are known for giving in easily when it comes to haggling and some stall holders take advantage of this knowledge.

* Mention that another / other stall(s) have the same item / similar for less.  Using your knowledge against them can be a valuable tool, don’t let them think you can be fooled easily.

* If they are still not budging offer to increase the amount by a little.

* Still no joy?  Flash your cash.  Don’t show more than the amount you are offering or the stall holder may not budge on the price.

* How are we doing?  Any lucky yet.  In some cases walking off helps, I have had numerous stall holders follow me down the market walkway saying “ok, yes I will do if for that price”, or something along those lines.

* Make sure you barter for something you actually want, it’s pointless for you and the stall holder to start the bartering process then you change your mind after the stall holder has caved and said they will sell for a lower price.  I’ve seen people do it and it’s not fair after all the effort!

Have fun!

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  1. My husband is great at haggling, which is great because I’m rubbish.

    1. That’s handy, he should teach you it can be fun x

  2. Great tips, I do like to haggle, but do sometimes feel a little intimidated by it x

    1. I know what you mean but as long as you look confident in front of them then you should be fine x

  3. I absolutely hate haggling and when I was in Morocco a girl I was with did it all for me. Having lots of smaller notes definitely works best x

    1. You can get some great bargains, give it a go! 😉

  4. Great tips, i have always been really uncomfortable haggling

    1. It just takes a little practice.

  5. Love these tips – I definitely agree with have a good look around the other stalls first and check out the competition 😀

    1. Happy bargain hunting, I hope you get some nice goodies.

  6. These are some great tips I have to admit I don’t haggle as much as I should at all.

    1. Aahhh try doing it a bit more you will be pleased with the savings.

  7. This is really helpful advice! I wouldn’t know where to start. Haggling must take some practice.

    1. Not much, give it a try Liz.

  8. We always haggle when on holiday. We got some proper bargains when we were in Mexico.

  9. I am the worst haggler known to man. I just don’t have it in me. My other half or my mum though- crikey they’re amazing!

  10. I never even think to haggle! Perhaps it’s something I should try.

    1. I think you should, you can save loads.

  11. i always haggle whenever I’m in hong kong and visiting the markets. they’re a tough crowd haha

    1. Lol, it’s fun though isn’t it.

  12. Loving your tips here. Going to use them.

  13. I hate haggling, I’m really no good at it at all!! These tips should help me a lot xxx

  14. I love haggling! Stay friendly and reasonable with your prices. Lovely tips, dear. 🙂

  15. excellent tips! I’ve just started learning the “art of haggling” in recent years, it definitely pays to do so

    1. That’s good to hear, bet you got some great bargains.

  16. I am absolutely hopeless at haggling, tried in Egypt and totally sucked ha x

    1. It’ll come with practice 😉

  17. My dad always haggles when on holiday – I cant bring myself to do it!

  18. Loved this. It reminded me of the scene in “Life of Brian” where he’s expected to haggle for the gourd. Apologies if that means absolutely nothing to you though Mel! I’d love to be able to haggle in John Lewis but I suspect that’s probably a no-no.

  19. Great tips
    Have tried haggling before but with not much luck
    I’ll use a few of your techniques and see how I go

  20. My husband haggles for everything! I refuse to go shopping with him when he is in a seriously haggling mood! I would add another tip to make sure the seller knows that you understand their currency.

    1. You have a point there, good tip. Lol it’s best to let him get on with it 😉

  21. I used to be too shy to haggle, but now I’m older and wiser (?) I actually quite enjoy it. x

  22. Some great tips here, I will keep them in mind for my next holiday and/or car boot sale! xx

    1. You could try these at a boot sale, good luck 😉

  23. Thank-you, some really useful info here to keep in mind for our next trip abroad.

  24. Great tips! It can be intimidating when it’s not part of ones culture, but I guess it’s a question of jumping in, having a go and trying to get used to it.

  25. In certain countries you must haggle unless you want to get really ripped off. Remember that the vendors know that potential buyers think the “real” price has been doubled, so in fact they often mark items up much more than this. A case in point, in Morocco a vendor tried to sell me a weaving for the equivalent of £300! I offered him 1/10th of what he had asked as I had seen them for sale in a shop with marked prices at around £100 equivalent, which I knew would be overpriced. I ended up getting the item for £50. I’m sure if I had been more aggressive I could have got it for even less.

  26. Thanks for the great tips! I’m definitely going to try these on my next holiday. My mam is really good at haggling but I’m just awful at it lol.

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