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River Island Summer Day Dress Wishlist 2016

I do love the style and range of clothes that can be found at River Island, they have some gorgeous shoes and fabulous daywear including some amazing summer dresses.  I’m now counting down to the summer as I am overly excited and can’t wait for its arrival and to help you all feel that little bit summerier too I thought I would share my River Island summer day dress wishlist.  The following dresses are my top 5 must haves for the warmer months.

This navy eyelet dress is that little bit different. It’s one of those styles that may not look that great on the hanger but do not be fooled it looks great on.  It also complements a fuller bust but for those that may feel they are lacking a little in that region a push up bra will work wonders.

RISummer2016 4

The dress is priced at £150 but will get a lot of wear and can be dressed up with a little sparkle and a cute clutch to transform it into a beautiful evening outfit.

For really warm days, yes we do get them in the UK and of course an ideal dress to wear on holiday this £28 khaki asymmetric dress is lovely.  Pair it with a tan (from a bottle please I am not promoting anyone going out and getting a natural tan/skin damage) add a little gold jewellery and you have a feminine and stylish look.

RISummer2016 3

Another dress that is suited to tanned or darker skin is this pretty white ace bandeau dress.  It’s got to be a summer wardrobe staple for all that love relaxed, loose, floaty dresses and can also be dressed up easily.  It’s only £35 so a great buy too.

RISummer2016 1

This stunning dress really shows curves so is suited best for those with a slim line figure.  The style is perfect for day wear as these are very comfortable.  I really love the colour!  This is the lowest priced dress from those chose and is only £22.

RISummer2016 5

Last but definitely not least this off-the-shoulder Bardot neckline, belted black maxi dress.  It was love at first sight I must admit when I saw it!!!!  Reasonably priced at £30 this has to be a firm summer must have contender.  I could easily see myself wearing this in the day and at night.  This is one of those dresses we all need to have.

RISummer2016 2

Which is your favourite?


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  1. I love the white lace bandeau dress, sadly my skin is so pale it wouldn’t look good on me

    1. That’s nothing a little tan in a bottle wouldn’t fix easily go for it!

  2. Shoulder bardot is my favourite
    Love the wide leg design and off the shoulder look

    1. It’s gorgeous isn’t it 😉

  3. They are all very pretty! I love the red one such a pretty colour. Bit sad it’ll show off all my bumps though

    1. Isn’t it lovely, that colour is great for the summer. Still time to work on reducing bumps before the summer comes xxx

  4. I love all your choices but especially like the navy eyelet dress and the white bandeau dress, I think I might go look for the white one as it’s gorgeous!

    1. These ones are perfect for the summer.

  5. Oh God I love them all, all perfect for the summer! I need an injection of cash.

    1. Me too, you know what i’m buying!!!

  6. I really like the first dress, I love how it fits and the detailing x

    1. I also love the colour, makes a change from black.

  7. Though a bit pricey but I am loving the first dress and overall I am loving the wishlist

    1. It is isn’t it but is lovely 😉

  8. There are some lovely dresses there but I love the last one, the bardot neckline black maxi dress, would look great for day or evening wear 🙂

  9. Obsessed with the white dress, River Island is one of my favourite shops x

  10. I am loving your choices – I keep thinking I really must try and get myself a new summer dress soon! x

  11. I love anything with a bardot neckline at the moment so it has to be the last dress!!!

  12. They are all beautiful but I think my favourite is the navy blue suede eyelet dress!

  13. I love the detailing on the first dress. So very pretty.

  14. I love the white dress its perfect for summer

  15. I’m loving the red dress. You’ve made great choices here.

  16. I really hope the weather holds out so I can continue to wear dresses more x

  17. The first dress is just the cutest. Great picks! I think the rest of them would be great for classy events.

  18. I’ve been wearing so many dresses lately! These all look lovely – perfect for warmer days (if we get any!).

  19. I love the dresses you’ve posted on here, I wish I could afford to shop at River Island more there is some seriously gorgeous pieces on this list 🙂 x

  20. I’m going to go and see if I can buy the white bandeau dress on Thursday! I go on holiday next Tuesday and I have been looking for a dress exactly like this x

  21. Some lovely dresses – I love the first two best! My purse loves the second one better! Kaz x

  22. I love the white one – perfect for keeping cool in the heat. Would be a nightmare to keep clean though lol

  23. I love River Island, great choice of dresses, I like the navy eyelet dress 🙂

    1. Great choice it is great!

  24. River island always have such beautiful clothes I love your picks and I am in love with their new plus range X

    1. I didn’t realise they did a plus range I have a friend that would be interested to hear that, thanks x

  25. I love that white strapless dress! Perfect for the summer, and would look amazing with a bit of a tan

    1. Sure would it’s a beautiful dress.

  26. I would never pay £150 for a dress!! Really love the white dress and the black dress and both are in my price range

    1. Those are both lovely too, it is a bit pricey for the dress but I do love it x

  27. The navy eyelet dress is gorgeous – I really like it!

    1. I think it’s expensive but it’s so pretty I’m willing to overlook that 😉

  28. I love River Island and that last black dress is beautiful!

    1. Isn’t it, I may have to get one myself.

  29. love the red dress this would be ideal on holiday x

  30. I love River Island

  31. Stunning dresses

  32. Love River Island, the white maxi dress is just lovely x

  33. I don’t think I’ve been in river island since beforeI was pregnant and I used to love it. Need to have a look now. I love the red dress x

  34. I love the white can’t justify the price of the black, out of my league but the white would make me look like a ghost

  35. That denim dress is gorgeous!

  36. The white dress is wonderful but I would need to keep the children’s sticky fingers off of it!

  37. The eyelet dress is my choice – exactly my style!

  38. I need to have a look at River Island asap, so many nice pieces

    1. They do have a lovely selection.

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