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Walking Shoe Wishlist for all the Family Spring 2016

I am trying to walk as much as possible but in the back of my mind I have been thinking about getting some new walking shoes.  It is important to wear the correct shoes for the form of exercise you are undertaking as by not doing so you run the risk of causing damage to various parts of your body from the soles of the feet and arches to the heels, ankles, knees and lower back.  So you see it is far more important than people realise to make sure that they have the correct type of shoe.

I was looking for a walking shoe for myself that provided support, cushioning wouldn’t cause blisters and was also reasonably priced.

I decided to put together a mini walking shoe wishlist for all the family as realistically we should all be partaking in this basic and free form of exercise.

For the ladies these walking boots looked ideal and appear to tick all the right boxes.

Walking 1Walking 2They look great, appear to offer suitable support and look as if they would be comfortable.  I also love the slight touch of pink that is feminine but at the same time not over bearing.

For the men I thought these walking boots looked trendy and extremely comfortable and even if the kids are bugging when you are out and about these shoes won’t!

Walking 3 Walking 4And for the mini ones these super adorable Nike trainers.

Walking 5 Walking 6

How cute are these!!!!!

I am sure Mr Squishy would look great in those blue ones.  There is of course a larger range available than what I have selected over on the Brantano website and they have styles and sizes to suit age groups not covered here.  Just a quick word of advice, it is generally best to have at least two pairs of walking shoes if you walk regularly.  Make sure you alternate between both pairs of shoes to help keep them dry and aerated and reduce the buildup of bacteria which will result in them developing unpleasant aromas.

What do you think of my choices, do you prefer any others on the Brantano site?

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  1. Walking boots are one of the best inventions ever! I never thought I would be such a strong advocate. I wear mine every week for when we do Walking Wednesdays and love how comfortable they feel as well as providing support for my feet and ankles. Children’s walking boots are super cute too!

    1. They do come in handy and it’s great that they are supportive and comfortable at the same time.

  2. oh I so need to comfy walking shoes as I walk the dogs for miles and my feet always hurt

    1. These ones are perfect for that. Happy shopping!

  3. those nike pink shoes are just adorable! I really need to buy new walking shoes

  4. Oh my goodness, those little Nike trainers are gorgeous! I need to get a pair for my Son xx

    1. I’m glad you liked them, he’s going to love his new shoes.

  5. These look like really nice shoes. They have some great designs.

    1. I do love these designs, they are all well thought through.

  6. My favorites are the blue and black Nike trainers although I have to confess I don’t own a single pair of trainers. I need to get myself a pair!

    1. Oh no, quick pop over to their website and rectify that!!! 😉

  7. I love your choices, those Nike trainers are lovely

    1. They are great, I could see my kids in those.

  8. Cute shoes you got here. Sure they will be perfect walking shoes.

    1. They do look great for walking don’t they.

  9. My hubby goes to a sports shoe shop that has a special running machine that measures how you run gait and pronation etc, to find you the perfect pair of running shoes. it’s ace bad shoes can cause so many problems x

    1. Bad shoes can cause problems, these ones look great though, don’t they 😉

  10. I tend to use hiking shoes/ trainers when I go walking because they have good grip and support on them x

    1. A good grip is very important in terms of safety, these ones looked like they would be good for that.

  11. Aww what a lovely list – I have to admit I really need to invest in some walking shoes. x

    1. Glad you liked them, let me know if you get any of these ones.

  12. I am loving your choices! I only just went through the whole unpleasant experience of buying new hiking boots (I hate shopping!) and alas, they’re so not waterproof! I start my journey careful about where I step and by the end I’m just trudging through the bogs straight on as my feet can’t get any more soggy! I need a pair of shoes that are actually waterproof.

    1. Pop over to the site and take a look, I’m sure they must have some on there.

  13. The children’s pairs are adorable! These are all so much more fashionable than the ugly grey pair I have for Duke of Edinburgh haha

    1. They are, the design is nice aswell as the colour.

  14. How cute are they?
    IT’s always important to have proper walking shoes isn’t it.

    1. I love those mini ones, they are adorable!

  15. I need to invest in decent pair of walking shoes as we have started to go away more on walking holiday.

    1. Walking holidays are great fun, I hope you liked my choices of shoes.

  16. I’ve been meaning to buy the kids some good walking shoes for a while now but haven’t had a clue where to start and was worried id make the wrong choice. This post has been very helpful thankyou xx

    1. Glad you liked it Sarah, have fun shopping.


  18. I Do So very much agree about how footwear should be perfectly made to cater for our feet so that they are kept healthy through all our daily Actions in life . But I myself find the Price to be so so expensive for Me & Also my daughters Find it hard to pay the price for them too , we have to resort to the Sale items of a cheaper make that is not as good for our feet .

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