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A dress for all Occasions

After an extensive search through my wardrobe in preparation for some press events it dawned on me that it might be time to invest in a nice sophisticated and flattering dress that would be perfect for evenings out over the Summer.  As far as i’m concerned you can get away with wearing the same dress again and again if you go to different places and of course mix and match accessories so don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

Turning on the computer I browsed the internet to looking for a dress that would be suitable for a range of occasions.  My salvation came when I had a quick glance through the George website.  I had recalled a friend had mentioned they had found a nice dress at George so I thought it was worth a look.  Popping over to their site I was impressed at the range of dresses they had available (we all know from my weekly Majique London posts that I simply adore dresses).  I spotted a dress that looked perfect.

dress a


The fit was good and allows more for size 10-12 which is great if you are having an off day.


Naturally one can’t purchase a new dress without the obligatory new pair of shoes.

shoes 4


These super cute sparkly shoes are just what was needed and can be mixed and matched with dresses, jeans and even leggings.

And, well, as I was at it,  I selected a bag too!


bag 2

Ordering online was simple thankfully and within a few short days, voila:


I selected this dress as I loved the style and cut and it really is a flattering design.  Blue makes a nice change from black although let it be said ‘one can NEVER have enough little black dresses’!!!!!  Or shoes, or bags lol.

The bag was perfect as it went well with the dress and shoes and it can fit everything you could possibly need.  I likened it to the bag Mary Poppins had that fit everything including the kitchen sink although with a more stylish appearance.


Te bag also expands if required to.


  There is a little pouch for lips gloss/lipsticks/keys and also a zip pocket for valuables.


The bag seals at the front with a clasp with a strap that covers the top so that your belongings are safe which is great if you are out and about in the busy streets of London (or anywhere else) like myself.

The items all work well together and can be mixed with others to create a whole new look.



I mentioned that I was to post a competition on facebook and twitter so here it is.

One of my lucky winners will win this fragrance:


I will for starters say I have no idea what it actually smells like from personal experience but it appears that the fragrance will be something floral from the packaging.

To enter just fill in the Rafflecopter form:

Not sure how to?

Don’t worry just have a quick read of this and see how easy it is:


Not all of the entry options are compulsory but the more you do the more entries you will gain.  Look out for the daily entry options for extra entries.

Likes on Facebook are NOT compulsory but are very much appreciated plus it will ensure you don’t miss my great posts, freebies and competitions.

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  1. It all looks great but I do love the bag! Plenty of room for all those things you can’t possibly leave home without, perfect.

    1. I think so, I can even fit in a few nappies, baby wipes etc and no one is any the wiser.

  2. Love the dress! Shoes and handbag are nice as well. All in all great outfit

    1. Thanks Val, I am planning on wearing it to my next press event. Now I just need to be invited to one lol.

  3. I love this page and the competition – love raffle copter comps too thanx 🙂

    1. I’m glad you like the page Heather. I love rafflecopter as it is the fairest way to select winners.

  4. I love the dress !! perfect for any occasion and a classic colour. The blue would match my eyes!! LOL xx

    1. It sounds like it would be the perfect dress for you Claire. Don’t forget the shoes too!

  5. I just love the beautiful design and versatility of the dress, so ultra feminine

    1. It is isn’t it. I thought the colour was great and goes really well wth the shoes.

  6. I love the dress,perfect switty swoo style for me!

  7. i love the bag – it looks a good size too!

    1. It really is, gets everything in there. Bet I could fit the baby in too lol.

  8. I really like the bag because it looks so roomy. I normally have a shoulder strap bag but this one looks nice under the arm.

    1. This one is a great size. I find I can keep an emergency stash of baby changing items in it which is a bonus, it’s like a Mary Poppins bag lol.

  9. I really love the dress! but I do have a thing for handbags!

    1. I don’t blame you Alica, it’s a lovely bag and roomy too.

  10. Very stylish dress and the bag specially is very roomy , thanks for sharing x

    1. You are welcome, I’m really pleased with all the items and they all appear to have been well made too.

  11. The bag is my favourite. I just can’t get enough, especially, black ones.

    1. Me too, black is great as it goes with just about everything.

  12. I love the shoes, they’re elegant yet sparkly 🙂

    1. The sparkle really does make these shoes stand out.

  13. I love that dress. The colour is stunning and the lacy design is feminine and flattering. That was a very good find 🙂

    1. Thanks Louise, I love the colour and it makes a change from a little black dress.

  14. I really love the dress. It’s just the style I usually wear.

    1. It’s a lovely dress and I plan to wear it in winter too although with a shawl.

  15. I totally agree this dress is perfect for some many kinds of events and I love it – looks amazing on and the sleeve detail is beautiful. Thanks for sharing

    Laura x

    1. No problem Laura, I’m glad you agree with me. I love this dress.

  16. I love the shoes, so versatile x

    1. They are a great idea, I’m not sure if any other shoes have this option.

  17. I love the dress, it captures my style to a tee and is just awesome!!

    1. Thanks for your comment Ruth. I loved this dress and didn’t expect to find one like that from George. I will have to shop with them more often.

  18. I think the bag would be great for me

    1. It’s a great bag!

  19. The bag looks fab…I love big bags cause I always have a lot of rubbish iseem to carry about!

    1. This one is great and really roomy! I get loads in there.

  20. I love the dress , it would get plenty of wear , looks so glam

    1. I’m enjoying wearing it out it looks fantastic on.

  21. love the bag

  22. Love the outfit! The dress is gorgoues, I love blue as an alternative to black. Great shoe pick too!

    M xx

    1. Thanks, it really is a great colour and style.

  23. i love the dress. its such a lovely shape

    1. It fits really well and the cut is very flattering.

  24. love the whole outfit but the bag is my favourite

    1. The bag is fab and goes with so many different outfits.

  25. I love the bag. Smart and sophisticated. A girl can never have too many bags!!

    1. You’re right Sarah, you can never have enough bags, or shoes 😉

  26. I love the bag because I’m a bag lover. It looks like a real classic design which would go with many different outfits.

    1. It really is and super roomy! I think we all need at least 1 or 5 of them each lol!

  27. all very high quality items that most people would want

    1. They all seemed well made and are doing well so far.

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