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VTech Kidizoom Smart Watch DX

We were recently sent a VTech Kidizoom Smart Watch DX to review.  What a great gadget.  This watch is fully loaded with fun games and activities which will keep little ones entertained for hours I should know it did a wonderful job of keeping my girls quiet and busy.  Very appropriate for children of this day and age the watch is great for taking selfies and videos.  This watch is so simple to use too which is wonderful so I didn’t need to get the children to show me how to work it!


How to Use the VTech Kidizoom Smart Watch DX  

*The first thing you need to do is turn on the master switch on the back.

*Then fully charge the watch before you use the watch.

* Set the date and time first in the settings section (look for a picture of a screwdriver and spanner).

*Choose the clock face you like.

* Explore the various options on the phone.  You can set the alarm, play games, take photos and make videos, find your monster identity and more.

Good to Know

The screen is a 1.44 inch, colour touch screen.  You simply press the home button or swipe to move about to different features.

The watch has a 256 MB built in memory which is shared with the programme data.

Battery life really does depend on usage but if usage is heavy the watch will last for about 1 day.

The cable provided can be used to charge the camera as well as transfer files between the watch and the computer so you can save photos and videos and download more fun games.

You can chose from 12 types of activities.


Camera & Video

There is a 0.3 MP camera and the watch can hold up to 1600 photos.

The length of each video is a max of 1 minute each.

Pictures and videos can be livened up with various effects, frames and filters.


Take a look at photos and videos you have taken and delete any you no longer want.

Voice Recording

You can record your voice for up to 60 seconds and then play around with this changing the sound of the voice.



There are 5 fun games; Jumping Eggs, Music Town, Tic-Tac-Toe, Super Snowboard and Super Boarder to keep the little ones entertained whilst they try to complete them.  Don’t forget you can download more games too.


There are three great games here; Monster Identity (my girls love this and play it over and over), Silly Face Detector (great fun) and Sound Shaker.


Includes 3 activities; Racing Run, Crazy Dance and Funky Dance.  These have been designed to get children moving whilst having fun.


Count how many steps you can do.  My little ones compete with me and my FitBit to see if they can keep up with my step count.  It’s great to encourage little ones to get moving rather than just sitting around all day.


All these features are pretty self explanatory and thankfully simple to use.  The calculator can help with maths problems that contain two digit numbers.  In the settings you can of course change the clock time and date shown on the watch.


Again the features here are pretty clear.  The Time Master is great to help teach little ones tell the time and I plan to make full use of that function over the summer holidays.

Included in the pack is the watch with a battery, this battery can be recharged but cannot be replaced.  There is a USB cable to charge the watch and a user’s manual.

My girls really loved playing with the watch and we had to practice our sharing skills!!!!  This is a great watch and the girls loved it so much we may get another so they can have one each.  Even if you have played all the games on the watch there are more to download so that children will never get bored of playing with it.

We were sent this super watch to review ad of course all opinions are our own.

Ps. If it wasn’t obvious already, we loved it!

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  1. This would be great for my Grandson who loves using my tablet to play games, etc. He would have his own device & VTech products are so well made & thought out. My son loved his Vtech TV console when he was little he could play it himself & learnt so much.

    1. It will keep him off you tablet mine sit playing with it and use it to do lots of steps ‘just like mummy’.

  2. What a cute little gadget, such fun for a wee one!

    1. It is great fun x

  3. My three children would love this – love that it even has a pedometer on it, just like mammy’s 😀

    1. They will love that as they can compete to beat your step count x

  4. This seems like a perfect gift for a cutie I know…although he is just 2 so maybe I’ll have to wait a couple of years and then the watch may be even more complex! haha xx

    1. This one is very easy to use, I manged it lol x

  5. This is so cool, great little gadget I may get one for my little one x

    1. They will love the watch it it good fun x

  6. I’ve been looking at this for my girls, but wasn’t sure! It looks great

    1. My girls love theirs and I know they would say “you have to get one!”

  7. I like the pedometer and the calculator functions it’s good to keep children active.

    1. It sure is useful in more ways then 1 x

  8. Wow this watch is incredible, I love that it can store 1,600 photos that is pretty impressive!

    1. It’s a lot of photos but my girls love taking photos.

  9. What a lovely little smart watch for kids – amazing how technology is advancing so much.

    1. It is, it’s a great gadget.

  10. They really do make everything now, this would be great for my friends kid who is fascinated by his mums fitbit! x

    1. It has a pedometer which is great fun for keeping up with mummy and her fitbit.

  11. That watch sounds really cool, I like how it’s made to look like an apple watch.

    1. It’s great, my girls love it.

  12. Wow I didn’t even know they were doing things like these for kids as well these day! How technology has come along! Great way of getting kids wanting to tell the time and being interactive with technology!

    1. I know, how brilliant is it. We will be telling the time very soon!!!

  13. Wow this has so much packed into such a little gadget, but cool idea.

    1. It’s brilliant mine love the watch.

  14. How fun! I like that this has so man different apps. This would be great for kids.

    1. It is good and the fun doesn’t end there with more games that can be downloaded 😉

  15. With various activities to choose from, it’s all worth to get this smart watch for the kids.

    1. PLus you can download more!!!

  16. I think I want one. More likely than getting an apple one!

    1. It’s great fun, you can share with the kids too lol x

  17. This looks like a cool watch. My nieces would love it!

    1. They sure would and their mum would like the peace and quiet that will result if they have one x

  18. This looks like a great gadget for little ones! I remember having a Vtech laptop when I was younger, I loved it haha 🙂

    1. Vtech products are great we have a few at home.

  19. I love this Smartwatch, looks easy to use as well .x

    1. I must admit I was relieved it was easy to use x

  20. what a fun watch this looks so cool I know my step son would love it x

    1. It will keep him happy for hours x

  21. What a fabulous little gadget! I am not surprised that your children loved it, mine would have too!

    1. It makes a great birthday or Christmas gift 😉

  22. Wow how cool is this! I’ve never seen it before, my girls would love one! I need an apple watch first though!

    1. Me too, I need to get one after my kids though so they can show me how to work it lol x

  23. What a super gadget! My kids would absolutely LOVE this!

    1. Isn’t it cool, it is so much fun.

  24. i do love how children’s toys have evolved! she’ll be asking for an iwatch next haha

    1. Ha mine too but I want one first 😉

  25. This looks brilliant – I spotted in this in the shops the other day and would have loved it as a kid x

    1. It is really good fun!

  26. That looks so cool. My daughter would love to wear that while we travel. There’s always something to do. I’ll have to look into buying one.

    1. She will it will keep her entertained for hours x

  27. Wow this is so cool. Kids toys have definitely moved on a lot from when I was a child!! xxx

    1. They are constantly producing great new toys for children 😉

  28. Love the watch it’s so cute and loving how many pictures it can store

    1. It’s brilliant that it holds this many photos especially with the amount children take.

  29. These look absolutely amazing, I have a couple of nieces whom I think would really enjoy these!

    1. They are great and I love that they encourage children to be active too!

  30. Looks interesting, I love the idea of the games, something to amuse while on the go 🙂

    1. They are fun, I loved the tic-tac-toe game.

  31. I think these look fantastic, even more so after reading this xx

    1. It’s a really good watch plus you can download more games which is great.

  32. wowee so much fun!

    1. It’s a great watch it keeps my girls busy for hours.

  33. that looks fun

    1. It is, my girls love it x

  34. Thanks for sharing. Looks really good.
    Our little girl would love it.

    1. They are great fun and keep children occupied for ages.

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