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The Cutest Night Light, EVER!!!

My girls are scared of the dark.  Come to think of it I still am too!  I’m not sure whether to put my fear down to my overactive mind or my obsession with watching horror movies and then getting freaked out by them although I know with my girl it’s their wonderfully creative minds.  Since they were little I have always used a night light for them so they don’t get scared whilst waiting to fall asleep.  The light that we used wasn’t anything particularly exciting, at least not until now.  A lovely company that I have previously mentioned what2buy4kids has the cutest lights available and they also have a lovely assortment.  The second I saw their bunny light I really wanted one for my girls.

DSC03632We all adore bunny’s and offered a home to two live ones that had been put up or adoption a few years ago (the bunnies are very happy with us and vice versa).  The Bunny Cuddle Buddy Night Light is the cutest little thing and it’s super soft just like our real bunnies (we have Rex rabbits that have a special fur so their fur is like velvet).

P1150001Not only is the bunny which we have named Rosie amazingly soft and cuddly she also keeps the girls company at night and the room gently bathed in light.  A starry scene is projected onto the walls and ceiling and the girls love to stare at the stars until they fall into a deep sleep (as my husband and I breathe a sigh of relief).  If you look at the stars closely you will see three constellations and look closer yet and you will also spot the moon.

There are three different coloured lights, amber, blue and green and you can select them individually or opt for the automatic option that goes through each on a continuous cycle.  The lights will automatically switch off after 45 minutes which is a brilliant feature as it is long enough for the children to fall asleep and means you don’t have to try and  remember to pop back to their room to turn off the light (especially if like me you have baby brain).  The light also comes with 3 AA batteries so you can start using it straight away.  The great thing about the buddy light is that it can travel everywhere with them too!!!

This is simple to use as one would expect, press the moon for a continuous cycle of colours or one of the other buttons labeled ab (amber), Bl (blue) or gr (green) for a single colour.

DSC03639The on and off switch is located under a velco flap on the underside.

DSC03664DSC03678DSC03696DSC03702There are so many cute Cuddle Buddy Night Lights to choose from it really can be difficult to decide which to get.  Check out these adorable creatures:

cuddle buddie 1Cuddle Buddie 2

Since we got our cuddle buddie bunny my eldest has barely been apart from it in fact she wants us to turn the light off when she watches tv so she can use its light instead.  Getting them to go to bed and stay there is so much easier now.

DSC03656We would like to say a big thank you to what2buy4kids for our bunny, we love her!!!!

What2buy4kids have kindly said that I can give away a £25 voucher to use on their site plus they will also throw in standard delivery, what a super prize!!!  Will you buy a cute night light or something else?

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  1. What a lovely cuddly toy!

  2. My daughters dying for one of these, everytime she sees the adverts for them on FB she asks for one! lol. Plus we have a cheeky bunny named Rosie too!

    1. They are great, the girls really love it!

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