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Paw Patrol Tumbling Towers Game

My little man loves Paw Patrol.  He loves watching the cartoon with the adorable pups and even my girls can’t resist.  Naturally when asked to review the Paw Patrol Tumbling Towers Game from Spinmaster I jumped at the chance.  I have been trying to encourage the children to play more sociable games rather than doing things individually as it helps develop their communication skills, improve patience, develop logical thinking, help improve concentration and hopefully teach them to handle losing better – OMG I feel like the UN sometimes having to deal with the aftermath of a loss.

The game arrived and on the box I noticed it was recommended for ages 4 to 8.  Mr Squishy although just 2.5 loves to be involved in EVERYTHING! so he of course wanted in on the fun and I wasn’t going to deprive him of that.

As one would hope with a children’s game it’s pretty easy to play.  The players simply stack up the bricks making sure that there is one of each colour on each layer.  There also needs to be a gap between each brick so it isn’t too hard for the children to remove them on their turn.

The girls stacked up the bricks (there are 48 in total) which were brightly coloured and each was representative of one of the Paw Patrol Members due to the colours they wear on the show.  The red blocks – Marshal, Yellow – Rubble and Blue – Chase.

Once the girls set up the block tower Mr Squishy decided he couldn’t help himself he had to knock it down much to the dismay of the girls.  Naturally he found this hilarious.  The girls on the other hand were not so impressed so he was sent off to play with daddy in the other room so the girls could play in peace and quiet.

Once the next tower had been built the girls began to play.  The girls would throw the coloured dice that came in the pack and whatever colour it would land showing they would take the corresponding coloured brick and place it on the top.  The tower would of course eventually collapse.  This was a great game and it was hard to get the girls to go to bed the first evening they played it as they were enjoying themselves so much.  They are really enjoying playing with this and Mr Squishy is really enjoying playing building and destroying which is what we call his version of the game.

This is a great game for little ones and after a quick search I found that you can buy it for the bargain price of £5.99 on ebay so if you are off to any birthday parties soon this would make a great gift.

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Disclaimer: A sample of the product was sent for my consideration.

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  1. I remember playing a similar game when I was younger. I loved it and would spent hours building it back up and knocking it down

    1. It’s super fun isn’t it mine loved it!

  2. My nephew is obsessed with Paw Patrol as well so he’d love this x

  3. Paw Patrol reminds me a lot of Jenga. It was a favorite when the kids were little. I swear it was always me who made the tower fall down (every, single time). Thanks for the memory .. made me smile!

    1. I never played that although I know it was another brick game. It may have inspired this one.

  4. Your son sounds like my nephew he’s never one to miss out on games regardless of whether it’s for his age group or not.

    1. Lol, they are funny aren’t they. He is a great little thing and super smiley and finds most things fun 😉

  5. Looks like a fun game for little ones, it great that you can get it for a cheap price as well 🙂

    1. I know it does help as buying kiddie toys can add up if you have a few children.

  6. My son would love this game!! Anything that involves a bit of skill and crashing/tumbling. Plus he loves Paw Patrol!

    1. It it a good combination for children isn’t it 😉

  7. This looks lots of fun! I’m sure I played something similar when I was younger but I can’t for the life of me remember what it was called? It’s a great price too, like you say perfect for party presents.

    1. It really is a great price and also great fun!

  8. I’d love this as I’m a massive Paw Patrol fan. Love how its coloured and it seems like a really fun game perfect for parties and having friends round.

    1. It sure is fun and keeps the kids out of mischief for ages.

  9. This actually sounds harder than jenga as you have to pull out a particular colour at a time, looks like fun though x

    1. It sure is the kids love it.

  10. I love this game! plus I know that the blocks get used as road markers, houses and anything else when playing.
    As a child we used to play pick up sticks which was great fun but very fiddly for the younger ones; so this is actually better for a range of ages.

    1. They sure do. Little man keeps trying to build a house.

  11. This game looks great fun for little ones, something all mine would have loved at that age x

    1. It sure is and keeps them entertained for ages.

  12. Of to buy one now looks great present for Christmas

    1. It does make a great Christmas present I am sure the recipient would love it.

  13. We have one like this and the kids love it!! It’s such a fab game that we can all enjoy together.

    1. It sure is and great for indoor play when the weather is bad.

  14. My son and daughter love Paw Patrol as well! This looks like a fun and exciting game for kids. I will definitely have to keep it in mind.

    1. It is one that all the family can enjoy.

  15. Alot like Jenga but more fun and practical for children especially with the bright colours xx

    1. It sure is and you can play that way too which is good.

  16. This looks a fun game. Any child wold love this.

    1. That’s true it is one that will appeal to many.

  17. My 4 children all love Paw Patrol and it’s my youngest’s birthday on Friday. I’ll have to look out for the game: it looks perfect for children of different ages to play together.

    1. It is a fun game for a range of ages. Happy birthday to your little one.

  18. Megan would love this game, she loves building things then knocking them down again with her Lego so this would be perfect xxx

    1. It does sound perfect for her.

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