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Lucky Fortune Collectable Bracelets


With the craze of collectible toys more popular than ever, children have no end of choice on which to spend their pocket money on.  One of the newest and dare I say one of my favourites has to be the Lucky Fortune Collectible Bracelets from WowWee.  This is the latest collectible that your children are going to go crazy over.

What Are Lucky Fortune Collectable Bracelets?

These fortune cookie shaped cases have a pretty treasure hidden within.

Crack open the cookie and you’ll discover a surprise bracelet with a charm and a paper fortune for good luck.  Collect bracelets and trade with others to complete the set.

You can also gift them to pass on luck to a friend who needs it!  Collect as many as you can and feel super lucky.  There are 100 different bracelets to collect, with four levels of rarity, as well as a coveted Ultra Lucky real gold-dipped four-leaf clover.  The Lucky Fortune Cookie also doubles up as a key chain for little keepsakes.

The collector’s guide doubles up as a fortune teller.

The children were sent a 4 pack to review, naturally, they couldn’t wait to discover what was inside.

What Did the Girls Think?

Hardly a surprise that they loved them.  The girls wanted to collect as many bracelets as they could.  The great thing about these is you can swap with friends if you have double of any to help you on the way to collect them all.


How Much Are the Lucky Fortune Bracelets and Where Can I Find Them?

Available from June 2019, Lucky Fortune will retail at £4.99 rrp each for single packs and £14.99 for 4 packs.  They can be found at Smyths Toys stores.

Watch the video here:



Win a Lucky Fortune Collectable Bracelet 4 Pack

Now as luck would have it the pr guys have kindly said we can give away one of the 4 packs featured in this post.

How to Enter:

Entry is easy, just fill in the rafflecopter form below:

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Not all of the entry options are compulsory.  The more you do the more entries you will gain.  All are welcome to enter even if you have won with me before and I know there are a few of you out there.  Thanks so much for returning guys x

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Good Luck!

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  1. These look like a great collectable for girls – like how they come in a fortune cookie.

  2. I’m sure my granddaughter would have a lot of fun with these lovely bracelets.

  3. my nieces would love this for sure fab giveaway

  4. I think my niece would be thrilled with these

  5. My daughters would love them they look really good!

  6. i love that these are bracelets, they look fab! x

    1. They sure do 🙂

  7. Wow, this looks great, my granddaughters would love to have these.

    1. They are going to be really popular!!!

  8. I would love to win these for my nieces. I think they would love them.

  9. Great idea. Thanks for the giveaway, my niece would love this.

  10. I think my daughter Sheriah would love these they look lovely

  11. my granddaughter would love this

  12. These look so much fun! Great for my step daughter and I to do together x

  13. My granddaughter would be thrilled with this prize, she is seven and loves making things

  14. The sweetest thing ever! Perfect for my younger sister, she loves making the fortune tellers and bracelets… In fact.. she loves anything that involves cutting paper or making a mess!

  15. Perfect for my sister who loves making Fortune tellers and bracelets.. in fact anything that invoices cutting paper and making a mess! But the fact this looks relatively mess free its perfect!

  16. id love to win this for my little niece. She’d love this

  17. Fabulous giveaway my daughter would love this x

  18. My little girl would be over the moon if I won one of these! Xx

  19. I love fortune cookies, so I can imagine when it’s not just a fortune but a collectable!

  20. looks cool

  21. My daughter loves making things and collecting as well, she would adore this so she could share the fun with her best friend xx

    1. Aahhhh it’s good to share these things. I think it’s a perfect gift for best friends. They get 2 each 🙂

  22. I think these will be super popular, they are fab

  23. Wow, this looks amazing I’m sure my daughters would love this to keep them entertained.

    1. They are great little items to gift for good behaviour x

  24. These look great and a lot more durable than some of the collectibles we’ve had over the years.

    1. They do look great. My girls loved the bracelets.

  25. These look lovely, the children would love these and they look like great collectibles

  26. my granddaughter would so love these

  27. Great to keep the kids entertained over the summer holiday break

  28. This looks great. My daughter loves collectables and any and all jewellery.

  29. These are so cute. My nieces would love them.

  30. Fabulous little bracelets for girls who are growing up and a good price for the 4 pack.

  31. oh if l am the lucky winner all my grandchildren will be fighting over who gets them ha ha

  32. These look great and I love your blog

  33. This looks fab, my daughters would really like them

  34. These would make for a lovely gift or present

  35. My daughter would love the pretty treasure hidden inside

  36. These are lovely my Daughter would love how it’s like a fortune cookie xx

  37. My girls would love these, they like all kinds of surprise collectables

  38. Have been told my nieces would like these for their birthday and found your blog when looking for more information. Win the competition or not I will be making sure they can get started with collecting these very pretty bracelets. Thank you for your very helpful blog.

  39. How cute are these

    1. Tell me about it. They look great.

  40. Looks like the kids have found a new collectable

    1. They sure have 🙂

  41. This looks lovely to keep kids happy over the holidays 💕

    1. They’ll love these x

  42. What cute little bracelets, the kids would love them.

  43. These are so very pretty, my daughter would really love them

  44. The grandkids would be overjoyed to have these wonderful little trinkets.

  45. Really beautiful

  46. My two little ones will love these, thanks for a great review!

  47. The little ones will definitely love these!

  48. the Bracelets look cool and fun keep some one busy for 5 minutes and glad it a 4 pack.

  49. We are getting on a cruise ship and we are making welcome packs for our guests. These would be such a lovely gift for some of the children #FingersCrossed

  50. These look great, sure to be popular, my niece would love them.

  51. I’ve seen these advertised and they look great. I would have loved them as a kid.

  52. Lovely giveaway – my daughter would have loved these when she was small – we used to spend a lot of time on craft projects x

  53. Wow – these look great – very unique. Would make a great gift for my niece.

  54. I would love this for my eldest niece I find it hard to buy for her as she has only been part of the family for 5 years so i try to choose things we can do together to get to know her.

  55. Thanks for the great prize and competition. Good luck everyone!

  56. Lovely prize my daughter would love this

  57. These look great, type of thing I would have been obsessed with when I was a kid

  58. These look great! I wish they’d make stuff like this for adults as well lol.

  59. Ah, my twin daughters would love these! They are very cute!

  60. Lovely Giveaway

  61. my daughter and her best friends are experts in bracelet making – but I am sure they would love these as well 🙂

  62. These look great x

  63. I can see these being the next big craze in my house with our 2 younger daughters ( age 8 and 6)! I think they will love swapping with friends too.

  64. this would make a fab gift for my niece she loves little charms and such

  65. My goddaughter would adore these! They’re lovely

  66. What a lovely giveaway. Fab for little ones during the summer holidays

  67. These are exactly the kind of things my daughter loves. They are cute, collectable and you have the excitement of trying to find the rare ones!

  68. These are so pretty! I much prefer these to small toy collectibles that can get lost. My 6yo loves jewellery she would really love these. Thanks for the post I hadn’t heard of them until I read this!

  69. These look lovely, and the packaging is so fun!

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