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Outback Organics

For those like myself who have been blessed with an abundance of hair unfortunately not all located on our head, it’s good to know that there are products that can help with the after effects of the hair removal.  Whether you wax, shave or use an epilator your skin will show some signs of irritation whether it is redness, soreness and bumps.  Unsightly lumps from ingrowing hairs can also arise which can be quite painful and also cause embarrassment depending on their location for both women and men.
I shave and epilate depending on the whereabouts of the hair, don’t worry I won’t be going into photographic detail on either.  I prefer epilating to waxing only because to me it just seems sooo much easier as I have young children that would try to get involved with the waxing, they are more cautious of things that make noise.  My epilator is simple enough to use, and generally does the trick although I believe it may be dying on me shortly.
When a package arrived from Outback Organics I was interested to see what the outcome would be when I tried the products within.
The first I used was the Bush Balm.
This is a mask, designed to be used after waxing on the face underarms and after intimate waxing or shaving.  The balm was easy to dispense, and it was simple enough to control the amount being dispensed with the pump action top.  It is non-greasy, with a lovely floral fragrance dominated by that of rose.  I applied a layer to my upper lip area after epilating, left it for 10 minutes and then rubbed it into the skin.  On application I did notice a slight stinging on the sorest parts but this soon eased and actually helped calm the irritated skin.  I was surprised at how fast the redness died down after application as opposed to after normal epilation without the use of any products after.  The balm contains natural ingredients such as Aloe vera and Frankincense to help soothe the soreness and shea butter and macadamia oil to nourish the skin after hair removal.  My skin felt very soft and moisturised after using the balm.  This product is perfect for general use after hair removal as well as if you have to shave / wax / epilate not long prior to going out as it seemed to work quite fast.  I was very impressed with the feeling of my skin, so much so that I did feel the skin a few times to check and yes it still felt as soft as a baby’s.  As an added bonus the balm also works to reduce recurrence of ingrowing hairs.
Another product in the range is the face and body scrub.
A scrub with jojoba micro-beads, herbs and cucumber for the face and body.  On first applying this to my face I had expected more of the jojoba micro-beads for exfoliation purposes.  When I rinsed of the scrub my skin felt very soft and smooth.  There is a lovely aromatic fragrance from the selection of essential oils that have been combined within the scrub.  The oils in the scrub are ones that have been used for years worldwide to improve skin tone, appearance, hydration and texture.  This is a lovely product and the sort of item that I would also make myself although it’s so much easier to buy it.
The Post Wax Spray
This soothing and cooling spray is for use after hair removal.  It helps reduce inflammation and to prevent bumps and spots forming.  Aloe vera is fantastic for many skin irritations helping to soothe and heal quickly as it penetrates the skin so is an obvious choice for use after hair removal.  Outback organics combine extracts of this fantastic plant with other cooling and natural products such as cucumber, menthol and Australian bush mint to create a fast acting and natural skin soother and healer.  Lemon myrtle oil and grapefruit pith extract have been added to provide an antibacterial effect and support the skins natural defences.  It soaks straight into the skin when sprayed on and has a citrusy aroma.
The ingrown hair serum
This roll on is the perfect way of applying the serum as you can apply the serum easily straight on to the affected area without getting any on your hands.  One application daily to the area to prevent ingrown hairs or two applications where there are ingrown hairs is simple enough but you must remember to wash the serum off after an hour.  Nice and soothing ingredients to help prevent infection and inflammation.
The packaging has been well thought out for each of the items, its easy to dispense and also gives the user total control of the amount used for each application unlike some others on the market that dispense larger amounts than required each time resulting in quite a bit of waste.  In all these products were very nice and I love the fact that they are made from natural sources.

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