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Heaven Scent

Treaclemoon’ the name alone makes my tastebuds pay attention and the aroma of the various products will simply blow you away,

but this company doesn’t sell products that are edible much to my dismay.


Their products are made in the UK and can be found in Waitrose and Tesco.  Have I captivated you yet?  I’m sure I have.  Treaclemoon make the most amazing smelling body washes, shower gels and scrubs.  They literally smell of exactly what they say on the packaging so if you have a bottle of ‘dusted cocoa heaven’ or ‘that vanilla moment’ you will get to experience that glorious aroma in its entirety.  Clearly they had someone like me in their office when they did their labeling as I noticed this on their products, how funny!!!


The second I removed the lid of the ‘marshmallow hearts’ bath and shower gel it had my full attention especially when you consider the pricing of the product.  For a mere £2.99 I got a whole 500ml bottle of this heavenly fragrance approximately 5.5 times less than a competitor with a similar style of fragranced products.  This sweet scented bath and shower gel creates a sweet scented bubble bath with long lasting bubbles and a good amount of bubbles that make the skin smell great.  It also works well as a shower gel with a little going a long way.


 My coconut island body butter what can I say anything that smells of coconut is like an addictive drug to me (not that I take anything being a goody two shoes other than chocolate a few times a week and a little alcohol a few times a month in small quantities).  This scent always reminds me of holidays and gorgeous sandy beaches always nice to take your mind of the freezing cold weather outside.  This was absorbed well into my ‘normal’ skin and didn’t leave my skin greasy just soft.

DSC00700 The Honeycomb Secret body butter the aroma instantly took me back to my childhood.  It smells like angel delight, does anyone else remember that stuff, I used to love it and it made great ice lollies.  This super sweet scented cream is fabulous and one simply can’t stop smelling it.  Honestly I wished I could get a spoon and have a taste.      This lovely cream left my skin feeling lovely and soft just like the coconut one.

DSC00696The packaging is nice, simple and clear and stands out although I might have omitted some of the writing as the name and aroma provide the best sales pitch that one could possibly dream of and who reads all the blurb anyway.  The scents of the products do not come across as synthetic but instead smell fresh and fabulous.  There is a really good range of aromas available and you will also find special / limited edition products too just to add to the excitement.  This is a great product for young and older as my girls went bananas when they smelt them wanting a bath straight away and my parents were also equally impressed when I suggested they might like to take a sniff.

 I really liked the fact that this company also communicates well with fans over various platforms and they have competitions and giveaways so make sure you follow them.  They have also partnered up with Bullies Out a charity that provides help and information to individuals, schools, workplaces, and community settings, to support a vision whereby all young people are able to recognise their self-worth and potential, and flourish in caring environments to ensure a positive future.

I am giving away 3 bath and shower gels to 1 very lucky person (winners choice).

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  1. Love all these comps but especially love seeing your wee boy he is a wee cutie pie xx

    1. Aaaaahhhhhh thanks Elizabeth, he is a lovely little thing 😉

  2. Hi Anita, not sure why it won’t work as I just tried it for both the blog and treaclemoon facebook pages and both worked. Are you in explorer? if so maybe try opening it in firefox?

  3. Nothing working at present so I shall tell you here I love the Unicorn Tears!

  4. Thank you very much :O) xx

    1. Good luck 😉

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