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Essentialle Face Oils

I do love to try and use natural beauty products on myself and my family.  Having a fair knowledge of natural medicine as I have a degree in Phytotherapy / Herbal Medicine, I do love to try a range of natural based products and found as expected that most have yielded great results.  Those that think natural products are not as potent as other products on the market need to think again.  Orthodox medicine is not seen as natural yet they use nature in the heart of their treatments.  Synthetic versions of chemicals found in nature are made and used in many medicines that Orthodox medicines that many of you will have used.

Having recently come across Essentialle an all-natural, high performance skincare range designed to repair, nourish and hydrate the skin and of course putting it through its paces I thought I would share with you my findings.  I am forever getting beauty products on my various shopping trips and should really share more with you as I am aware that more and more people are discovering the effectiveness of natural products.  Of course it helps to hear about products that have been tried by others than just buying a product randomly and hoping it does something beneficial.

Essentialle was created by Karina Krishtaleva who was inspired by the abundance of medicinal herbs and plants of Northern Russia.  The collection has been launched with three vegan oils that address various skin ailments containing only the highest quality plant oils and actives sourced from nature’s finest with a proven record of safety and efficacy. The range has been designed to address all skin concerns and improve its overall health, texture and tone.  Consisting of aromatic oils and rare plant extracts the various ingredients working synergistically (together) to improve skin health and appearance. All products are designed and made in small batches for optimum efficacy and potency in Britain.

The oils are 100% natural, free from parabens, mineral oils, microbeads, silicones, sulphates, artificial colours and fragrances.

Elasticity Boost Toning Facial Oil

Conditioning oil for strengthening and toning dehydrated or sagging skin.

This contains numerous natural ingredients a few of which include:

Abyssinian seed oil adds moisture to dry skin and gives the skin a gorgeous healthy glow.

Echium plantagineum seed oil helps to reduce the appearance of crepey skin, fine lines and wrinkles, helps skin retain moisture and may help boost collagen production.  This oil is great as it has been proven to have regenerating effects on the skin, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties making it fabulous for use by those with skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis and eczema.

Sweet orange oil reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines by promoting collagen production and may also help reduce dark spots on the skin.

Camelina seed oil contains vitamin E and fatty acids which not only moisturise but help prevent against free radical damage.

Safflower seed oil contains linoleic acid which is great for those with skin conditions.  It is perfect for dry skin as it locks in moisture.

Revival Nectar Nourishing Facial Oil

Restorative oil  perfect for dry skin to help plump and give a healthy glow.

Contains numerous natural ingredients some of which include:

Pomegranate seed oil this has strong anti-inflammatory properties, protects against free radicals, sun damage and wrinkle formation.

Siberian ginseng extract nourishes and firms the skin and helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines.

Gingko biloba extract is rich in antioxidants so naturally if fights free radicals which cause wrinkles.  It also works as a natural sunscreen (also important in the winter months), a skin cleanser – unclogging closed pores and also a rich source of Vitamin E so of course is perfect for those with skin problems for healing and for all in prevention of skin problems.  This is a herb I really love as it also replenishes and brightens the skin so a really good addition to the oil.

Rosehip fruit oil is rich in vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids.  The result is a moisturiser rich in wrinkle fighting / reducing properties and extremely nourishing as well as skin plumping.  It boosts cell regeneration and strengthens skin’s elasticity.

Avocado oil isn’t just great in a salad.  This can also help to deeply moisturise, nourishes and condition the skin.

Remedy Multi-Active Re-Balancing Face Oil

For oily or problem skin

Manuka & lavender oils Those both work to neutralise bacteria and normalise sebum secretion.  They both have anti-inflammatory properties so are ideal for skin irritations helping to sooth and heal.

Galbanum oil decongests the skin and encourages healthy cell regeneration helping to reduce the appearance of scars and also giving skin a lovely glow.

Chamomile flower oil instantly calms the skin (great for skin conditions) and helps to deflect free radicals, repair, regenerate, and strengthen skin.

Apricot oil is rich in fatty acids, Vitamin E and A .  It restores skin clarity and suppleness.  This is easily absorbed into the skin without leaving an oily residue.

Calendula extract is often used for sunburns, rashes, insect bites and other mild skin irritations to help soothe and heal by herbalists as it has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties.  This can also boost collagen levels within the skin.

My Thoughts

These products are alcohol free.  Alcohol has has a drying effect on the skin so as it’s not included here it makes it a great oil to use on all skin types especially in winter.  The oils also act as a barrier to seal in moisture so has a protective effect in the cold weather.  I find my skin starts frying out more in the winter with the mix of the elements from outdoors and then the central heating indoors so for me this works perfectly.

The pump action bottle is handy as it allows one to moderate the amount of product dispensed and reduce waste.

The bottle itself is light and not very large allow it to be easily added to a handbag should you wish to take it with you on your daily travels.

The packaging can be recycled meaning they have covered all angles as the products are natural and vegan friendly.

With the numerous beneficial ingredients within the Revival oil it can also be beneficial for use on the hair helping to moisturise and give it a gorgeous healthy shine.

The oils seemed to absorb easily into the skin without leaving an oily residue.

The aromas were natural and pleasant.

Both oils left my skin feeling soft and moisturised but not greasy to the touch.

After a few days of use morning and night with each oil my skin looked healthier and more radiant.

Do you use face oils in your beauty routine?

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  1. I use serums but never an oil like this, I found this so interesting and have bookmarked to come back to as always looking for skin care products x

    1. I have used oils before and have to say these ones really were gorgeous. I was amazed at how good my skin felt after application.

  2. These face oils sound amazing! Yes, I use face oils but I think I need these because they seem more powerful than the ones I currently have/use.

    1. I am sure you will love them.

  3. I don’t personally use oils in my beauty routine,I should really reconsider and maybe looking into including these in my daily beauty routine.

    1. Once you try one I’m sure you will love them.

  4. I am really getting into facial oils at the moment they are such a great way to pamper your face and I definitely need to try these from Essentialle.

    1. They are gorgeous. You will love these x

  5. I’ve never used oil ones before as i worry too much about if my skin would get oily. It’s good to see u have got on well with these.

    1. My skin absorbed it well. It felt amazing to the touch after and not at all oily.

  6. I love essential oils but I;ve never used face oils! I always worry about adding to my oily skin or having out breaks but I will definitely try them!

  7. I have started using face oils as I have oily skin and I have heard that oil is actually good for oily skin! I love that it is free from parabens and uses natural ingredients and the packaging is rather fabulous as well!

    1. It is great that it is natural. I really love these oils 😉

  8. Ive never tried face oils before. These ones look great

    1. Face oils can be really nice when you find good ones. I really liked these ones.

  9. Ooh I’m loving the packaging of these products, they actually remind me of another brand but the name escapes me…!! xxx

  10. I love how these products are 100 percent natural, that’s really important to me when I’m deciding what to buy.

    1. It really is a great selling point!

  11. That’s good that they didn’t leave your skin feeling greasy, I always worry about that with oils x

    1. No, they were great. Left it feeling soft and nourished.

  12. I did hear a lot about the benefits of natural oils but I have never tried them myself. The elasticity boost tonic facial oil sounds fantastic.

    1. Oils are very popular at the moment.

  13. I have never tried these before but they sound really nice, I need to try them

    1. I’m sure you will enjoy using them.

  14. No I don’t use oils but I could do with these. Like that they are free from microbreads etc x

    1. Totally agree with that. Microbeads are not good.

  15. The Manuku and Lavendar oil would be perfect for my skin as it does become rather dry and itchy at times x

    1. This would make your skin feel lovely.

  16. I had no idea you could use avocado oil on your face too!

    1. It’s really nourishing to the skin.

  17. It seems like everyone is a big fan of facial oils at the moment so I definitely need to jump on this band wagon! They look and sound great.

    1. These ones are really nice.

  18. I love that these oils are free from all those horrible things that I hate thinking I must put on my face!

    1. They are really good oils. Your skin feels so lovely when they are applied.

  19. Tbese sound amazing and I love the packaging. I really think my skin would love some oils, particularly at this time of year.

    1. They are great for the winter to help look after the skin.

  20. I find facial oils extremely nourishing. I like to mix up my skincare routine and introduce one every so often, especially in the winter months.

    1. It really can give the skin an extra boost.

  21. I do use face oils but have been looking for a new one – might have to try these!

    1. These might be just what you need then.

  22. I don’t use anything on my skin very often as I have quite good skin. I do prefer natural products though x

    1. You’d be surprised at the difference you will notice by using these sorts of products. They do brighten skin and make it look great.

  23. These sound great, but having fairly oily skin anyway, I worry it would make it oilier

    1. My skin didn’t feel at all oily after either of them. I think the rebalancing one would suit your skin type in that case.

  24. I’m allergic to the strangest things. I’m always looking for skin stuff that I won’t react too.

    1. This is natural and has all sorts of great ingredients for the skin.

  25. I’ve never tried face oils before. I’m allergic to random stuff so I’m always put off trying new stuff.

    1. The problem there is if you never try new things you won’t know what you can use. If you know what you can’t use check the ingredients against these at least you will have an idea then.

  26. Beauty oils are an essential part of my nighttime routine and these look great x

    1. They can be and make a big difference to the appearance of the skin.

  27. these sound fantastic, good oils

    1. They sure are 😉

  28. It’s great that they are paraban free and love all the concoctions! Never heard of Essentialle but going to track it down x

    1. I only discovered them recently. I’m looking forward to seeing what other products they will come up with.

  29. i do love face oils and this is something i would definitely have a try of

    1. You will love using them.

  30. I love brands that focus on the power of essential oils. Not only do they make your skin amazing, but there’s the added bonus of aromatherapy included.

    1. Very true. essential oils can work wonders on the skin.

  31. I’m using facial oils quite a lot at the moment and I can’t get enough. These look so great being natural and all. x

    1. They are gorgeous oils. You will love the way they leave your skin looking and feeling.

  32. I’ve heard so many great things about facial oils but never actually tried them! I’ll have to look out for these

    1. These ones are really lovely, your skin will appreciate them.

  33. Not sure which to chose first they all look good.

    1. It depends on your skin type, take a look at what each one does x

  34. They sound like really good quality products. I’ll put them on my list of things to try out

    1. Enjoy – you are going to love them x

  35. I would really like to try the skincare for problem skin

    1. You will be surprised at how well it works.

  36. I can’t use face oils my skin is too greasy but sound good

    1. You might find the Remedy Multi-Active Re-Balancing Face Oil useful then that is specific for oily skin.

  37. I’ve always been a little concerned about oils making your skin greasy, but there looks to be some really good ones

    1. They are very good and leave the skin feeling nourished but not greasy.

  38. These sound great. I don’t use oils but might give these a try

    1. They are gorgeous oils and leave skin feeling great.

  39. I have got this face oil and I have just started using it. I absolutely love it and doesn’t it smell amazing too. I will definitely be buying a second bottle when I run out

  40. it is good to know the oils didn’t leave your skin feeling greasy.

    1. These are lovely oils and leave the skin feeling soft and looking great.

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