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Choosing Presents You Know Will Be Loved!

When you become a mother, you realise that while you now have a lot of new responsibilities, you still have all the old ones too. When your baby comes along, you have to make sure that everything is just right for them. You will find that they cry a lot, and you won’t get much sleep.  You have to take care of them when they are too cold or too hot, or tired, or hungry, or frightened, overexcited or just want to cry no matter how tired you are.

The list is endless and the reality is that raising children is a full-time job although very rewarding too. However, there is still everything else that still needs to be done. For example, if you are with someone, you need to make time to see them. A lot of people think that when they have children, it will bring them and their partner closer together and they are right in a way because you have to work together or else it will not work at all. Raising children with someone requires that you know when they need a break, and when they are going to help you because you need one.

Communication is central to any healthy relationship, and it is no different between parents. However, one aspect of the relationship which can tend to neglect is spending time alone with our partner and relaxing. There is usually so much to do that just going out to a movie or to a restaurant becomes something you have to plan in advance.  I don’t have many options with childcare so I tend to have to go for lunch / dinner with my husband and the children which is nice but it would be great just to have some alone time with the husband.

(Kimchee – Kings Cross)

Another of the things that you have to stay on top of when you become a parent is buying gifts. Not only will you have one more birthday to try not to forget, you will have to help your child buy presents until they are old enough to do it themselves. Here are a few gift ideas for the people in your life:

Your Partner

A gift that any parent will enjoy is a chance to relax or have fun. You could treat your significant other to an indulgent spa day

or maybe a chance to drive sports cars around a track. Whatever it is, they should be able to forget about all their worries of adult life and take a day off. They will appreciate it.

Your Children

Most kids will not be subtle about what they want when their birthday is coming up.  If you want to get them something that will make them say ‘I just love it’, you should get them something they may not know they want. Things that allow them to express their creativity are great. My children love art sets are a great thing that you can share with them, as are story books. If they have a desire to build things, you can get them all sorts of great toys that will appeal to that tendency.

(Mr Squishy loves Paw Patrol so what could be better than a Paw Patrol Tumbling Towers Game!

Your Friends

You may not realise at first, but when you have children, your friends become an even more important support system for you. Showing them your gratitude is just as crucial. I always look forward to meeting up with my friends although it isn’t as often as I would like with all my work and home commitments.

Organising a weekend away for you all and treating them is a lovely and more special way to spend some time together and give you some much needed time with adults – something only a parent can truly understand and appreciate. Besides, you have to make time for your friends too because a lot of new parents end up growing apart from their friends because they are too busy.

Are there any gift suggestions that you might suggest for a partner, child or friend?

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  1. Some really great gift ideas here. I’d love a spa weekend!!!

    1. I agree that is a great gift 😉

  2. It can be so hard picking the right present for people, I always worry that I have got it all wrong and people won’t like it. I know a few people who would love a spin around the race track.

    1. I know my brother would he loves that sort of thing. I find that I can normally get a great gift for those I’m closest too which helps.

  3. Love this – the indulgent spa day and the race car experience would be my first choices 🙂 x

    1. I think I could do with a spa day, I’ve never been on one.

  4. Gift suggestion would prob be a home delivery meal, laundry service wash or someone to help clean the home to help mum feel less useless.

    I know there things I’d appreciate

    1. They are lovely ideas and clearly things that she would love as they are useful for her. Thanks so much for the suggestion 😉

  5. You are so right, gift finding definitely does become the mum’s job. I love the track idea for Father’s Day though. Will look into it.

    1. I think most men love that sort of thing and it makes a great gift.

  6. I can imagine how difficult it must be to be a mother and run a business. It is a great idea to treat the ones we love and I am sure your partner would love a race round the sports track x

    1. I agree it’s is important to treat them every so often, can’t have them feeling neglected.

      1. I agree you can’t leave anyone out. It must get expensive after a while though. It must be so nice to see their faces light up when you give them your gifts though x

  7. I find it hardest to bit stuff for my daughter now, mostly because all of the cool toys start at age 3 and she’s only 2…

    1. That’s a shame although you have an idea of what to get her when she is that little bit older. Maybe try clothing. Mine loved clothes from a very young age.

  8. I definitely think going out and doing things with a partner would be a great treat as you’ll have the chance to relax x

  9. I am all about gifting experiences recently. I think they are the best and with so many to chose from you can make sure to find something for every type of person.

  10. I have a friend whose nickname is Bambi, so my other friends and I always get her something with Disney’s Bambi on 🙂 my dad and brothers are the hardest people to buy for 🙁 x

  11. This is so cute! and very true. Finding the right gift can be hard!

  12. An experience day like driving a car round a track is always a good choice for a present I think.

  13. There are some fab gift ideas here. It’s years since I last went to a spa, so I’d love a spa weekend as a gift 🙂

    Louise x

  14. A relaxing spa day is a great gift idea, the race track would make a fab Father’s day gift too!

  15. These gift ideas are very nice, especially the chance to drive a sports car, I think might dad or my boyfriend will surely enjoy it!


  16. Very good ideas, thank you! I like to think of a type of food they enjoy, and buy them a premium version of it, or of something to go with it.

    1. Glad you liked the post. foodie gifts are always a great option.

  17. I am someone who usually struggles when it comes to picking gifts for friends and even family members but I love the idea of experience gifts etc

    1. Experience gifts are becoming more and more popular. I love the foodie ones myself 😉

  18. I think it shows such thought to choose a present someone will love, Your choices are just fab.

  19. I love choosing gifts more than receiving them and always try to pick out something that no one else would have thought of! I do however love to receive candles lol

  20. I have struggled too when choosing a gift for my husband and I notice that he would love to eat in any kind of food buffet

  21. When it comes to buying for mine I find they are all tricky to buy for. I’m not good at buying for men and boys but I find it alot easier to buy for my Daughter . My sons all just sit playing comp games but they work so that’s their spare time. Think my Hubby will get fed up with having underwear and aftershave but even when I give him options he will say don’t waste money when we don’t need it.

    1. I think it varies from person to person. Some people can be much easier to buy for.

  22. These are some great gift ideas for parents! It is necessary to make our loved one feel special for their importance in our lives!

    1. It is important as we don’t know what we have until we lose it and then it’s too late x

  23. I find it hard with my son at Christmas time, he is nearly 13 so will have clothes, CDs, Xbox games, DVDs etc but his pile looks ridiculous next to my 4 year old daughters even though his Costs more than hers

    1. I’d grab him a few clothes too for him to even it out.

  24. I love choosing gifts for my daughter and family members. the paw patrol game looks super fun!

  25. Oh you have some great ideas. I actually enjoy thinking about, planning and choosing gifts. Kaz x

  26. My partners birthday this coming sunday and what has he asked for, no not a driving experience or a nice relaxing spa session, not even a nice meal for 2. He has asked for a chisel set!!!!! And as a trained carpenter it’s not a cheap B&Q set. The driving experience would have been cheaper

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