Seeing your daughter blossoming into a young adult can be an emotional experience. Not only will your little girl be flying the nest soon, but they will be applying to take a college degree or job and finding their feet in the world.  In order to commemorate this right of passage many parents will by their daughter a gift.  Of course It won’t be just any gift.  It will be one that they will remember and one that can serve as a symbol of the beautiful journey they’re about to embark on.

This is a time of memories, beauty, and heartfelt connection. Your daughter is about to achieve all of her dreams and will have you to thank for her proceeding well in the world.  You will need something special to mark this moment.

I have collated a small gift selection to help you find unique gifts for her:

A Special Item of Jewellery

Something that lasts is something that’s well made.  Marriages usually keep their jewellery heirlooms such as engagement and wedding rings and for good reason.  They last and they serve as stable reminders of love and fond memories.  This could be a necklace, a ring or even a special golden watch.  Assess her tastes and buy within those parameters.

Welly Merck Watch

She’s sure to love it!

A Camera

Purchasing them a DSLR will allow them to photograph and develop the memories they’re about to build in a crystal clear and high-resolution way. Not only is it a great way for them to make memories, but it encourages a fruitful new hobby and allows them to see ‘life through the lens’ which can actually help them become more creative.

If they’re off to start a relatively demanding job or university degree that’s numerically focused, giving them this gift could be the best way to encourage her to keep her creative side in focus.

An E-Reader

An e-reader is one of the better ways to stimulate a reading hobby. Whether it’s a Nook or an Amazon Kindle, your daughter is sure to love it.  Women on the whole enjoy fiction statistically more than men do, so why not give her a reason to read wherever she goes?  No matter where you go, what age you are, you’re never too far out to enjoy a good book.

Special Make Up

Instead of getting her the standard make-up kits, why not go for a premium selection just out of her pay grade? What a great way for her to feel like the powerful and beautiful woman she’s becoming. This will also help her confidence if she’s feeling nervous about flying the nest as everyone is when they first leave.

Photo Celebrations

A photo wall or place to display their photographs from childhood will help them take a slice of their home life to wherever their new location will be.  This will allow them to stay connected to their roots when they’re feeling a little homesick.


Give them a thick and leather bound journal that will stand the test of time, and can serve as a scrapbook for their most enjoyable memories. This will allow them to craft a lifelong journal that they can look upon with fond recollection and memories.

Expressing oneself through writing helps you get through difficult times in life and can make you aware of your thought processes. They might even give you the answers to a challenge you’re currently facing.  Giving your daughter a journal is one of the most thoughtful gifts you can give.  Why not double this up with a beautiful fountain pen to get her started?

A Holiday

Let’s face it, sometimes you just need to blow off steam.  This goes for your daughter too.  What better way to mark her new coming of age than a holiday with her friends?  Ask her where she’d most like to visit and arrange it all yourself.  It’s a great way for her to celebrate her new independence?

This is also a fantastic opportunity to say through a gift that you respect them to be responsible on their own while exploring a culture.  Encourage her to take plenty of photographs as they will be a constant memento of her first foray abroad as a grown woman.  As we mentioned at the start of this article, seeing off your daughter to the wider world can be an emotional experience.  Providing her with a thoughtful gift like those mentioned will increase that emotional feeling.  Remember, you’re not losing your daughter, she’s just spreading her wings to explore the world on her own.  Be sure to keep in constant contact with her, be there for any needs she has and help guide her from afar and you can be sure she’ll develop into the wise and caring person you know her to be.

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Are there any additional gifts that you might suggest that would be appropriate for daughters becoming women?

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18 thoughts on “Unique Coming of Age Gift Ideas For Daughters”

  1. Camera is such a great, if not a bit expensive, gift to give. As you are essentially giving them the gift of capturing memories, reminiscing in years to come and remembering those special times 🙂

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  2. I have a teenage daughter and I think I am going to buy her jewellery as gifts, just so she can keep them forever. I am also planning on taking her to New York for her 18th birthday xx

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  3. I love the idea of a camera – that would have been a great present when I turned 18! My grandma took me to an antique shop and let me chose one piece of jewelry for my 21st birthday – so I have a gorgeous ring and a load of memories of spending a lovely day with her choosing it 🙂 x

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  4. I can’t think of any one gift that I wouldn’t appreciate from my parents and these are all amazing and so up to date. I love holidays so that would be epic

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