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Did you Cut your Spending this Christmas?

I have been reading all sorts of articles over the Christmas period from those about gift ideas for various members of the family, great party food ideas and more.  Some of these were found online and some I found in my inbox.  One that caught my interest covered spending over the Christmas season.


An online voucher company recently did a survey and discovered that 42% of those asked have tried to save money this Christmas.  It’s not surprising Christmas is an expensive time of year and it’s hard especially when you have little ones not to feel that you should get them the latest toy that they really want and have been on about for the last month and a half.  With our desire to make Christmas as special and magical a time as possible for children and loved ones some really do get a little spend happy it’s easy to get swept up in the Christmas buying frenzy that seems to happen and sometimes we might swipe the plastic a little too much it’s easily done as by not physically handling cash it can make you a little less aware of what you are spending resulting in quite a few cases in accounts being overdrawn as we venture into the cold January months.  I wrote a post in November titled ‘Save this Christmas and Enjoy a Happy New Year’ which I hope some of you managed to read and this gave some great tips on how you could save money for this Christmas as well as begin working on saving money for the next.

The company that carried out the survey that caught my attention was none other than My Voucher Codes which I frequently use and you can see the full survey ‘here‘.  The great thing about this particular company is that savings are not merely restricted to Christmas time although saving money at this expensive time of year is of course great.  These guys like many other voucher services allow you to save money on a whole array of products /  services from holidays, dining out, shopping for clothes, jewellery, beauty products, the list goes on.  I will be using vouchers to help save me money over the year and might even buy a few Christmas gifts on the way to reduce the load for next Christmas.  I’m quite excited to see they link to the offers on the buyagift page where I plan on making the most of discounts and go on a few of the experiences yet again.  The gift and occasion page is one to keep an eye on for those needing gifts over the year or want to get their Christmas shopping for the coming year finished early.  At the moment many of the stores they list are offering up to 50% off so if you want to grab some bargains why not go take a look.


Have fun shopping x

Do you use money saving voucher sites like these and which do you use?

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  1. I didn’t really this year but I do enjoy using moneysaving/voucher sites

    1. Me too they are great as you can save loads.

  2. I personally think that Christmas should not be about giving BIG presents. small presents that hit home should just be enough and children should also be taught about the value of Christmas instead of just binging on presents. Having said that, I know a lot of people love giving gifts, and I would absolutely use money saving vouchers and if i am saving up on something.. then why not?

    1. You can save loads with these sites. I know what you mean I know some buy expensive gifts but we try not to get carried away too much.

  3. I haven’t ever used money saving sites although my friends swear by them it’s something I’m definitely going to have to check out xxx

    1. You will find they can be very good. Have fun shopping.

  4. I think I was royally awful this year with spending, it was done over such a long period of time that I didn’t even notice!
    Next year I’m going to try & be a little more reserved haha!

    1. Good luck, make sure you look out for bargains x

  5. This was the first Christmas I bought for everyone! It’s so expensive though.

    1. It sure is, take advantage of saving sites you can save quite a bit 😉

  6. I managed to not spend as much as I could have which was interesting as I’m not actually sure what I did haha! Perhaps as I was looking around before the time a bit more?

    1. The main thing is that you saved money although it would be great for you to know how.

  7. I don’t think we made an effort to save other than comparing prices for items before buying from somewhere? We did save money over 3 months to spend for Christmas so we didn’t leave ourselves short although we are still feeling the after effects right now so we probably did overspend!!

    1. You should try the voucher sites as you can really save quite a bit x

  8. I do try and seek out bargains especially at Christmas. I also try and pick up a few things in the sale for the next year. If you try you can save money, and sites like this are helpful too

    1. They are great to help us save on all sorts. Glad you are making the most of them too x

  9. No we don’t use any savings sites etc. We buy SO little throughout the year that it is absolutely not beneficial to use. We also try to do handmade gifts to save money.

    1. Handmade gifts are great as gifts as there is such a great range you can can do from arty to edible.

  10. I stick to a strict budget and I actually spent less this christmas than other years and got the balance just right

    1. Glad to hear it Kara, hope you can do the same again with the coming Christmas.

  11. Christmas was slightly cheaper for me this year but I know next years will already be cheaper since i’ve already picked up quite a few gifts in the sales!

    1. That’s great to hear, it will really cut the stress of shopping at Christmas.

  12. I must confess outside my nectar card and a few discount codes from my regular shopping stores I have not really cut my spending by much. I do love a good voucher code though

    1. I check out voucher sites quite often they are really good x

  13. I definitely saved money this christmas and I really felt the benefit for it xxx

    1. That’s great Laura it all helps x

  14. i sold old stuff to help buy the new stuff

  15. I did well this year and actually spent far more than I budgeted for x

  16. I’m always using voucher codes when I can and then when I can’t I try using sites like easyfundraising so I can give a bit back to charity!

  17. I got some cashback from some of my present purchases, which was great!

  18. I didn’t really do a lot of saving this christmas. It was the complete opposite for me, i ended up spending quite a bit

  19. I’ve started checking voucher sites just before I pay for things when shopping online but really need to do more of this – there’s some fabulous bargains to be had. Happy New Year!

  20. we cut right back on spending this year, preferring to snap up some bargains in the sales and used our topcashback credit from moving to bt to pay for christmas dinner which was fab! great post 🙂 xx

  21. Using voucher codes is definitely a good solution to high holiday costs. I think I did OK spending-wise compared to the last few years.

  22. I seek out bargains and discounts every time I shop. I like to save money.

  23. I love money saving sites, and will always see if they have any relevant offers when I am looking to buy, I did quite well this year x

  24. I do use money saving voucher websites as find they can bring the cost down quite a bit. Christmas for me needs to be better planned, I tend to leave things to the last minute which ups my spending. If I planned more I might not spend as much. Thanks for sharing. Hoping to plan and organise myself for a cheaper christmas this year.

  25. I was pretty good this year and spent time researching what I was going to get. This meant I did save a bit of money on all my purchases. I need to get into the habit of checking vouchersites before purchasing though. I even forgot to use my Topcashback site too. D’oh!!

    1. Lol, opsy. Keep checking them often and they will show you some great bargains you might not have otherwise found x

  26. I always spend a lot of money at Christmas and rarely ever cut it down but I find ways to manage it. For example I buy things in the January sales to keep (Yes I’m that person) and I buy things throughout the year when I see them x

    1. I don’t think that’s a bad thing, in fact it’s great that you do. I try and do the same x

  27. I do try to save money and I love to be thrifty and will continue to be this year I imagine!!

    1. Good luck, I hope yo save loads this year x

  28. I got quite a few Christmas bargains and have found a few nice sale buys in the New Year too.

    1. That’s great it helps when you make savings wherever you can.

  29. We spent more but, in our defence, it’s because we had a few more people to buy for. The family has grown somewhat since last year. Bargains and home made gifts have been the way forward!

    1. Homemade gifts are a wonderful idea. We make them too when we can.

  30. No unfortunately I didn’t cut my spending at Christmas but I definitely will this Christmas! I have all ready bought some things in the sales and popped them up to the attic for Next Xmas!
    The funny thing is I am very lucky sometimes at winning competitions and If I had laid passed all my lovely competition wins last year Christmas 2016 would have been sorted.

    1. Well done, that’s great it will help you save money for the coming Christmas.

  31. I didn’t cut my spending this Christmas I spent about the same but I always spend way too much

    1. Oh dear, hopefully you can start work on on cutting spending fro this Christmas.

  32. I was very good this year xx saved money for a change x

  33. Christmas was so hard money wise this year because I was so unorganised, this year is going to be different and it’s all about saving and getting bargains throughout the year to save for Christmas

  34. Always spend too much at Christmas
    Never actually used voucher codes definately worth a look
    2017 Christmas WILL be cheaper as i need a new kitchen !

    1. Thats a big expense so voucher sites will come in handy!

  35. I always use vouchers and cashback sites when possible.

  36. We say every year we are going to spend less as our children always have too much and don’t play with half of it, then go shopping and do it again, but this year we have had Mollie so money is tighter than usual so we won’t be able to go over board even if we wanted too, its not so bad this year as she will be 9 months old and wont really know what’s going on so I’ll just be getting her a few toys and outfits xxxx

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