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Eaton Mess with Pimms

Get into the British Summer Time mood with a tasty dessert that is easy to make and tastes simply delicious!

Eaton Mess with Pimms


You can make the pavlova a day before and leave it overnight in the oven to cool or even buy shop bought pavlova nests for a faster version.

Combining the classic Strawberries & Cream and Pimms everyone’s favourite summertime tipple this dessert will tantalize the taste buds leaving you wanting more.

Serves 4


2 Egg whites

100g caster Sugar

1 tsp Cornflour

2/3 tsp white wine Vinegar

1 tsp caster Sugar for the Strawberries

350g Strawberries plus 4 whole ones washed and dried to garnish

4 tbsp Pimms – Original

150ml double Cream

1 tsp Vanilla  Essence


Mix the egg whites, cornflour, vinegar and caster sugar together well.  If you have a mixer make sure you use it as it needs a good 4 minutes or so.  You know it’s ready when the mixture does not move much creates thick white peaks.  (If you hold the bowl upside down it does not fall out).  Pop the mixture on greaseproof paper on a baking sheet and cook at 140 degrees for 1 hour.  This is best cooked the night before and left in the oven to cool and dry out a little.

Wash the strawberries and remove the stalk.  Cut each into 4 and place in a bowl.  Sprinkle over 1 tsp of caster sugar and 4 tbsp of Pimms.  Mix and place in the fridge for a couple of hours.  Stir a couple of times but take care not to break up the strawberries too much.

When you are ready to serve, add the vanilla essence to the cream and whisk until nice and thick (always take care not to over whisk cream, it will not be as thick as the uncooked meringue mix).  Break up the cooked and cooled meringue and add this and the strawberry mixture to the cream.  Give it a little stir and place in serving glasses.  Top each with a whole strawberry and serve immediately!

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  1. Can’t think of a better food combo – sounds like a great summertime treat!

    1. It is perfect for summer.

  2. One daughter likes meringues and the other daughter likes Pimms, this makes a great combination

  3. what a fantastic idea, a must try this summer, thank you xx

  4. Mmm yum, two of my favourite things combined! 😀

  5. Looks like great dessert for the summer- sounds delicious

  6. A lovely light quick and easy dessert, we enjoy it with raspberries and strawberries and for kids you can add tiny marshmallows.

  7. I’m salavating at the thought of eaton mess and pimms!

  8. Great summer recipe, thanks

  9. Oooh always wanted to make this, always forget, might have to try it this week for my brood! 🙂 Lovely stuff! 🙂 x

  10. Love Eton Mess, a very summery dessert. First time I tried Pimms was at my wedding a few weeks ago and I will defintly be making this thanks x

  11. This looks delicious, definitely going to try it out. Perfect for summer. x

  12. Yummy, I will have to try this out as it looks tasty!

  13. Love the idea of combining two summertime greats:)

  14. oh my word this looks absolutely amazing, why have I never thought of this

    1. It’s delicious 😉

  15. ooh now your talking. I could eat this right now. Looks and sounds fabulous. I’ll be making it myself. Many thanks x

  16. Eaton Mess is a favourite in our house, but next time I make it will try this recipe for the adults

  17. Sounds delicious
    Definately a recipe I’ll try out this Sunday

    1. Thanks Margaret enjoy your Eaton Mess 😉

  18. This has to be one of my all time favourite puddings, although you can’t have too much of it because it’s creamy & sugary. 😉

    1. It’s a great summer pudding.

  19. wow super recipe, one on my list to try, thank you

    1. Enjoy, I do love this recipe.

  20. Now this is right up my street – I need to try this!

    1. Enjoy Hannah, it’s a lovely dessert x

  21. sounds lovely; not sure what Pimms tastes like but Im open to a new experience!

    1. OMG you haven’t lived, you must grab a bottle and try it 😉

  22. Eating this will make be dream of Summer days. x

  23. Not much of a desert person normally but I think I could be persuaded to try this – Pimms!!!! 🙂

  24. What a lovely combination as I love both Eton Mess and Pimms

    1. It does work well 😉

  25. I’ve seen a similar dish in France. It’s served chilled and works very very well.

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