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Chipotle Beef Pizza Topped with Fresh Tomato Salsa

I am loving my mincer from Eddingtons.  I love it so much that when I get a spare second to think I try to come up with a new recipe using freshly minced meat or clean meat as I like to call it.  It’s an appropriate name as the minced meat doesn’t have any bulking items just gorgeous clean and healthier mince.  By all means add fat if you wish but the smell and taste of fat has never really appealed to me.  Anyway I digress.  I decided to use another super product from Eddingtons  which I simply adore and wouldn’t be without and I  highly recommended.  In fact this item is so good I think I would be devastated if it broke.  Anyone have any ideas what it might be?  Yes you guessed it!! It’s my fabulous pizza stone.  I have wowed numerous guests with my fabulous pizza creations which I am starting to write down so I can share with you.  Who doesn’t like fresh homemade pizza.  My pizza stone is getting a lot of action as of late and has been an invaluable tool for creating homemade pizzas that far surpass the shop bought type and are just as good as any you will find in a restaurant.

My first attempt to combine both my mincer and pizza stone resulted in a fabulous chipotle beef pizza topped with a fresh tomato salsa.  How delicious does that sound!!!!  This is a healthy option as I removed all the fat from the beef and as olive oil has been used it boosts your good fats.  The various ingredients help boost the immune system, improve the condition of your skin, boost you vitamin C and zinc intake that help you fight off infections and sooooo much more.


For the pizza base follow my dough recipe ‘here.’

For the beef topping

210g sirloin steak

1 400g tin of chopped tomatoes

2tsp chipotle paste

1 clove of garlic, chopped

2tsp tomato puree

2tsp soft brown sugar

For the salsa

1tsp jalepenos in brine drained and chopped

1 medium tomato

1 white onion

1tbs coriander


You will need extra flour for the pizza base when you make it into a large round.

Olive oil for drizzling.


Place the pizza stone in the oven about 30 minutes before you will be cooking at 210 degrees.

Make your dough and allow to prove for about 3 hours in a warm place.

Make the beef topping by mincing the beef (check out the fabulous mincer I got from Eddingtons).


Place the mince in a bowl, add in the chopped tomatoes, chipotle paste, garlic, tomato puree and sugar and mix.

Take the pizza stone out of the oven and place on a heat proof surface.  I put mine on my stove.  Place the dough on the stone, cover your hands in flour and press out the dough until you have a large round that almost meets the edges of the stone.  If you need more flour it isn’t a problem and stops the dough sticking to your hands.

Once the dough has been prepared cover it with the beef topping


and place in the oven for 10-12 minutes.

Whilst the pizza is cooking make the salsa.  Chop the tomatoes, onion, jalepenos and coriander.  Throw them into a bowl and mix.

When the pizza is cooked through remove from the oven and sprinkle over the salsa.

Drizzle with a little olive oil.

Cut and serve.




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  1. What a brilliant idea to add fresh salsa to the top of a pizza! Will definitely try that.

    1. It adds loads of flavour and bumps up the nutritional content 😉

  2. This looks really simple to do and would be a sure firm winner in our house!

    1. Enjoy the pizza I hope to make it again soon as it tasted sssssooooo good 😉

  3. This does look good, I’d opt out the beef but there’s nothing better than making your own pizza!

    1. Even without the beef there is so much flavour you will be more than satisfied x

  4. Oh yummuy, this looks incredible! I really need to start making my own pizzas x

    1. I started making them more recently and haven’t bothered with shop bought since 😉

  5. This looks delicous Mel I love trying out new recipes.

    1. Me too, I get over excited when it comes to food 😉

  6. This looks great!! I think my kids would love this. But for myself I would make it using Quorn mince.

    1. That should work well too, enjoy x

  7. I want me to try my hand at making pizza, this looks absolutely delicious

    1. They are so simple to make you won’t buy from shops again.

  8. This sounds right up my street – I need to make this!!!

    1. It’s really good, I love this recipe 😉

  9. The pizza looks great , there is no better taste than that of homemade pizza.

    1. I love homemade pizzas they taste so good 😉

  10. I love pizza. This one definitely sounds really good x

    1. This is a gorgeous recipe full of flavour and the kick of heat really works well.

  11. This is such a neat recipe idea. I think it would be fun to try this out when family is coming over for dinner.

    1. It’s full of flavour and if you use a pizza stone you won’t get a soggy bottom. They will love it!

  12. My husband would love this, he’s a real meat lover and he’d love a mincer!

    1. It is a great product I do love using it 😉

  13. Oh minced beef on pizza sounds amazing, it’s great that you’re getting plenty of use from your mincer x

    1. I sure am, you can make some great recipes with mince 😉

  14. Yum! That pizza looks fantastic! Thanks for sharing I’ll definitely be attempting this recipe one day!

    1. Enjoy the pizza it is really tasty 😉

  15. YUM! I really like pizza if the base is thin and the addition of the fresh tomato salsa sounds incredible! xxx

    1. The flavours work well together making this quite exciting for the tasty buds and healthy too!

  16. This sounds like such a gorgeous pizza, I love the addition of the salsa on the top which makes it sound really fresh xx

    1. It is very tasty ad the stone helps cook it through so it hasn’t got a soggy bottom 😉

  17. What a beautiful looking pizza, I thought i was only one who put salsa on a pizza. Very nice. xx

    1. It adds so much flavour doesn’t it, yum!!!

  18. Pizza looks really yummy. Loving the kitchen gadget you got there.

    1. It’s fab isn’t it I love my kitchen gadgets 😉

  19. I am obsessed with chipotle sauce, so I know I would love this. That is a great looking pizza.

    1. It does look good but the best part is it tastes fab!!!!

  20. This pizza looks so yummy! I might try this out with Quorn mince!

  21. This looks very yummy and I like the fact you can make your own mince.

    1. Plus it’s simple to do!!! 😉

  22. This looks so easy to make. If I made it myself I wouldn’t use beef (I’m vegetarian) but other than that it looks delicious!

    1. That’s easy to rectify for vegetarians as the tomato sauce used to cover the dough is nice and tasty so you can simply omit the beef. I bet you would love it!!! 😉

  23. This pizza looks AMAZING! I esp love you made your own sauce x

    1. It is so much healthier making it from scratch you can control the fats and everything else which I do love x

  24. This looks absolutely delicious and fairly easy to make. I find that a lot of pre-prepared/store bought food upsets my stomach so I am having to do more and more from scratch. This would be lovely for takeaway night and knowing exactly what goes in it means it is safe for me to eat! Thank you for posting this.

    1. No problem Katrina I am really pleased you liked the recipe and thanks so much for your kind comment x

  25. I remember my Nan having an old mincer. She used to buy the meat and mince it herself, or rather get me to do it, which I used to love doing! The recipe looks good!

  26. This looks so easy to make and delicious, thank you for sharing 🙂

    1. No problem, enjoy it’s yummy!

  27. Beautiful! This is such an inspired combination of toppings.

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