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6 Tips to Help You Cook the Best Roast Chicken Ever

Fancy yourself as a bit of a Nigella in the kitchen or are you the total opposite, able to burn toast at the press of a toaster? We all go through the awkward cook stage at one point in our lives but it’s those that decide to take the reigns and make a little effort that get themselves out of that cooking rut.
Roast chicken is pretty easy to make but then for those striving for perfection or those wanting to impress, here are a few pointers to get you on the way to creating a juicy, mouthwatering roast chicken. Firstly, you’ll find that Organic Chicken like that from Graig Farm can be a great option as the meat is actually healthier. Did you know organic chicken is lower in saturated fat than other chicken and is in higher omega-3 fatty acids? Which we all know are good for our hearts! From the outset, organic is the healthiest option to go for.

When Do I Season?

Preferably a few hours before you start roasting. Season generously with salt and cracked black pepper and you should find your chicken will not only be full of flavour but it will also have a crispier skin.

Do I Place the Chicken Straight onto the Baking Tray?

You have two options here. A V shaped roasting rack which allows the heat to pass all around the chicken giving a crispy skin is one of them.
Want additional flavour? Then place a layer of veggies under the chicken. This raises it and allows for a crispier skin below then it would have had on a flat baking tray.

Should I Stuff the Chicken?

That’s simply a matter of taste.  Adding stuffing, or lemon, onions and garlic with herbs can add different yet equally enticing flavours to the meat.  Why not try a few different options to see which you like best? And of course to mix it up a bit for a variety of flavours.

Should I Add Anything other than Seasoning to the Outside of the Chicken?

If you liked the sound of stuffing the chicken, this is where you can get more adventurous.

Add butter or olive oil to the outside or the skin or even under the skin.  This will give it a golden appearance and a great crunch too.

You can even experiment with piercing the skin and adding herbs and garlic into the holes.  Flavours will infuse into the meat. Alternatively, add in slices of lemon under the skin, spices or herbs under the skin.

Bacon can also be laid over the chicken part way through to add flavour although this may affect the crispiness of the skin where it is placed.  You can turn the chicken so it is breast side up approximately 12 minutes before it is ready and place the bacon on top to cook.

Should You Cover A Chicken When Roasting?

Many cover their chicken for part of the cooking duration in order to keep the moisture in the meat.  But, if you keep it covered all the way through the skin will remain moist and soggy.

Most aim for a crispy golden skin with juicy, flavourful, tender meat.  In order to do this it’s best to avoid using foil, just make sure you use plenty of butter under the skin to keep the moisture sealed in.  This would be my preferred option.

Should the Chicken Be Turned Part Way Through Cooking?

If you are not covering the chicken, another way to cook it is to start with the chicken breast facing up on the baking tray. Cook it like this for part of the way, then flip it over to allow the meat to cook through and the skin to crisp. The meat around the bone where the legs join the body need that little bit more direct heat exposure to cook through properly so juices run clear.

Do you have any advice for those that may need it on making a great roast chicken?

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  1. Oh god, those photos have got my mouth watering! I’m dying for a roast right now.

    1. Ha, I was whilst writing this. Great it’s generally a healthy meal too.

  2. I think seasoning chicken is one of the most important things, as without that it can be so bland x

    1. Very true, bland chicken is awful 🙂

  3. Some great tips. I love a good roast chicken, one of my favourite family meals

    1. Same here, roast chicken is yummy when cooked well 🙂

  4. Top tips, I will be winging this over to my friend who loves chicken xx

    1. I hope she finds it useful x

  5. Great tips! I love a roast chicken! This looks like its cooked to perfection too!

  6. My boyfriend does all the cooking in our house, I love a roast chicken dinner on a sunday!

    1. That’s lucky for you. I make the roast chicken at mine it’s yummy!!!

  7. Amazing tips, chicken is such a tasty meat, we love a roast chicken dinner on a sunday.

    1. It’s great when cooked properly. My kids love it too which helps.

  8. My new oven arrived today. It is in the living room right now, but one day I’ll get it installed and will attempt my first roast chicken, so these are great tips.

    1. That’s great news Clare. Hope it’s not too long before it’s up and running x

  9. This looks absolutely delicious, Im definitely going to take your tips on board. I usually put lemon, garlic and chilli with sea salt on my chicken xxx

    1. That must taste great. It’s good that it is so versatile.

  10. Perfect article, I love roasted chicken.. wish my kids didn’t fuss about it so much.

    1. Ha, that’s kids for you x

  11. I try to put bacon under the skin to flavour the breast, sometimes it’s easier than others, but it’s really tasty!

    1. It can be a bit fiddly to do!

  12. These are some great tips. I’ve actually never cooked a whole chicken before! So for me it’s really helpful to read a post like this 🙂 Thank you x

    1. No problem. I’ am pleased you found it useful.

  13. I love a good roast chicken! Thanks for the tips 🙂

    1. No problem, thanks for your comment Alicia x

  14. These photos look amazing!! Chicken is my favourite

  15. This is good to know tips about cooking Chicken .

    1. I hope they help when you cook at home x

  16. This is a really useful article. The photos and information are very helpful. Thank you

  17. Nothing better than a succulent chicken roast! Makes me want one now lol x

  18. I love making a garlic and sage butter and popping it under the skin of the chicken

    1. Me too, that’s really yummy!!!

  19. love you idea

  20. Really straightforward, practical advice for young people just starting out on their cooking journey- will certainly be sharing with my son!

    1. I hope he finds it useful.

  21. i love roast chicken but it took along time to get my hubby to eat it because his mother used to make it not very well

    1. Oh dear, I can understand that. Hopefully, you can show him what it should be like.

  22. This is so handy, thank you! Olive oil works wonders with roasting.

    1. It sure does and is healthy too in moderation.

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