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Asian style Turkey, Chicken or Duck salad

Life is so much easier when you have some simple yet delicious recipes to hand.  Even better is when the meal is full of a range of vitamins and minerals but low in saturated fat and salt.  Not only is my Asian style Turkey salad very simple to make but you can adapt the dish to use either turkey, chicken or duck.  A great way to use up left over poultry or made totally from scratch.  This refreshing and healthy salad is a great meal to make for all the family thanks to the sweetness in the sauce and watermelon it’s a meal that even children will enjoy.


Serves 2


320g cooked Turkey

155g Cucumber

165g Watermelon

1tbsp fresh Mint

1.5tbsp Coriander

2 baby gem Lettuce hearts

60g Cashews (unsalted)

5-6tbsp Hoisin sauce


Chop the cucumber, lettuce and watermelon into bite sized pieces and pop into a colander.  Cut the mint and coriander roughly and add this too.  Heat up the hoisin in a wok, pull apart the turkey into bite sized pieces and add that and the cashews to the wok.  Toss to coat well then turn off the heat, add in the ingredients from the colander, mix quickly and serve.  This should be served immediately to prevent the lettuce wilting.

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  1. Wow looks nice, will have to try this 🙂

  2. what a great recipe my daughter will love this a good way to get her to eat something new

  3. Sounds delicious, and nice and healthy too. Must try this!

  4. Like the addition of watermelon. All so healthy & low fat.

  5. It looks and sounds delicious. My kids will certainly enjoy eating this, its so colourful and fresh.

    1. Thanks Jane, it confuses the little ones as they don’t expect fruit in food so they love eating it.

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