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Looking to Hire / Work as a Nanny?  Then Read This!

With life as it is many of us are not able to be stay at home parents.   The cost of living is far too high.  In many cases we don’t have parents or relatives that can help look after our children as we brave rush hour to make the trip to jobs to earn enough money to get us through each month.  Jobs that are during school times are rare and if we have babies that’s us off the job market entirely unless we open up our own businesses from home.

The options available to parents that need to leave the home in order to work are limited.  There are nurseries for toddlers but taking your child / children to them and picking them up within the times and then dropping off and picking up siblings at school just doesn’t work in most cases.  For this reason nannies are in high demand in the UK.

I know 3 parents that found employing a nanny was one of the best decisions they’d ever made.  There are plenty of job opportunities for those who are qualified and dedicated.  Having spoken with these mums I thought I would write a post for both those looking to become nannies and parents thinking about getting a nanny.

What’s Expected of a Nanny

Generally nannies live with the family employing them.  Duties include taking care of household tasks and of course childcare.  This needs to be discussed during the interview and written into the contract so it is clear.  Families requirements may differ which is something prospective nannies should keep in mind.

Looking For A Nanny From Abroad

Nannies are in such high demand that it’s hard to find the right one.  2 out of the 3 mums I know that had nannies had them come over from other countries.  There are numerous agencies that source nannies some of whom may be from other countries.  It can be a great way of finding the right nanny for your requirements as not just anyone will do when it comes to our children.

Some nannies come to the UK to study.  Combining the two can be a great way for them to work and also gain qualifications at the same time.  One of the ladies that was working with a family I know was studying via an online course from a University: Exeter Online.  When she the nanny working she could get her studies done without leaving the house and wasting valuable time travelling.  It’s working well for her and I’ve been told is very popular amongst younger nannies.

The Selection Process

Whether nannies are from the UK or abroad the process involved is still the same.  Qualifications will need to be shown and they will be required to perform a face to face interview.  These can often be done via Skype.  Most agencies will not require prospective nannies from abroad to come to the UK merely to conduct your interview; they will have trusted contacts abroad and they will carry this out for them.  Once you are on the agencies books they will work hard to find you the most suitable placement for you.

An Impressive CV is Important

First and foremost, you need to begin with the curriculum vitae (CV).  This is essential for anyone to be accepted by the agency, as well as the nanny role being offered.  Having hired, interviewed and fired staff in the past myself I have had experience in cv analysis for prospective staff.  

There are specific areas you need to pay extra attention too most importantly references.  Experience is important in this sort of role and the more the better.  They don’t need to be Mary Poppins but experience of various types can be important.  A first aid certificate is important and courses are short and easy to do.  Cover letters can be invaluable.  Applicants personalities can shine through and can influence parents when making a decision.

The Interview

The face to face interview with the agency representative gives them an idea of what a nanny is like.  A professional looking exterior is vital.  People will be less likely to look favourably on anyone looking untidy, with far too much make up, jewellery etc.  An easy to talk to individual with a great personality that is professional in their manner with an obvious love of working with children will out shine the competition.  Those that enjoy helping children develop and inspire them to learn tend to find great jobs fast.

Making The Right Selection

Hiring a nanny / deciding to work for a specific family is a decision not to be taken lightly.  It is important that both sides make sure the other is suitable for them and their requirements.  Even if an agency feels they’ve found a great match it doesn’t mean either side has to accept.  Both employer and employee need to be happy with the arrangement and those they will be working with / hiring.

I hope many of you have found this both an interesting and useful read.  This post should help both nannies looking for work and parents looking to employ nannies. The key is to find the right match!

Have you ever been a nanny or would you consider hiring a nanny?

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Disclaimer: collaborative post.

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  1. I have a few friends that have nannies and they are fab! I also have friends who work as child-minders as it fitted in around their own families. I think nannie’s do a wonderful job!

    1. They sure do. There are some lovely nannies out there!

  2. I used to be a nanny, and it has changed a lot in terms of being less of a casual job and better paid, I think. Interesting to see how it works hiring and being hired now. It was all very informal when I did it 20 years ago but it is so vital to get the right family and the right nanny so everyone is happy working together. Thank you for sharing.

    1. It is very important that they family and nanny are well matched.

  3. Whilst I do not have my own children yet, I think I would definitely consider hiring a nanny as it is likely that I will need to work to support my family. Great post!

    1. Thanks Charlotte. I thought I would mention it as more and more people I know seem to be getting nannies.

  4. Nanny’s offer an important service and one that I’m sure really helps so many families! If I didn’t have children myself then I’d love to be a nanny 🙂

    1. The do an amazing job. I would love to have one myself as I’m struggling to pick up all mine from 3 different schools.

  5. Thanks for the insight. It feels good to know there are trustworthy nannies and childminders. I may soon start searching for one

    1. They can be great if you get a good one. The mums I know that have them are really happy.

  6. My best friend was a nanny to a really well off family in her early twenties and I spent a lot of time with her and their children as I had a small child too. She had such an amazing life and she adored those kids like they were her own! I’d definitely want a nanny like that if I were to have one.

    1. It can be a lovely job to have although not always so easy when you have your own family.

  7. I’m a childminder and lovr my job, I don’t know of any nannies around my area, but its a great option for families needed flexibility.

    1. It can really help parents that work.

  8. This is very interesting! I used to work at a nursery and could imagine being a nanny myself one day 🙂

    1. It sounds like this would be a great fit for you.

  9. Wow there are a lot of steps to working with a nanny, there’s a lot to consider but of course they’d be with your children most of the time so always good to find the perfect one 🙂

    1. It is important to find the right person.

  10. Finding the right person to look after your kids is so important especially when they’re at a young impressionable age x

  11. This is a nice post, being a nanny is such a respectable job, i can see how it’s a good job for working alongside a degree 🙂 xx

    1. It can be great for those studying.

  12. Nannies are lifesavers, most of the friends who have them hired from abroad and they are so much cheaper than some day care fees

    1. Nannies from abroad can save you so much money and that’s talking for others experience.

  13. A nanny is not something we have looked at before but this made interesting reading! Learn something new everyday x

    1. It’s good to know about these things should the need arise.

  14. This was a really interesting read. I know someone who would be interested in being a nanny in the uni holidays.

    1. Hi Hayley. Glad you liked the post. Hope your friend finds this useful.

  15. These are such great tips for anyone who wants to hire a nanny or become onw.

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