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Keeping Your Engineered Wood Floor Clean Over Christmas

Engineered wood flooring is quick and easy to maintain however the over the Christmas season there is a higher degree of traffic and floors can start looking dirty far quicker than usual.  If you’re looking to deep clean your flooring it’s a good idea to make sure you’re using the right cleaning agents as harsh chemicals can cause permanent damage.

Concentrated, non-concentrated, wipes or liquid?  Hands up all those that have stood in the cleaning aisle with no clue which one to pick.  I am sure there will be a fair few.  The information in this post will help you keep your floors looking beautiful in time for the festive celebrations!  (Not long to go!!!)

1.    Wet Mops Ruin Wood Flooring

Some people mistakenly believe that the more cleaning product they add to their buckets and the more water to the floor the cleaner our floors will look.  In goes their favourite cleaning agent topped up with generous dilution of water and away they go with their trusty mop in tow.


Excessive moisture can be harmful to engineered wood flooring as the water soaks through the boards leading to lifting, warping or even cracking.  A dry microfiber mop and a good concentrated cleaning agent is enough to keep floors looking fabulous. There is no need for wet mops or an overhaul of cleaning products.

For more stubborn dirt, a damp cloth thoroughly squeezed out is enough to tackle it.  If this doesn’t work and a stain persists get in touch with your flooring provider or a wood flooring specialist to find out what to do next.  There are specialist products available to treat stains.  Risking home remedies may make the situation worse.


 2.    All-In-One Cleaning System

The cost can add up when constantly replacing your cleaning equipment.  Some all-in-one cleaning systems come with machine washable microfiber cloths, eliminating the need to keep buying replacements.  A spray cleaning agent is also recommended over the free flow alternative as this allows you to control the amount you’re using better and gives a more even coverage.

3.    Scratch!

Scratches are a flooring nightmare regardless of which type you’ve gone for; engineered, solid wood, laminate or LVT (luxury vinyl).  Dark woods in particular show scratches much more readily than light.  The darker colour grain is scraped away leaving a prominent light base colour protruding through the wood.  Don’t worry, there are floor repair kits available to treat the damage; a wax coating disguises the mark by blending into the wood.  If you’re choosing a flooring for a high traffic area you may want to consider which flooring type is best for hiding marks prior to purchase.

Oiled engineered wood flooring is great for disguising surface marks as a simple re-coating in oil leaves your flooring looking as good as new.  For solid or engineered woods harsh marks can be sanded out.  However due to the nature of laminate this cannot be sanded.  Instead laminates are fitted with a floating click lock installation so damaged boards can easily be unclicked and replaced.


4.    Share The Chores

Many don’t look forward to the household chores I know I don’t.  Although they are probably high up on the priority list we tend to skip past them from time-to-time.  Sharing them out gets them done and dusted so much faster and easier!

Take a room each or share additional chores out between your family members.  This will allow you the time to give your flooring the attention it needs.  A well maintained flooring will not only look immaculate but is guaranteed to last longer too.

5. Additional Protection

Certain flooring types need additional care.  Oiled flooring for example, requires re-oiling around every 2 years to nourish and preserve the wood. This will need to be added to the routinely schedule.

There are additional care kits available to keep your flooring tip top.  Wax sprays are great for engineered and solid wood floors providing a protective coating over the top layer.  For bevelled laminate floors joint protectors are great to sit in the bevel and stop any loose debris or moisture seeping through the join.

These handy tips will all contribute to getting your flooring gleaming throughout the Christmas season and beyond.

What tips would you suggest for keeping wooden / engineered wood floors clean?



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  1. I have wood flooring and it shows dust up really easily and also scratches readily.I will follow your advise on the care.

    1. We have wooden floors too and I know what you mean but the good thing is it’s easier to clean and you can see that it’s clean

  2. Some great tips here Melanie. I do light a wood floor, I think they are easier to keep clean than carpet

    1. I agree they are so much more hygienic!!!!

  3. Great tips but oh the maintenance it takes! It’s a good job it looks fab.

  4. Some really fantastic tips here, we’ve been thinking about getting wooden flooring so they will come in very handy x

  5. Sharing the chores is a definite one as I think everyone needs to take on their tasks so everyone can relax at some point x

  6. Lots of good tips. I’ve scratched my bedroom flooring so need to look for a repair kit

  7. Great tips, we have wooden floors and they are in need of some TLC this Christmas! At least they are easier to clean than carpet!

  8. This is really useful. We are getting rid of our carpet in the new year, so this is all handy to know, especially about the mop – doh!

  9. Ooh I like the idea of an all in one cleaning system to keep the wooden floors clean over Christmas! Also I agree that sharing chores is a good idea too !

  10. I don’t have a wood floor although they look nice and perhaps don’t wear in the same way as carpet.

  11. Again, another helpful post! I love these advice type posts as they’re very useful and have some amazing tips so can’t wait to read more! Thanks again! 🙂

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